XBLA Update: Ms. Pacman, Castlevania SOTN Video & More

 While the XBox 360 doesn’t try to keep up with the pace of the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, it makes up for it in quality and value.

This Week: Ms. Pac-Man

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Timerever says:

Ugh… I hope that Castlevania: SOTN in that video is a very early work in progress. I was expecting a full 16:9 game with sprites and backgrounds redraw from scratch in High Defenition instead of a letterboxed 2x scaled game. I guess I was expeting too much, no?

racketboy says:

I was kinda expecting the same thing, but I know they don’t give that treatment to every game.

Timerever says:

I was kinda expecting the same thing, but I know they don’t give that treatment to every game.

:-S Castlevania: SOTN isn’t just yet another game. Shame on them.

All Hail The New Flesh says:

According to Gamespot they say…

“Symphony of the Night won’t be a mere port. Konami has said the game will feature enhanced graphics and sound, widescreen support, achievements, and leaderboards. Players will be able to choose between the original graphics or enhanced visuals that mitigate sprite pixilation when the game is played in high-definition.”

source: http://www.gamespot.com/news/6163993.html

Lane says:

I wonder if “widescreen support” means actually rendering a 16:9 image with more info on the left and right side, or simply stretching a 4:3 image horizontally (a la Street Fighter)

kevinski says:

lane, you can stretch it to fill the screen completely, but the so-called widescreen support is nothing more than the regular 4:3 content with a sidebar on each side, with a picture of Alucard on one size and a picture of Dracula on the other.

kevinski says:

Oops…I meant ‘one side’.

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