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The success of Resident Evil for the PlayStation really brought horror games to the forefront of gaming, finally giving them a genre name to call their own.  Unfortunately, much like the success of Street Fighter during the 16-bit era, it would lead to a slew of clones, ranging from decent to garbage.  Even the next generation would see their share, and the Dreamcast is no exception.  But what were the survival horror games on the Dreamcast?  How do they play?  And were they any good?  I decided to take a look to find out.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that any time “Tank Controls” are mentioned, it means the Resident Evil movement scheme that so many have complained about over the years.  Up is forward, down is back, left and right rotate the character.  The majority of horror games would still be using them at this time, though the practice would largely drop after the death of the Dreamcast.

Also, though this is everything I found for survival horror, these are not the only games with horror elements.  Titles like Shadowman, Typing of the Dead, and Zombie Revenge all incorporate horror imagery and themes, though their gameplay really doesn’t lend them to the SH category, at least not in my mind.

Resident Evil 2

re2Synopsis: Umbrella Corporation’s bio-weapons experiments are let loose in Raccoon City.  A rookie cop, Leon Kennedy, and the younger sister of a S.T.A.R.S. officer, Claire Redfield, must team up to survive as they attempt to understand what is going on in their town and escape it before it kills them.
Release Date: December 15, 2000 (USA)
Developer: Capcom, Angel Studios
Publisher: Capcom, Virgin Interactive (EU)
No. of Discs: 2

  • A = Run/Cancel
  • B = Status Screen
  • X = Action/Fire Weapon When Raised
  • Y = Map Screen
  • START = Options Menu
  • L TRIGGER = Change Targets
  • R TRIGGER = Raise Weapon

Movement Style: Tank controls.
Camera: Fixed
VMU: Displays name of current weapon, loaded ammunition, and status.
Save Blocks Required: 8
Personal Opinion: This is my absolute favorite Resident Evil game.  It took everything done well in the first game, then increased the scope from a house to an entire city and let me play as a couple of greenhorns as opposed to specially-trained police officers.  In fact, Resident Evil 2 on the PlayStation was my first foray into the genre, so the game is very heavy with nostalgia, so please pardon if my opinion is a bit skewed.  I do have to knock it in comparison to other Dreamcast games, since graphically it was designed on a weaker console, but the trade off is that it comes with all the artwork and unlockables of the PC version, including concept art.  Seriously, if you’re new to the genre, or if you’ve never gotten the chance to play it, this is an excellent starting point.  Highly recommended.
Notes: Arranged game available from start.
Video: Intro / Gameplay
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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

re3Synopsis: Jill Valentine returns in the third installment of the official Resident Evil storyline.  This time she must escape a Raccoon City overrun by hordes of the undead while being hunted by Nemesis, an enormous bio-weapon sent to kill the members of S.T.A.R.S. team.
Release Date: November 17, 2000 (USA)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
No. of Discs: 1

  • A = Run/Cancel
  • B = Status Screen
  • X = Action/Attack When Weapon Is Raised/Zooms Map
  • Y = Map Screen
  • START = Game Config Screen
  • L TRIGGER = Dodge/Change Target/Raise Weapon
  • R TRIGGER = Dodge/Change Target/Raise Weapon

Movement Style: Tank controls.
Camera: Fixed.
VMU: Shows current status, including poison. In pause or inventory screens, shows portrait of current character.
Save Blocks Required: 12
Personal Opinion: While I do think this is where the series starts to go downhill, it’s only because Resident Evil 2 was such an awesome entry.  This game is still good, and Capcom did an excellent job with the locales.  I actually feel like I’m wandering city streets, though in reality the game’s not nearly as open as I would have liked.  Still, there’s solid gameplay here and Nemesis doesn’t fail to impress.  Running from him is tough, but exhilarating.  I should note, much like RE2, the graphics were not improved from the title’s PlayStation version.
Notes: Alternate costumes and mini-game unlocked from the start.
Video: Intro / Gameplay
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Resident Evil: Code Veronica

re-cvSynopsis: While search for her brother, Claire Redfield is captured by Umbrella Corporation and sent to their private prison and military training facility island.  There she must fend off yet another zombie outbreak while also battling against the weirdest pair of twins on the face of the earth, an effeminate multiple-personality disorder sufferer who thinks he’s his sister, and a royal bitch with a God complex.
Release Date: February 29, 2000 (USA)
Developer: Nextech Corporation
Publisher: Capcom, Eidos (EU)
No. of Discs: 2

  • A = Run/Cancel
  • B = Status Screen/Cancel
  • X = Action
  • Y = Map Screen
  • START = Options Menu
  • L TRIGGER = Change Targets
  • R TRIGGER = Raise Weapon

Movement Style: Tank controls.
Camera: Fixed
VMU: Shows current status, including poison.  In pause or inventory screens, shows portrait of current character.
Save Blocks Required: 11
Personal Opinion: It’s still Resident Evil, but the plot in this one is pretty bad, and after having watched the opening cinematic, I really just couldn’t sympathize with the characters.  This game is one of the harder of the original Resident Evils to me, mostly because you start surrounded by enemies and the game just doesn’t seem to let up until you’ve made it to the second disc.  I also felt that by this title the Resident Evil formula had grown somewhat stale, which is a shame as this is still a decent game.  I’d definitely recommend it to fans who don’t mind a lack of real innovation, though newcomers to the series should start with an earlier title.
Notes: Unlockable mini-game which allows first-person view.  First Resident Evil to not use pre-rendered backgrounds.
Video: Intro & Gameplay
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Dino Crisis

dino-crisisSynopsis: The Secret Operation Raid Team (SORT) has sent an operative to investigate a research facility on Ibis Island.  The agent reports that the facility is conducting a secret weapons project.  A team of four SORT members are sent in to capture the research head, Dr. Edward Kirk.  Once the SORT members arrive, they discover dinosaurs have overrun the facility, so are forced to fend them off while attempting to complete their mission.
Release Date: November 14, 2000 (USA)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom, Virgin Interactive (EU)
No. of Discs: 1

  • A = Run/Quick Turn/Confirm
  • B = Cancel
  • X = Cancel/Action/Attack When Weapon Is Raised
  • Y = Inventory Screen
  • START = Pause
  • L TRIGGER = Change Targets
  • R TRIGGER = Raise Weapon

Movement Style: Tank controls.
Camera: Fixed
VMU: Displays name of current weapon, loaded ammunition, and status.  The word VITALITY flashes when you are bleeding.
Save Blocks Required: 8
Personal Opinion: It’s Resident Evil with dinosaurs.  Seriously.  You will be making Jurassic Park quotes before you finish this game.  The only real strike against it that I have(beyond it technically being a Capcom-made Resident Evil-clone in every respect) is that it holds true to Capcom’s PS1 to DC ports: graphically it looks outdated, and there are some issues with polygon errors.  But since when did that stop retrogamers?  The inventory is also a bit of a hassle, but it does allow for the player to handle a larger quantity of items easier.  If you can see past these issues, this is very much a quality title.  By all means, pick it up.
Notes: Does not work with VGA cables unless the VGA swap trick is used(still displays a black screen for FMVs).  Unlockables include alternate costumes, infinite ammunition for one weapon, and an alternate game mode.
Video: Intro & Gameplay
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Blue Stinger

blue-stingerSynopsis: In the year 2000 an island appears where the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago crashed into the Earth.  Eighteen years later, the island is home to a biotech corporation performing various experiments.  Meanwhile, a young ESER agent named Eliot Ballade is vacationing nearby when a new meteor collides with the island, forming an impenetrable dome around it.  Now a mysterious creature named Nephilim is following Eliot around, and he must figure out with the help of his friends Dogs and Janine the secret of the island and why these events have taken place.
Release Date: August 31, 1999 (USA)
Developer: Climax Graphics
Publisher: Sega (Japan), Activision (USA)
No. of Discs: 1

  • A = Action
  • B = Cancel/Swim
  • X = (Eliot)Attacks With Close-Range Weapon.  Rapidly Press For Combo/(Dogs) Defends
  • Y = (Eliot)Fires Long-Range Weapon/(Dogs) Attacks With Equipped Weapon
  • START = Menu Screen/Audio-Visual Unit When Prompted
  • L TRIGGER = Zooms Map Out
  • R TRIGGER = (Eliot)Fires Long-Range Weapon/(Dogs) Attacks With Equipped Weapon/Zooms Map In

Movement Style: 3D movement.
Camera: Varies(see notes)
VMU: Shows picture of character currently selected.
Save Blocks Required: 4
Personal Opinion: It’s fun, but the massive amount of firepower and infinite healing items kinda kills any fear I might have had of this title.  There are a few parts that can be difficult, though for the most part the game’s pretty easy.  I did love the monster designs, and the Christmas decorations made me laugh.  Some of the little touches were kinda freaky, like the bloody supermarket or having to navigate exposed pipes after an earthquake.  It’s still a great action game and definitely worth a look.
Notes: Camera style changes depending on region.  Japan fixed, America free-floating behind character.  Unlockables can be obtained by beating the game in under specific amounts of time.
Video: Intro
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Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

alone-in-the-darkSynopsis: After the murder of his best friend, Edward Carnby heads off to Shadow Island to get revenge and recover three stone tablets that his friend was searching for.  He is joined by Aline Cedrac, a young archaeologist with a possible hidden agenda.  On the way their plane is attacked by something not seen, and the two are separated.
Release Date: September 24, 2001 (USA)
Developer: Darkworks
Publisher: Infogrames
No. of Discs: 2

  • A = Action/Attack When Weapon Is Raised/Walkie Talkie In Equipment Menu
  • B = Switch Flashlight On/Off
  • X = Run/Map In Equipment Menu
  • Y = Equipment Menu/Actual Equipment Menu
  • START = Options Menu
  • L TRIGGER = Deactivate Auto Lock
  • R TRIGGER = Raise Weapon

Movement Style: Tank controls.
Camera: Fixed
VMU: Shows title of game.
Save Blocks Required: 12
Personal Opinion: I had played both the PlayStation and Game Boy Color versions of this title before ever trying the Dreamcast version, and both had left negative impressions on me, so I really wasn’t expecting much.  After a few minutes, I have mixed feelings.  As far as controls, there was a need for a lot of buttons in this game and the Equipment Menu handles it well.  I also like that the analog stick is used for flashlight control.  Graphically it’s very nice, and while I’m generally annoyed with jump scenes as a horror device, this title’s good about their placement.  Voice acting could use some work, but not as bad as some other titles.  It’s the quirks that get me, like a 2-cylinder, 12-shot revolver and a 3-barrel shotgun.  Also, ambiguous names like Shadow Island don’t exactly thrill me.  All in all, I feel the Dreamcast version is the superior of the three I’ve tried, and it’s not a terrible game.  Not perfect, but you could do a lot worse.
Notes: Analog stick controls flashlight beam.
Video: Intro / Gameplay
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illbleedSynopsis: Eriko Christy is a normal high school girl who also happens to be president of the Horror Movie Research Club.  After giving a speech about how her father used to test his horror theme-park traps on her, she meets with several friends and learns that one of them has scored tickets to the latest horror park, Illbleed.  While her three friends decide to go and win the $100,000,000 prize, Eriko decides against it and says she’ll see them later.  Three days later, Eriko’s friends haven’t returned.  So she heads inside Illbleed to see if she can find them.
Release Date: April 25, 2001 (USA)
Developer: Climax Graphics
Publisher: Jaleco
No. of Discs: 1

  • A = Action
  • B = Cancel
  • X = Jump
  • Y = Map Screen
  • START = Status Screen
  • L TRIGGER = Centers camera behind player
  • R TRIGGER = Activates Horror Monitor(use analog stick to look around).

Movement Style: Full 3D movement.
Camera: Third Person behind the player.
VMU: Displays game title.
Save Blocks Required: 7
Personal Opinion: This has got to be one of the most unique survival horror games I have ever played.  It’s campy, but in an ’80s B-horror movie kind of way.  Unfortunately this makes the game more funny than scary, though the large resource system is probably meant to make up for it.  This system is too complex, leading to frustration and aggravation as minimum levels must be maintained to progress through each section.  The controls also need work, specifically the run and jump commands.  Jumping just seems poorly executed, and running requires players to hammer down on the analog stick.  If you don’t hit it hard enough, you walk, and must let go of the analog stick and try again.  The game’s unusual, but not much fun, which I think is pretty sad as I really want to like it.
Notes: Items, enemies, and trap locations are randomized each time you play.
Video: Intro / Gameplay
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carrierSynopsis: All radio contact on the USS Heimdal, the US Navy’s largest aircraft carrier, after it is returning home from an attack on the terrorist group Southern Cross.  A SPARC team is sent to investigate, though when communication fails, a second team is sent in.  The second team’s helicopter is shot down by the Heimdal’s anti-air turrets, and now SPARC members Jack Ingles and Jessifer Manning must fight for their lives while attempting to carry out their mission.
Release Date: January 31, 2000 (USA)
Developer: Jaleco
Publisher: Jaleco
No. of Discs: 1

  • A = Confirm/Attack With Raised Weapon
  • B = Cancel/First-Person Scope
  • X = Run
  • Y = Map Screen
  • START = Menu Screen
  • L TRIGGER = Change Weapon/Zoom Out Scope
  • R TRIGGER = Raise Weapon/Zoom In Scope

Movement Style: Tank controls.
Camera: Fixed
VMU: Current health displayed.
Save Blocks Required: 42
Personal Opinion: Ultimately Carrier feels like a mediocre Resident Evil clone.  I didn’t find it that original, and while the little unique touches like the targeting system are nice, they really kill the difficulty.  Graphically, it’s hit-or-miss, and the audio varies in quality.  The voice acting isn’t the worst I’ve ever heard, but it certainly isn’t great either.  There are better survival horror titles out there, but Carrier is not a bad game, and if you’ve played the others, give this one a look.
Notes: Instead of auto-aim, the game features a targeting system.  Unlockables available after beating both scenarios.
Video: Gameplay
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d2Synopsis: Laura Harris is falling asleep on an airplane flight over northern Canada when terrorists led by a cultist suddenly attack.  A meteorite then hits the plane, forcing it to crash in the Canadian wilderness.  Laura wakes up several days later in a cabin being cared for by another passenger.  But they quickly discover that something is driving the other passengers insane and turning them into monsters.  Laura must now go into the wilderness to find another survivor, a little girl.
Release Date: August 2, 2000 (USA)
Developer: WARP
Publisher: Sega
No. of Discs: 4

  • A = Action/Attack/Take Picture/Ride Snowmobile
  • B = Face Enemies (Left)/Cancel
  • X = Face Enemies (Right)
  • Y = Item Search
  • START = Status Screen
  • L TRIGGER = Item Window/Targeting Zoom Out/Brake Snowmobile
  • R TRIGGER = Weapon Window/Targeting Zoom In/Accelerate Snowmobile

Movement Style: Track Indoors/Tank Controls Outdoors
Camera: First Person Indoors/Third Person Outdoors
VMU: Displays Compass
Save Blocks Required: 7, 4-10 per picture
Personal Opinion: Again, a game that I want to like, but just can’t force myself too.  I will say that part of what keeps me from really enjoying this game are the large amount of problems I had with it, such as it freezing, videos slowing down, and at one point the game had a video get stuck in a loop that lasted several minutes.  The game is expansive and encourages exploration, which while I enjoy it, I could see becoming very tedious.  Battles operate like a combination of a first person shooter and an RPG, but leaves out a few elements that I would have liked, like the ability to move…  The plot is also a bit nonsensical, though to be fair, survival horror games have always tended towards being a little strange.
Notes: Combat is First Person, and the player gains experience after each fight to level up.  The opening movie can be found on Disc 4.
Video: Intro / Video Review
Shop for Game: Amazon / eBay

Nanatsu no Hikan: Senritsu no Bishou

Nanatsu-no-Hikan---SenritsuSynopsis: Reina Shiragawa and Kei Asuka attempt to visit their friend Dr. Ernest MacFerson at his research institute on a small island.  But when they arrive, they discover their friend is nowhere to be found, and strange monsters are running loose.  Reina and Kei must use their brains to navigate the institute and attempt to find the missing doctor.
Release Date: January 20, 2000 (Japan)
Developer: KOEI
Publisher: KOEI
No. of Discs: 1

  • A = Action/Confirm Button At Terminal
  • B = Map Screen/Delete Button At Terminal
  • X = Change View Mode/Back Button At Terminal
  • Y = Subscreen Menu/Exit Button At Terminal
  • START = Pause Menu/Highlight Enter Key At Terminal
  • L TRIGGER = Aim Weapon
  • R TRIGGER = Attack With Equipped Weapon

Movement Style: Varies depending on View Mode(View 1 is Tank controls, View 2 and 3 are 3D movement).
Camera: Three modes(first is Third Person, second is over-the-shoulder, third is First Person).e
VMU: Displays title of game.
Save Blocks Required: 7 for Story Mode, 3 for Training Mode
Personal Opinion: My ability to play this game is unfortunately tainted by my inability to read Japanese, so please understand that I really didn’t get very far.  But from what I did play, I came to some interesting conclusions.  First, the game gives you lots of control.  Multiple view modes, which effect how you fight.  Lots of options for appearance.  A training option.  There’s a lot of power in the hands of the player to do what they want in this game, which I think is really cool.  Unfortunately what little I saw of combat did not impress me, and I did notice a few little bugs that could easily be exploited.  But I enjoyed the time I spent with it, so I figure I’ll be coming back…with a guide so I know what I’m doing.  Since this is an import title, I’d say hold off on purchasing it unless you’re really interested, but if you understand Japanese or can figure a way around it, give it a look.
Notes: Only available in Japanese.  The game features multiplayer.
Shop for Game: eBay

Evil Dead: Hail to the King

evil-deadSynopsis: Ash returns to the cabin in the woods in an attempt to finally destroy the Necronomicon and finish off the Deadites once and for all.  But things don’t go exactly as planned, the Deadites kill his girlfriend Jenny, and he must once again fend them off while collecting the Necronomicon’s lost pages.
Release Date: December 17, 2000 (USA)
Developer: Heavy Iron Studios
Publisher: THQ
No. of Discs: 1

  • A = Use Chainsaw
  • B = Use/Activate/Confirm
  • X = Use Left-Handed Weapon
  • Y = Taunt
  • START = Inventory Screen
  • L TRIGGER = Turn Chainsaw On/Off
  • R TRIGGER = Run(while holding press direction)

Movement Style: Tank controls.
Camera: Fixed
VMU: Nothing shown on the VMU.
Save Blocks Required: 23
Personal Opinion: I really like the Evil Dead films, but unfortunately I really didn’t care for this game.  The controls feel overly stiff, and the combat system just doesn’t feel very good  The respawning enemies are also very annoying, though thankfully they drop healing items.  I suppose it doesn’t help that one of the most common enemies seems to be one of the most annoying as well.  If you’re a fan of the Evil Dead series, there are better games on other consoles, but if you really need a fix and only have access to the Dreamcast, don’t go in expecting much.  On the upside, Bruce Campbell did do the voice acting for Ash.
Notes: Based on Evil Dead property.
Video: Commercial / Intro
Shop for Game: Amazon / eBay

The Ring: Terror’s Realm

theringSynopsis: Meg Rainman’s boyfriend Robert is killed by a mysterious virus that…well, you never find out what it does.  Meg then starts at the Center for Disease Control, apparently as Robert’s replacement.  From there she discovers a computer game called The Ring, which will apparently kill her in seven days.  I’m not making this up.
Release Date: September 9, 2000 (USA)
Developer: Asmik Ace Entertainment
Publisher: Infogrames (USA), Asmik Ace Entertainment (Japan)
No. of Discs: 1

  • A = Confirm/Attack With Selected Weapon/Physical Attack When No Weapon Equipped
  • B = Cancel
  • X = Run
  • Y = First Person Look(use analog stick to look around)
  • START = Inventory Screen
  • L TRIGGER = Turn Flashlight On/Off
  • R TRIGGER = Raise Weapon/Ready Physical Attack When No Weapon Equipped

Movement Style: Tank controls.
Camera: Fixed
VMU: Nothing shown on VMU.
Save Blocks Required: 29
Personal Opinion: No way around it, this game is terrible.  All the audio is terrible, the plot nonsensical, and the enemy design is bizarre and out of place.  Graphically I constantly found myself comparing it to PS1 games, which isn’t a good sign.  If you read the review of it over at Planet Dreamcast, I think the reviewer was crying.  Seriously.  I couldn’t recommend this title to anyone, even die hard survival horror fans or Ringu enthusiasts.
Notes: Based on Ringu property.  Hold down on the D-Pad while executing a Physical Attack to Kick.  Hold Run button and press back to leap backwards.
Video: Intro / Gameplay
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jjj says:

Wow, you didn’t like very many of them did you?

I’m not surprised for the most part, quite a few stinkers in there. But really, CODE Veronica – didn’t like it? I thought it was the best RE actually, liked it quite a bit more than RE2 or 4 even.

And Illbleed – *has* to be one of the most unique games I’ve ever tried. Everyone with a DC should at least try it once. I loved it, but the controls eventually just killed it. The control is beyond awful, compounded by the fact you need to run from invincible opponents often. And the boss fights *cries*… I eventually gave up. Maybe I’d try it again on an emulator with savestates/cheats though.

Carter says:

I’m extremely glad you included D2, even if you didn’t like it. I can see why a lot of people didn’t, and why there is such a lack of any information about it on the internet. But as for me, it’s one of my favorites.

I LOVED the story, and never had any technical difficulties (playing a decent condition original version of the game). The graphics (especially the interiors) are beautifull, and I could never describe how excellent the soundtrack is.

I loved it so much I went out and bought Enemy Zero and D1 for my Saturn (part of the same series) and while Enemy Zero was pretty good, D1 just sucked outright.

D2, however, is among my absolute favorite DC games, right up there with Shenmue and JGR. It’s one of the reasons I love SEGAs little disaster so much.

otaku says:

Code veronica was brilliant at the time it was a huge game on the DC everyone wanted it and that is why it eventually was ported and that was a big deal. I’ve always wanted to try D2. Not many exclusives (and even fewer good ones) in this genre. Still need to try illbleed which sould be decent

anosou says:

Very good article! More genre-rundowns on consoles are much welcome: 🙂 PS2, while still active, would be great to have.

gord allott says:

I would disagree about resident evil 3, You can’t really call it a survival horror game because of its complete lack of survival or horror, if you adore the resident evil gameplay dynamics but don’t like anything else about resident evil its great, but for normal people its not a very good game at all.

Code Veronica is actually rather good once you take into account certain things, such as not expecting it to be like the other racoon city based re games. Nice graphics, classic gameplay, puzzle solving. its all right there for you.

Caleb says:

You got the wrong screenshot for the Evil Dead game.

That screenshot is from Evil Dead: Regeneration, not Hail to the King.

That being said the beginning of that game was horrid. The “deadite” enemies are not fun to fight. I started having fun about midway through.

I think that you might have been a bit rough on RE Code Veronica. The plot was a bit screwed up but overall it was fun.

D2 is an acquired taste. I personally think that the inclusion of lightgun support for the fighting sequences would have been great. (Use a controller to move around, pick up a lightgun for fighting.)

RE2 on the Dreamcast is the best version. Period.

2hats says:

one thing i HATE about survival horror games is the tank controls. anyone with me on this? I hate that control scheme so much that I won’t even play any of the original resident evil games, i own 1 and 2 and cant stand either one. That type of contorl scheme just wrecks it for me. It also seems like a lot of these games are lame for the first half and then get good, but I’m not one to play through a bunch of crap to get to the good stuff.

Droid party says:

Another great article from Ack. You can have a cookie now.

Eddie says:

A friend of mine had Evil Dead and it was the most frustrating game I played on the console. It was so damn hard and if I remember correctly there were no extra lives. If you ran through the levels and killed nothing you wouldnt get past 5 screens. Almost forgot about this game until this article.

king says:

I played code veronica. I recall the “thank controls” earlier in my life and hating them and hating how we have to move using them.

Amazingly, now i find it really nice. I am not saying its the best but I can’t complain much, it works with the series, just like how two analogues work with FPS. I wonder how come I am ok with them now

Snickerd00dle says:

illbleed was really bad, that’s all i can say

Ack says:

Hmm…I figured I’d ruffle a few feathers with the Code Veronica thing. I really just don’t like it. I attempted to keep my opinions limited to the small paragraph, so the actual information would outweigh what I thought. The plot is what genuinely kills the game for me, as I found myself more annoyed than scared.

I’m surprised to see the response to my thoughts to Illbleed and D2 however. They’re both unique, and both titles I really wanted to like but featured problems that I could not overcome. Between the two, I find myself wanting to go back to D2 the most, but for some reason it runs horrendously on my Dreamcast. I’m hoping it’s my copy of the game, not the console, but it very well may be my DC.

Resident Evil 3 I’d say is definitely a survival horror game, in that it limited my options even further than previous titles. Instead of having to push myself forward, I also had to push myself to go back, as I was always terrified by the thought of Nemesis waiting for me. Running pell-mell through rooms I had never been in before simply to avoid him was a rush because I was frightened by both what I found in front of me and behind me.

I’m also a really big fan of D.

kevinski says:

I’ll never understand the criticism that Illbleed receives. (For the record, you linked to one of my Illbleed vids on YouTube, which is awesome.) If you take the time to fully understand the game play style, then it’s hard NOT to enjoy the game. It has some pretty interesting approaches to some situations, namely in terms of narration and boss battles.

I’d say that much of people’s criticisms toward Illbleed stem from a failure to understand how the game is played.

kevinski says:

Err…whoops. Actually, you linked to two of my vids. I’m doing a walkthrough without using the Horror Monitor now. You should check it out, because it shows that the Horror Monitor isn’t 100% required. (You just need a ton of healing items, in which case only the first level is a problem.)

kevinski says:

HAHAHAHA! What’s the deal with the Blue Stinger game play video? XD

Tancred says:

I loved D2. One of my favorite games of all time. It’s heavily flawed but still an experimental masterpiece.

I also really enjoyed Carrier.

butane bob says:

Blue stinger eh? It was one of the first DC games i played and i thought it was complete rubbish. hmm.

Logan says:

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Ack! Did you watch that Blue Stinger gameplay video before you posted it?

mucki says:

Another great article. This is really a great site. I always think now everything has been covered and right then another very interesting read gets pumped out by racketboy or one of the other contributers. Thanks guys and keep it up!

I’ve wanted to check out D2 for a long time, now I downloaded the 8CD version.. Hope it works. Also Illbleed seems very interesting to me although it obviously has many blatant flaws. Never got it working unfortunately.

I really like the old school Resident Evil Games with the Remake on GC being the epitome of the series. CV was great too, but I can see how many people got tired of it if they don’t really care for the RE universe.
I just love the mix of horror/action/adventure gameplay of the classic Resident Evil games and as ridiculous as they are I’m really into the overarching storyline and the characters.
Too bad the few horror games coming out nowadays seem to distance from their adventure roots.

thugribeiro says:

I agree on the resident evil 2 part,to me it’s the best re game ever.
don’t quite agree with code veronica,wich to me is much better than re3.
I don’t like the way later games of the series are being made,but i guess you already know what i’m talking about
Then again is just my opinion

rebirth says:

Good article- but I got the impression you didn’t like Blue Stinger that much at all!

denpanosekai says:

Personally, illbleed might be one of my top 5 games of all time. Such a shame its creator Shinya Nishigaki passed away before they could finish the xbox port/remake. I’m sure they would have fixed a lot of its problems.

But yeah The Ring is absolutely terrible. I played through the Japanese version, so at least the voice acting was a bit better.

Colliric says:

Resident Evil Code Veronica was the best of the RE games. Although it is the later Playstation 2 “X” ported version which is the best. No disk changing and better CGI cut scenes, along with what I consider to be a better controler too, made the game one of those rare ported versions that outdid the original. The game’s relentlessness was brilliant for someone who was so used to RE already. It was like RE on steroids, and I also liked how it ditched the city for a more sinister setting. I thought it was the right time to see Umbrella’s home turf more after 2 city location based efforts(and 1 effort set in a mansion in the city).

I have played both versions to completion and the PS2 port was a significant improvement.

Mike says:

D2 kinda sounds like a semi-rip-off of Silent Hill

C says:

I love D2 (didn’t have those technical issues, that might be your copy?), although it really needed a bit more direction. The areas you can explore tend to be pretty huge and you frequently don’t know where to go. The english voice acting also leaves a lot to be desired.

I loved D too and I like Enemy Zero as well (but that’s probably just me lol). I really miss WARP to be honest, I hope Eno starts making more games with his new company.

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