The Rarest and Most Valuable Sega Dreamcast Games

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The Dreamcast is a perfect example of a console that had relatively low commercial success, but a huge underground following after its death. These two factors help brew up a strong library of games that have high collectibility among gamers that are just now finding out what was so great about the Dreamcast.

There are two major trends you will notice in the list below.  First of all is the dominance of fighting and shooting games, mostly of a 2D nature. This is of little surprise to those that know the Dreamcast well as their games are some of the main draws for the system — especially when they don’t get ported to other systems. The second trend you may notice is that Capcom dominates the top-value domestic releases. Capcom was one of the few third-party publishers to really support the Dreamcast, but they had more niche releases that didn’t warrant as many copies as Sega did with their first-party releases.

Below you will see two prices beside each title. The first is the average daily selling price, which is typically the going rate for the game disc by itself or one with a rough case/manual. The second price is the highest price for a complete (but non-sealed) copy of the game in the last three months. The list is ordered by the balance of the two prices.

Rare & Valuable Dreamcast Table of Contents

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Values Current as of October 2022

Recent Growth of North American Retail Games

With four full years since our last guide revision, it was easy to notice a lot of ranking shifting with the North American retail releases.   I decided to chart out the major movers.  In the chart below I compared the average pricing between the different average loose/rough price levels for a game and their highest mint copy sale during the time frame.  I compared those averages between our 2018 guide and this 2022 guide to calculate the value growth percentage.  If you’d like to see the full 2018 guide for comparison, I have made it available to my Patreon members. (Only $1 of support or more is needed to access)

After the chart, we will dig into the details of the top North American, Japanese, and PAL Dreamcast games — we have a lot to cover!

Treasured Standard USA Releases

Cannon Spike: $170-$385 ($400 to $500 Sealed)

Cannon Spike is very similar to the overhead shooting Smash TV or Commando and has a heavy focus on boss battles. However, Capcom brought this dynamic to the Dreamcast with graphical glory and also features playable characters and cameos from other Capcom franchises like Mega Man,Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Darkstalkers and Street Fighter. Between the raw firepower, grand explosions, and plenty of Capcom fan love, it’s difficult to resist adding this to your collection.

Cannon Spike was released during the Dreamcast’s final Christmas and did not receive much promotion or word-of-mouth until it was long gone from stores. The game has still never been ported to another platform, making it one of the best remaining Dreamcast exclusives. Much like some of the other Capcom gems, you could score Cannon Spike for $50 or less before 2014, but has climbed aggressively in value since then.  In our 2018, Cannon Spike climbed to the #3 spot on this list in the $80 to $190 price range but has nearly doubled just in the last 4 years.

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Giga Wing 2: $210-$340

The Dreamcast was a great platform for 2D shooters and received a handful of solid releases in North America, mostly produced by Capcom. While you will see a few of these Capcom shmups show up on this guide, Giga Wing 2 is the hardest to find and most valuable as it was released closer to the end of the Dreamcast’s lifespan.

While it had much of the same bullet-hell dynamic of its predecessor, Giga Wing 2 had more graphical polish being ported from the NAOMI arcade hardware instead of the CPS2 hardware of the original Giga Wing. A lot of these Capcom gems have really taken off in value over the decade. Up until 2014, you could have scored Giga Wing 2 for $32 to $50.  It jumped to the #2 spot in 2018 with a $90 to $200 range, before nearly doubling again in the past 4 years.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure : $150-$380 ($500 Sealed)

Developed by Capcom and based on the manga Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s a four-button fighter, three of which serve as attacks while the remaining is for the innovative Stand feature (if you want to read more, check out its feature in the Fighting Hidden Gems or Dreamcast Fighters guides. A little odd, considering it’s Capcom, but they handle the change well. This game also has some absurdly awesome super moves and great animation.

The game has always been a bit of a rarity considering Capcom’s production, but it slowly built some resale value in the 2010s (hitting $50 to $100 range in our 2018 guide) before exploding in value these last few years. It’s a great hidden gem for fighting fans. While it did see an HD remaster on PSN and XBLA, the Dreamcast version remains its only physical console port.

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Project Justice: $125 – $390

Rival Schools 2, known as Project Justice in North America, obviously built on the original and remains as one of Capcom’s most popular (with a rather nice following) 3D fighters. Like its predecessor, Project Justice has a lot of quirky characters that cater to the anime crowd and is just a real pleasure to play. It isn’t especially rare, but Capcom released it in May 2001, several months after the Dreamcast was discontinued by Sega.

This gem topped our 2008 guide before cooling off for a bit — dipping in value about 10% (to a $54-$120) range over the next 10 years.  However, it’s nearly tripled from there over the next 4 years thanks to it remaining a high-demand Dreamcast exclusive.

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Illbleed: $125-$350 ($420 Sealed)

This Dreamcast survival horror gem is campy, but in an ’80s B-horror movie kind of way. Unfortunately this makes the game more funny than scary, though the large resource system is probably meant to make up for it. The complexity of the game system and the controls often leads to frustration. However, many survival horror fans have found an appreciation of the game.

Illbleed has remained a Dreamcast exclusive to this day. Between exclusivity and having an underground following, Illbleed rose out of the common bin prices of $10 to $20 around 2011 and has risen gradually through the 2010s, reaching the $50 to $125 range in our 2018 guide.  It has since nearly tripled in value within the last 4 years.

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Speed Devils – Wal-Mart “Clean” Variant: $180-$250

The Dreamcast had quite a few racing games in its library and Speed Devils was an above-average effort from UbiSoft. The standard release of the game featured a wide-grinned, sun glasses-wearing devil along with the game’s logo. It turns out that retail giant, Wal-Mart had a censorship policy restricting items that featured Satan’s likeness. The interesting thing is that the disc itself still has the devil images on its artwork.

Instead of giving up potential sales, UbiSoft decided to make a cover variant of the game that had a more minimal text and flame-based logo. To this day, it has been very difficult to find this variant. In a way, this is surprising as you would think that Ubisoft would have only made this variant if there were enough copies to be sold to be worthwhile. Perhaps many Wal-Mart shoppers didn’t keep the case for their games as often?

Anyway, after becoming more well-known, this variant peaked in 2018, selling successfully in the $600 to $800 range (and some people asking as much as $1600).  However, after our 2018 guide was published and further awareness was built, more copies started surfacing on eBay and overall sales amounts actually cooled down quite a bit.

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Mars Matrix – Hypersolid Shooting: $85 – $145

As one of the most popular vertical shooters released in the US, Mars Matrix still commands a respectable price from collectors. And with the high likelihood of it remaining as a Dreamcast console exclusive, that value should hold up for a while longer as shmup fans build up their Dreamcast collections.

Even though we have seen some great value appreciation of Dreamcast shooters over the last decade, Mars Matrix has done a solid climb up in value, but without the grand price volatility of some of its peers.

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D2: $120-$230

Another strong player in the Dreamcast Survival Horror library, D2 was written and directed by Kenji Eno (Saturn fans might remember his work in D and Enemy Zero). D2 stars the “digital actress” Laura but has an independent story unrelated to the original D, and uses action-oriented gameplay in contrast to the puzzle-driven D.

The game received mostly lukewarm reviews around the time of its release, but has eventually received a bit of a cult following many years later.

In our 2018 guide, D2 merely cracked into our 2018 Honorable Mentions list at a $30 to $50 price range, but has seen more than a 4X increase in value in just 4 years.

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Power Stone 2: $100-$245

Capcom may not have had much success with 3D fighting games in the first decade of attempts, but it really got it right with the Powerstone series. Both games are fun-filled arena fighters that allow full 3D movement and interactive environments. Power Stone 2 added 4-player support and is significantly harder to find than its predecessor. It’s also very surprising that the series hasn’t been brought to any other platforms besides the PSP.

Being a party classic and a console exclusive, this Capcom gem has consistently placed well on this list. It’s had a nice 30% increase over the 2010s (landing in the $40 to $90 range in 2018), but continued to triple in value over the past 4 years.

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Giga Wing : $50 – $90

It’s not surprising that the original Giga Wing has cracked into the top ten domestic Dreamcast collectible releases as the sequel is one the most in-demand. While not quite a tricky to find as part two, it did not have high production numbers due to the the genre being rather niche.

It was pretty easy to find between $20 and $50 up until 2015. It’s easily doubled from there by 2018. It helps that the game remains a console exclusive on the Shmup-heavy Dreamcast.

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Resident Evil 2: $55 – $260 ($370-$600)

Before the Nintendo Gamecube received a handful of remakes and remasters, the Dreamcast was a great platform to experience the Resident Evil series. While the Saturn was the only Sega platform to receive the original Resident Evil, the Dreamcast got enhanced ports of RE2, RE3 and also the first version of Code Veronica.

Code Veronica was, by far the most common as it was original to the system at the time of its release while 2 and 3 were enhanced ports of the PS1 games and had reasonally lower demand in those initial sales years.

Back in our 2018 guide, it ranked highly on our Honorable Mentions list at a $30-$85 range, but this iconic game has stepped up its profile in collecting circles — particularly for mint copies.

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Tech Romancer: $50 – $110

Tech Romancer is a beautiful anime-impaired 3D fighting game by Capcom fought on a 2D plane. In this hidden gem, you fight as Mechs (designed by established anime creators, Studio Nue) and release power-ups by destroying the environment around you. The Dreamcast version also includes an unlockable version of the Tech Romancer anime.

The game remains as a Dreamcast console exclusive and has remained a hidden gem for fighting fans. As a niche Capcom game, Tech Romancer has never been especially cheap, but it has had a steady climb in value and in the rankings of this list.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 2: $82-$220 ($250 Sealed)

If you wanted the biggest mashup of characters in your fighting games, Marvel vs Capcom 2 was the place to be. It may not be the most balanced game for tournaments, but it is still one of the hottest mainstream 2D fighters out there. Most gamers may flock to the PS2 version, but the Dreamcast release still commands strong collectability.

The more recent Marvel vs Capcom games have stolen some attention from part 2, but some fans still swear by this installment. MvC2 has also been released digitally on XBLA and PSN. This version’s peak value was originally about the $50 to $100 range in 2008 before cooling off in the 2010s.  However, the 2020’s retro boom has seen it double in value since our 2018 guide..

Check for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on eBay
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Skies of Arcadia : $75-$250 ($330-$385 Sealed)

With an upbeat quest and some innovative and fun ideas, Skies of Arcadia lets you venture off to distant islands to uncover a number of secrets. Unlike other RPGs which wait until the mid-point to give you an airship, Skies of Arcadia does it right from the bat by bequeathing Vyse and crew with a ship of their own to sail the turn-based combat infested skies. The world is comprised of floating islands, and you use your air ship to travel among them while playing Robin Hood with other pirates.

While it was one of the Defining Games of the Dreamcast, it didn’t become as big of a seller as Sega would have hoped. It’s always been an in-demand game for Dreamcast collectors (in $30 – $90 range for a number of years), but has been gradually appreciating and rising on this list (with a bigger boost with the general 2020/2021 collecting boom). There was also a tweaked version of the game released as Skies of Arcadia Legends on the Gamecube which has also maintained its value nicely.

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Bangai-O: $80-$195

Treasure is known for quirky action games, and Bangai-O is definitely on the higher part of that spectrum. This multi-directional shooter is all about explosions, chaos, and fun. Like most Treasure games, it’s a cult classic and is the Dreamcast version was the only English version of the game for a while.

It has since seen releases on more modern consoles, but the value of the Dreamcast game remains steady over the past decade. After the 2020 collecting boom, complete copies finally surpassed the values they did a decade ago, but its easy to see why its been a steady favorite.

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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing [Sega All Stars]: $110 – $160

The Sega All-Stars series is essentially the Dreamcast’s equivalent of the budget-minded Greatest Hits releases. Sega didn’t create a bunch of entries in this series and it was mainly limited to games that were originally published in the earlier years (the white case/cover releases). These All Stars games have orange spine artwork and were released as such in the later era of the “black case/cover” games.

The All-Star releases were also predominantly Sega-published games, but there were a small handful of third-party games included as well.

Ready 2 Rumble was a fresh take on the sport of boxing at the time, but the game had also been released on the Playstation and N64 before making its way to the Dreamcast. The game did well on the Dreamcast, but its sequel had also been published on the Dreamcast, so this budget release of the original didn’t seem to make a big impact on the retail scene in the early aughts. There are a handful of hard-to-track down All-Stars releases and this is definitely one of the main challengers (Power Stone, House of the Dead 2, and Marvel vs Capcom being the other significant challenges — all of which will be mentioned below one way or another).

Out of the about 170 copies of the original Ready 2 Rumble Dreamcast games on eBay as I write this, only 8 of them were the Sega All-Stars version (less than 5%).

Back in 2018, I just happened to decide to complete my collection of Sega All-Stars games and this was one of my last to score. Even though I got outbid quite a few times, they usually only closed for about $40 or $50 back then. It was obvious that there were some collectors that realized these were harder to track down, but people hadn’t started to really pay a high premium for it like now. (Major shout-out to long-time friend of Racketboy, Blu for hooking me up back in 2018 with this copy so I didn’t have to keep bidding on eBay)

Check for Ready 2 Rumble (Sega All Stars) on eBay

EGG: Elemental Gimmick Gear: $54-$215 ($280-$300 Sealed)

This little-known Action RPG was one of our original Dreamcast Hidden Gem picks back in 2007 partially due to its fully hand-drawn graphics, fluid animation and attention to detail.

Despite having solid foundations for a quality game, the name (With “EGG” being the main visible title on case) and having artwork that wasn’t exactly inviting to the mainstream market, it isn’t surprising that the game didn’t sell well on the original retail scene.

Elemental Gimmick Gear built enough collector following to reach our honorable mentions list in 2018 (at a $23 to $70 range), but it finally broke into the Top 20 list for the first time this year!

Check forElemental Gimmick Gear on eBay
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Sonic Adventure 2 $60-$205 ($365-$600 Sealed)

It’s not too often you see a mainline Sonic game (with no variations even) on a Sega console being featured in these Rare & Valuable guides (the rare North American Master System release is the only exception I can recall).

Sonic Adventure 2 was just one of those games that never was especially cheap despite Sega traditionally producing a lot of copies of Sonic games. Even though it was a great game, it was starting to become evident that the Dreamcast wasn’t long for this world, so they didn’t get ahead of itself on printing output. (And, before too long the game arrived on the Nintendo Gamecube)

And even though the game is far from a rarity, there’s enough Dreamcast fans out there that don’t have any intention of having it depart from their collection anytime soon. As a result, supply vs demand keeps pushing the resale value up.

Back in 2018, I was actually a bit surprised to see it make the “Honorable Mentions” list at the $20-$70 price range. But I was really surprised to see it broken into the top 15 ranking this year!

Check for Sonic Adventure 2 on eBay
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Gunbird 2: $40 – $97

This is a classic shmup from Psikyo and Capcom. While it is a solid shooter of good pedigree, it didn’t really innovate much from a gameplay or visuals perspective from its Sega Saturn predecessor. The Dreamcast version, however did give Darkstalkers’ Morrigan in as a playable character.

Gunbird 2 has always been a modest collectable on the Dreamcast as a solid shmup in a rather limited run. It lingered in the $25 to $50 range for a number of years before gradually climbing in value in 2014.

The Dreamcast version is currently the only North American physical release of the game.  iOS, Android and even the Nintendo Switch have seen ports of the game, it has all be digital. The only physical exception is the inclusion on the Japanese Switch physical release of Psikyo Shooting Library Vol. 2 (Amazon / eBay).

The Nintendo Switch release from 2018 (2019 for that Psikyo collection) does seem to haven take off some of the value momentum.  While it has has definitely increased from its $40 to $97 price range from 2018, it hasn’t risen as much as the other Dreamcast peers above, dropping quite a few spots in the ranking.

Check for Gunbird 2 on eBay
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Shenmue Limited Edition: $95 – $155

Yu Suzuki’s Shenmue project, which began development on the Sega Saturn became known as one of the most ambitious and expensive video games of all time. It had much hype, especially in Japan prior to its release. However, the joke was that every existing Dreamcast owner would have to buy two copies of Shenmue for the game to turn a profit.

To help incentivize pre-orders in North America, Sega offered a Limited Edition that had a special marking on the cover and included a soundtrack CD. There ended up being 30,000 of these Limited Edition units produced. Not especially rare, but they are not nearly as common as the standard Shenmue release.

Up until the recent announcement of a Shenmue remaster on modern consoles, the original Shenmue was looking to remain a Dreamcast exclusive — one of the last Defining Dreamcast games that never made it to other hardware. With the cult classic nature of the game and the exclusivity, all copies of Shenmue have seen a gradual rise in value over the last few years. Obviously, with more limited numbers, the Limited Edition has a modest premium over the standard release (mentioned below in the “Additional Games of Value” section)

Check for Shenmue Limited Edition on eBay

Additional NTSC Games of Value

  • The Typing of the Dead: $75-$150 (eBay)
  • Kao the Kangaroo: $80-$145 (eBay)
  • Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: $68-$150 (eBay)
  • Power Stone: $50-$150 (eBay)
  • Resident Evil 3 Nemesis: $52-$135 (eBay)
  • Marvel vs Capcom [Sega All Stars]: $60-$125 (eBay)
  • Dynamite Cop: $55-$130 (eBay)
  • Capcom vs SNK: $60-$120 (eBay)
  • Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves: $65-$110 (eBay)
  • NBA 2K [Not for Resale]: $60-$100 (eBay)
  • Spawn In the Demon’s Hand: $45-$115 (eBay)
  • Marvel vs Capcom: $50 -$105 (eBay)
  • The Ring Terror’s Realm: $52-$100 (eBay)
  • Jet Grind Radio: $35-$107 (eBay)
  • Pier Solar: $45-$95 (eBay)
  • Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2: $45-$95 (eBay)
  • Omikron The Nomad Soul: $50-$90 (eBay)
  • Dino Crisis: $42-$95 (eBay)
  • Record of Lodoss War: $39-$96 (eBay)
  • Bomberman Online: \(50-\) 80 (eBay)
  • Street Fighter III Double Impact: $40-$89 (eBay)
  • ECW Anarchy Rulz: $30-$95 (eBay)
  • Sword of the Berserk: Gut’s Rage: $30-$95 (eBay)
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3: $40-$85 (eBay)
  • Urban Chaos: $38-$80 (eBay)
  • Last Blade 2 Heart of the Samurai: $35-$80 (eBay)
  • Grandia 2: $35-$80 (eBay)
  • Outtrigger: $35-$79 (eBay)

Japanese Import Collectables

Bangai-O: Prize Edition: $600 – $900

This extremely limited version of Treasure’s cult-classic shooter was given out to exactly five people as the top prizes in a Japanese high-score competition. While the game itself is identical to the original Bangai-O, the Prize Edition can be identified by a sticker and two phone cards with the Treasure logo on the case declaring itself as a winner’s trophy.

The calling cards were signed by the game’s lead designer, Hisashi Fujita and the award package also came a Bangai-O poster/flyer. The first two copies of these games have been sold, both very quietly. Its unknown the price of the first sale, but the most second was placed in the inventory of an online store for $500, and at that selling point was quickly snatched. That copy was confirmed to be missing the second phone card and sticker. A third auction settled in 2011 for $811, but there were suspicions about its legitimacy.

Cleopatra Fortune: $300-$500

This block-breaking puzzle game was created by Taito in association with Natsume, but it didn’t get the attention of Taito’s Puzzle Bobble series.  It has a pleasant but rather straightforward Egyptian-inspired presentation, but it didn’t exactly capture a ton of fans.

Interestingly enough, Cleopatra Fortune originated on the Taito X-55 home karaoke machine in 1995 before being brought to the arcades in 1996. From there, it received a port to the Sega Saturn in Japan. A few years later, in 2001 it eventually received a widespread port on the Playstation (in all regions) in addition to a fairly small print run for the Japanese Dreamcast.

The Dreamcast version was ported from the PS1 game (vs the more arcade-accurate Saturn version) by Altron and features some higher-resolution visual, improved frame rate  and newly-arranged music.

There are often a few Dreamcast copies of the game that are listed (currently in the $500 to $1500 asking price range) on eBay, but there aren’t many that successfully sell. Die-hard collectors are on the lookout for this one, but for only willing to pay so much.

Check for Cleopatra Fortune on eBay

Super Street Fighter 2X: $280 – $325

The Dreamcast already had one of the best 2D fighting game lineups among consoles, but it is hard to be complete without a solid port of an installment of Street Fighter II. Super Street Fighter 2X is possibly the best console version of the game that started the 2D fighter revolution. Every sprite is perfect. Every frame of animation is there. And the gameplay is as good as it gets. In fact, the later HD remixes of the games were based on this Dreamcast version. Back when the Dreamcast was thriving, this port also utilized Capcom’s online “Matching Service” for competitions.

This gem has nearly doubled in value since 2014. At the time, it was considered mostly a collector’s item with many modern ports being great options for SSF2T fans, but the recent increase only solidifies this recommendation.

Check for Super Street Fighter 2X on eBay

Rainbow Cotton: $250 – $340

The Cotton series of shooters had a great run, beginning in the arcade and in the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16’s great chump library. The series has been a primarily 2D affair, but it tinkered with a 3D perspective on the Japanese-exclusive Panorama Cotton on the Sega Megadrive (and its one of the most valuable Japanese Megadrive games).

The Dreamcast allowed the cute-em-up series to more naturally explore a 3D environment in an on-rails shooter setup.

With a relatively limited print run and its niche cult-classic appeal, it isn’t a surprise that this game ranks well among Dreamcast imports.

Check for Rainbow Cotton on eBay

Border Down LE: $150 – $300

After the Dreamcast was already buried by US retailers and the last big name import releases like Shenmue II, Rez, and Ikaruga had been released, a small developer by the name of G.Rev (who worked with Treasure on Ikaruga) took a chance on the Dreamcast and helped start a trend of 2D shooters being released on the “dead” platform.

The production of this Limited Edition of Border Down was halted at 5,000 copies. Initially, it has the same print run as the standard edition, but the original has since been reprinted at least once, at least doubling its availability and the premium placed on the Limited Edition. The novelty of the release seems to have cooled down a bit in the last decade, however despite never being released on another platform.
Check for Border Down LE on eBay

Additional Japanese Games of Value

  • Space Channel 5 Part 2 LE Box Set: $185-$250 (eBay
  • Eldorado Gate Box Set (includes multiple games): $200-$400 (eBay)
  • SegaGaGa Box Set: $170-$240 (eBay)
  • Border Down: $170-$235 (eBay)
  • Psyvariar 2: $100-$200 (eBay)
  • Zero Gunner 2: $110-$160 (eBay)
  • Karous: $100-$150 (eBay)
  • Cosmic Smash: $100-$150 (eBay)
  • Twinkle Star Sprites: $90–$150 (eBay)
  • De La Jet Set Radio: $70-$150 (eBay)
  • Shikigami No Shiro 2: $89-$120 (eBay)
  • Under Defeat: $80-$110 (eBay)
  • Ikaruga: $45-$130 (eBay)
  • Rez: $60-$120 (eBay)
  • Radilgy: $80-$85 (eBay)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Renpou Vs. Zeon DX: $70-$100 (eBay)
  • Trigger Heart Exelica: $65-$100 (eBay)
  • Trizeal: $50-$88 (eBay)

PAL Region Rarities

Price ranges shown are for games with case and manual since there are limited disc-only copies.

Moho: $350 – $500 USD

This odd combat action game with racing elements from Lost Toys and Take 2 Interactive is known as the only Dreamcast game to be exclusive to the United Kingdom.

Even though it was approved by German and French entities (and the back cover copy was translated into German), the game was never sold in retail in those countries. It was also intended to be brought to North America under the name “Ball Breakers”, but was canceled.

Check for Moho on eBay

Evolution 2: $200 – $380 USD

Evolution 2: Far Off Promise was a sequel to one of the early Dreamcast RPGs. It was fairly common in the North American dreamcast library, but it quite the rarity in PAL regions.

As you can expect, RPGs take extra time to work on localization. The game saw its original release in Japan in late 1999, was released in the North America in the summer of 2000, but didn’t get released in Europe until November of 2001. By then, Sega had already announced that they were giving up on Dreamcast production. Since Ubisoft didn’t want to see their efforts go to waste, they still released the game, but at cautious quantity levels and was reported to be only sold at the GAME chain of stores in the UK (although Gamestation end Electronics Boutique had been merged into the conglomerate at that time) . Evolution never did sell well enough to see additional runs.

It’s been quite a challenge to find a complete copy under $200 USD, but you can score a bare disc for about $120 USD.

Check for Evolution 2 on eBay

Taxi 2: Le Jeu: $130 – $200 USD

This racing game modeled after a French film is known for being the only Dreamcast game exclusive to France. The game itself is rather it notoriously bad for a racing game, but many PAL Dreamcast collectors typically are still on the hunt for this rarity.

There is quite a premium for complete copies of this game, but bare discs can be found in the $75 USD range. This is probably because most collectors probably don’t want to bother with the game unless they have a boxed copy.

Check for Taxi 2 on eBay

Additional PAL Release of Value

  • Evil Twin: $120 – $180 (eBay)
  • Samba De Amigo Box Set w/ Controllers: $170 – $250 (eBay)
  • Shenmue II: $140-$200 (eBay)
  • Bass Fishing Box Set w/ Controller : $120 – $200 (eBay)
  • Rez: $90-$160 (eBay)
  • Cannon Spike: $80-$200 ($250 sealed) (eBay)
  • Project Justice: Rival Schools 2: $116-$185 (eBay)

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Eric says:

I have Project Justice, my rarest game. The most I’ve seen a DC game go for was over $200 and that was Shenmue 2 sealed. O and BTW great site I come here quite often to re-live the DC experience.

Paperghost says:

I have some pics of the Space Channel 5 boxset here, along with a lot of other Space Channel 5 stuff.

racketboy says:

Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
And thanks everyone for sharing additional titles and prices. I’ll be updating this later on!

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I’ve got 1 of the 5 Bangai-O prized edition collectable.
Not sure which one though? Reading this article/story has motivated me to put it on Ebay instead of just posting pics of it on Google… Yah I’m gonna do it! Look for it next month, for sure by 09/09/09, it’s gonna be its Anniversary this year. Just in case anyone was wondering what the scores where back in the day, here they are:

HAISUKOARANKINGU Tournament Final Results! !
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5th 32289300 ponpon like AAB1B

RowdyRodimus says:

Sorry to rez the dead but I happened to find a pristine (but opened) copy of Ikaruga and Bangai-O for five bucks at a store today. I asked how much they were and they said all Dreamcast games were 4.95 and buy one get one free.

It only took 30 years for me to have a bit of luck so I hope they last me for another 30.

racketboy says:

Wow — that’s incredible! Congrats on the awesome find!

James says:

I managed to snag Mars Matrix and Giga Wing, USA versions, for…. about 25 dollars each, complete and brand new condition. They aren’t that rare, to be honest. I see MM quite frequently around here in pawn shops, and have even spotted it in goodwill a couple years back. However, I believe Record of Lodoss War is less common than either of the previously mentioned games, as I had a harder time snagging it in decent condition. And I have not seen it around here either.

Someone mentioned Chaos Field. It’s a pain to find for the DC, but not Gamecube. Just throwing that out there.

CD ageS says:

Here in the west coast MM is no where near as common as Record of Lodoss War.
Anywho, I’m surprised Sonic Adv. Limited Edition isn’t on the list or mentioned.
Regarding Speed Devils. I’ve been told by a few on social media that the variant was simply the original release with UbiSoft simply covering the logo on the manual cover with a sticker logo that doesn’t have a cartoon devil. Maybe there is a printed version with the altered logo also???

Anywho, nice article. I’m just glad i have nearly every title on this list and then some.

racketboy says:

Oh that’s interesting to hear and would make sense! I’ve never picked up on that on the pictures… I’ll have to see if I can see the details of the sticker edges on the photos.
And thanks for the support!

What have you seen the Sonic Adventure moving for? I’ll have to keep an eye out.

CD ageS says:

You’re welcome.

Sonic Adv. L.E. on average sells for about $500-$600 complete. It was a Hollywood video exclusive that was solely meant for rental purposes before the US launch if memory serves me right. Finding one CIB is a bit tough these days.

Hi. Very interesting to read the comments.
I’ve got Taxi 2 le Jeu factory sealed. I had to move heaven and earth to get it though ( seller initially wouldn’t ship from France )
Sealed others include :-
Samba box set,Moho,Evolution 2 and Third Strike. It’s subjective about white label sealed copies of titles. But I’ve 2 Project Justices and a few other Capcom brawlers as white labels too. Jo Jo,s Bizarre Adventure has eluded me. Capcom Europe have let me know there was a promo copy released.

racketboy says:

Wow that’s incredible! Love hearing stories like that!
Of the better NTSC releases I have, I picked a lot out of the clearance shelf in Best Buy and the like.
I did buy Tech Romancer last year and I’m hoping to score Cannon Spike and Project Justice before too long…

mopey bloke says:

Once the Shenmue games are released on PC, all I need from this system is Skies of Arcadia. SEGA also owns that so hopefully we’ll also see a high definition release in the future.

Gerror says:

I have an almost complete PAL set and one of the titles I found hard to come by was Monaco Racing Simulation 2 online edition, I did some digging and apparently even the developers themselves weren’t aware it was released! Ubisoft just tacked an online mode to Monaco Racing Simulation and shipped it out towards the end of the Dreamcast life.

A couple of others I’ve seen creep up in price and rarity:
Giant Killers (football management sim, another UK exclusive game)
Aero Wings 2
Tokyo Highway challenge 2
Gauntlet legends (creeped up in price over the last year)

racketboy says:

Ooh Very cool to hear — thanks for sharing this information. I will keep an eye on these and adjust the guide accordingly once I see more data.

Robert says:

I do not see it on this list but the Japanese Dreamcast set of Grauen no Torikago games is up there in terms of rarity with the Bangai-O prize edition. Literal Holy Grail to complete the set for Dreamcast collectors. Its a six game set and all of them were only released on the D-direct store online. Each game in the series gets increasingly harder to find and gets more expensive with Grauen no Torikago Kapitel 6: Senritsu being the cream of the crop and that fetches at least $400-$600 on its own complete. The entire set will run someone $800 bare minimum and thats being conservative. I put my set on Ebay a while ago for $2500 and it fetched immense interest. These games were like a Japanese drama interactive game or something and unfortunately they cannot be played at all with the servers down as online connectivity was required to play.

racketboy says:

I’ll have to look into those! A set of multiple games is a different comparison to a single game though.
But if I can find some good info, I’ll work it into a revision of this guide.
Thanks for passing it on!

Zak says:

It’s not a game but I have a dreamcast Dream key 3.1 disc, the discs never went on sale and very few copy’s were sent out by SEGA. I am selling it on eBay at the moment but I have searched everywhere and haven’t found one anywhere

Wry Guy says:

Contrary to popular belief, Daytona USA 2001 is great and appreciating at a similar pace to other games on this update.

The Dreamcast driving/racing library is a highlight of the console. It was the first default console controller with excellent analog triggers and as a result a library of games looking to take advantage of that fact.

I’m willing to bet racing gems like F355 Challenge, Toy Commander, Rush 2049, Hydro Thunder, Re-Volt, Red Dog and Super Runabout start accelerating in value. Even Sega Rally 2 goes for a respectable $25 these days when it used to be an easy $5 find. Crappy frame rate but still a game brimming with fun and content.

I consider the N64 and Dreamcast to be the most essential retro consoles for the racing genre. Between the two of them you have a little of nearly everything except stimulation.

racketboy says:

Dreamcast racers have always had a sweet spot for me.
On the “biggest gainers” I was focusing on the ones that were a high enough value to quality for at least “honorable mentions”, but I’ll keep a close eye on Daytona for the next revision! Thank you!

Shogun says:

I sold my copy of Cannon Spike in 2011 for $40 to a member of this very forum. Kinda wish I had kept it but it wasn’t a game I enjoyed actually playing.

AD says:

Thanks for this comprehensive article. Very informative.

I’m curious about the Japanese release, Guilty Gear X? I played a roomate’s burned copy back in the day and loved it. I purchased it on Amazon back in 2016 for $30 thinking that my old US DC would play it, but was annoyed when it wouldn’t boot up. I have since bought the more recent PS4 versions. Great game with beautiful graphics that hold up to this day.

Separately, I hope that Capcom does a remake of Powerstone 2 on modern systems. As a big fighting game fan, I feel nothing can hold a candle to the fun factor of the 4-player chaos with all the weapons unlocked of Powerstone 2.

Thanks again for a great article, RacketBoy.

nostalgia says:

I owned a lot of games on here and imported a copy of GGX back in the day from NCSX. The premier import console shop back then. The Dreamcast GGX version on VGA with a monitor was amazing for it’s time.

Nostalgia says:

To play imports back then you had to burn a bootdisk. If I remember correctly or it was a converter, I can’t remember. But you were albe to play it with something. That was mindblowing back then. Very ahead of it’s time for a console.

Shack says:

Great list till this day lol. Most are averaging around same rate. Some went up and others bit down. English Jet set radio is hitting near 90s now. Then there is some SAS variants that are very hard to find right now. Not many listing’s on those variants.

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