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Bionic Commando Rearmed: Drool-Enducing 2D Goodness

I couldn’t help but be in pure awe after watching the trailer for the upcoming Bionic Commando Rearmed and the high-resolution screenshots that were released today on IGN. No, Capcom didn’t ditch its plan to make a fully 3D Bionic Commando game, but instead decided to please its old-school fans with this modern 2D side-scroller […]

The Best Pac-Man Clones and Spin-Offs

Pac-Man is one of the most popular video games of all time and it was no surprise that many companies tried cloning the game in order to make a quick buck. However, many of those clones didn’t really add much or even capture much of the original charm. Even many of Namco’s own Pac-Man spinoffs […]

Street Fighter IV and SSF2T HD Remix Updates

Street Fighter IV Announcement & Style In case you missed it, Street Fighter IV was officially announced less than a week ago. (I knew Capcom was smart) We also got a taste off the official Street Fighter IV Teaser Trailer soon after the announcement. If you’ve watched the trailer, you know it looks quite impressive, […]

Prince of Persia Classic Shows How 2D Remakes Should Be Done

Racketboy Reaction With the recent success of bring the Prince of Persia franchise, it isn’t a huge surprise that Ubisoft has modernized the original Prince of Persia for an XBox Live Arcade download featuring goreous 3D graphics while maintaining the original two-dimensional gameplay. I may not be a huge Prince of Persia fan, but I […]

Sega Vintage Collection Revealed for XBLA

It looks like Sega is helping the XBox Live Arcade show up the Wii’s Virtual Console again. According to SegaOnline & XBox360fanboy, Sega will be releasing a series of their Genesis/Megadrive titles on the XBox Live Arcade under the name of “Sega Vintage Collection”. The collection will be started with the release of the original […]

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD & It’s Massive Sprites

You may have read about the upcoming, remastered version of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo that will be coming out on both the XBox Live Arcade and the PS3’s online service. Since the initial announcement, we have learned a few more details and I’ve been able to piece together my thoughts on the developments. First […]

Castlevania SOTN Hauntingly Good on XBLA

As one of the most anticipated games released on the XBox Live Arcade, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night would have had to be really screwed up in its XBox 360 port to not turn out well. For those of you not familiar with the title, it is regarded not only as the best Castlevania game […]

Ninja Turtles Arcade Is A Cheap Thrill on XBLA

As one of my all-time favorite games of my childhood, I was glad to see the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game come to the XBox Live Arcade. It isn’t a deep game by any means, but it is filled with nostalgia and is loads of fun when whacking Foot Soldiers with a bunch […]

Worms Blasts Its Way Onto XBox Live Arcade

While most of the guys in my dorm in college were playing Warcraft 2 and Half-Life, I was filling my free time with Worms Armageddon fire-fights. Whether it was a multiplayer tournament with my neighbors or a one-on-one battle with my soon-to-be-wife, Worms was always good for some intense strategy and lots of hearty laughs. […]

Castle Crashers Shown Off At GDC ’07

Between the fact that I have been waiting years for a new game like Guardian Heroes and my love for The Behemoth’s artistic style, Castle Crashers is the most highly-anticipated XBox Live Arcade game in my book. (see my initial Castle Crashers post) I didn’t have many doubts about the game after seeing early versions […]

Ninja Turtles on XBLA, New Brawler, and More!

As a child of the 1980’s, I was all but obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was a kid. (Fortunately, it didn’t make this much of an impact on me) So imagine the nostalgic thrill I’m having with the new wave of Ninja Turtles goodies resurfacing to coincide with the release of […]

Alien Hominid HD Is A Crowd Pleaser

I have been a huge fan of the indie masterpiece, Alien Hominid, for quite some time, so I’ve glad to see the attention the game is receiving for its appearance on the XBox Live Arcade. The enhanced version seems to fit in on the XBLA and the critics are eating it up… “Commercial-grade digital distribution […]

Rez May Be Coming To XBox Live Arcade

Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) shared the strong possibility that Rez, a cult classic on the Dreamcast and PS2, will be coming to the XBox Live Arcade. The rumor section in EGM has a relatively good track record, so I would not shake this rumor off too easily. No additional information is available just yet, but […]

Ikaruga May Be Coming To XBox Live Arcade

This is basically a rumor, but there is some solid evidence that one of the games from my XBox Live Wishlist might become a reality. According to Eurogamer, Ikaruga, the cult classic 2D shooter from Treasure apparently has shown up on the XBox 360’s top-secret (only for developers and journalists) area, Partnernet. Eurogamer stated, “There […]

The XBox Live Arcade Wishlist – The Best Retro Titles for Online Multiplayer

The XBox Live Arcade has slowly become the best place for classic games to find a new beginning. While the Wii’s Virtual Console was hyped as the ultimate device for housing nearly every classic game, the XBLA has been topping the Virtual Console in terms of quality and features. The XBLA has seen a trickle […]

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