Top 50 Sega Saturn Games

A while back I help organize a top 50 list of Saturn games over at SegaXtreme
I’m going to try to tweak the list a bit more here in the near future.
A catogorized list (by genre) will be added later

Thanks to all those who helped put this together.

Albert Odyssey
Battle Garrega
Burning Rangers
Daytona USA
Dead or Alive
Die Hard Arcade
Dracula X
Dragon Force
Fighters Megamix
Guardian Heroes
House of The Dead
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
Manx TT Super Bike
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
Mega Man X4
Metal Slug
NiGHTS: into Dreams
Panzer Dragoon
Panzer Dragoon II Zwei
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Pocket Fighter
Radiant Silvergun
Resident Evil
Sakura Taisen
Saturn Bomberman
Sega Rally Championship
Sega Touring Car
Shining Force III
Shining the Holy Ark
Shining Wisdom
Shinobi X
Steep Slope Sliders
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Street Fighter Collection
Street Fighter Zero 3
Super Puzzle Fighter
Thunder Force V
Virtua Cop
Virtua Cop 2
Virtua Fighter 2
Virtual On: Cyber Troopers
World Series Baseball 98
X-Men vs. Street Fighter

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Anonymous says:

too bad grandia’s in japanese. Awesome RPG. Yea i know the PS1 version’s in english, but i’d rather play it on my saturn

Philip says:

Hey Racket, from making this list do you have all of these games and if so why didnt you put wipout i thought that was great game, but the main point i want to ask is if you could get me copys of all of them, and we could work something out for you

Anonymous says:

Where’s Vampire Savior and Strikers 1945?

Anonymous says:

awesome list!! great games all of them

what about Casper? LOL! Just a personal favourite of mine…

grolt says:

Steep Slope Sliders? Really? What about games like Astal, Blazing Heroes, Sonic Jam, Mr. Bones, Enemy Zero and the Japanese Last Bronx? It’s nice to see Powerslave get some love though – I still haven’t played a tighter-feeling console FPS.

The Dude says:

Here’s a couple honorable mentions worth dusting off your Saturn for: Clockwork Knight (1&2) and Darius Gaiden.

the7k says:

Yeah, Vampire Savior deserves to be on the list. This Saturn game is by far the best Darkstalkers game to come to consoles, thanks to the more recent botched efforts on the Dreamcast and PS2, that by all means should have been at least as good yet failed to impress.

the7k says:

Now that I think about it, where is Magic Knight Rayearth? I coulda sworn that woulda been on the list.

tHe.WeBmInStEr says:

WTF? Where the hell is Panzer Dragoon Saga?? 😀

Logan says:

50 games is a really odd length for greatest Saturn games… there are about 15 non-obscure classics, then like, a hundred more great one that no average gamer has ever heard of. So to put it at a number like 50, you start to delve into those great, largely undiscovered classics, but you leave so many out that it seems unnecessary to have delved so deep into the Saturn’s library at all. I think a top 75 or 100 would be much more effective, seeing as so many of those obscure titles touched on here are of such equally high quality.

Dan says:

I feel this list is slightly flawed… I mean Lunar 2: Eternal Blue? Seriously? The Saturn version is in Japanese for Christ’s sake. The ps1 version…in English…is far superior.

Same for Grandia.

racketboy says:

Eh.. this is a really old list.
Go ahead and browse through here instead:

Dan says:

Haha I didn’t realize this post was from 2005. Although an update would be cool if this list is no longer current.

Drew says:

Where’s Astal? I was really surprised when that one wasn’t on the list. It’s on IGN’s top 10 Saturn games, although that list really makes the Saturn look like crap…

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