The Best Sega Saturn Games Under $35

Of course, the Sega Saturn has always been one of the consoles that has never been especially cheap — especially if you want complete copies of your games. And while we saw a solid amount of appreciation in Saturn game values over the past decade, unsurprisingly, most of the bigger increases have been in those pesky NTSC jewel cases and longbox-style manuals (check our our Rare and Valuable Saturn guide in case you’re curious).

Many of those collectors that didn’t pick up a lot of Saturn titles early on are even seeing some of the more common games get pricey in complete condition. In the case of the Sega Saturn, the perfect example is “NiGHTS into Dreams”. The game was a crown jewel of the Saturn library, but it sold relatively well and lots of copies were available. When I first created this guide back in 2007, a complete copy could easily be found for $20 (probably only about $10 or $15 just a few years earlier. In my 2009 revision, you could still find it for $19. However, now you need to shop tactfully to score it for $35 or less.

Anyway, because of the premiums on complete games, I’m going to go with a hybrid pricing criteria (like I recently did with the Cheap Sega Genesis/Megadrive guide) where I shoot for games that are under $35 loose (crazy, I know) and under $60 complete (well, $62 for the iconic Panzer Dragoon)

Not only does this revised list reflect the changing values, but I’ve also expanded it and included a Japanese-exclusive list and a short list of popular Saturn games that are significantly cheaper as Japanese releases. Hopefully, this revised list of Saturn games will help you start or build up your collection without having to spend much.. (Prices listed are an average eBay price for US games, including shipping)

Cheap Classics

NiGHTS into Dreams: $19 / $30

This crown jewel of the Sega Saturn used to be one of the most affordable games on the system. Even with the general disappointment of the Wii sequel, the demand for Nights into Dreams for the Saturn has stayed strong. It’s not too hard to find a disc-only copy, but you will pay a premium if you want a complete copy in a large Saturn game case (there was another version that came in a standard CD-size jewel case) Until this fan favorite gets a solid port to another console, the demand for this otherwise common game should stay high.

Like Panzer Dragoon, Nights into Dreams received a PS2 port. However, it also got an excellent HD remaster on the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 as a digital download. (It would be really nice if somebody created a new physical version).

Shop for NiGHTS into Dreams on eBay
Shop for NiGHTS into Dreams on Amazon

Panzer Dragoon: $30 / $62

Sega has some of the most iconic on-rails shooters franchises under its belt but Panzer Dragoon may be the most underrated of its peers. Perhaps, with the original game being an early launch title for the Saturn, Panzer Dragoon was a bit ahead of its time. (It is also worth mentioning that much of Panzer Dragoon’s original development team went onto develop, Rez for the Dreamcast and PS2)

Of course, there is also the follow-up/prequel, Panzer Dragoon Zwei that is, as you might expect, a bit more refined. For a short while, Zwei could be found cheaper than the original, but it falls just a bit out of the range for this guide at $40 loose/$70 complete.

Panzer Dragoon has been a bit of a NTSC console exclusive for the Saturn so far. Other than a Japanese PS2 release and it being unlockable bonus on Panzer Dragoon Orta on the Xbox, most of us have only played it on the Saturn.

Earlier this year, it was announced that an HD remake was underway for the original Panzer Dragoon, so it will be interesting to see what impact there is on the Saturn original’s value.

Shop for Panzer Dragoon on eBay
Shop for Panzer Dragoon on Amazon

Virtual On: Cyber Troopers: $18 / $30

This excellent conversion of the one-on-one mech fighter is one of the most innovative bargains out of the bunch. Virtual On is essentially a true 3D fighter with super-quick mechs trying to blow each other up while dodging and hiding behind obstacles in the course.

The Dreamcast eventually got an enhanced sequel and we’ve seen a few more visits to the franchise on modern platforms, but its hard to pass on this original for a decent price. It also happens to be one of those Defining games for the Saturn that every owner of the console should look into.

Shop for Virtual On on eBay
Shop for Virtual On on Amazon

Daytona USA: $6 / $15

Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition: $15 / $25

As one of the biggest launch titles and eventual pack-in game, Daytona USA is one of the most common games in the Saturn library. You can get it dirt cheap in its pack-in form as it is commonly thrown in as game or system bundles on eBay. You can also find the original full-case version for a quick reasonable price. This Saturn version obviously isn’t as polished as the new remakes on PSN and XBLA, but if want to get an inexpensive essential for a Saturn library, you can’t go wrong with the original console version of Daytona USA. If you enjoy the original and want a reworked and extended version that was designed specifically for the Saturn (using a modified version of the Sega Rally engine), check out the Championship Circuit Edition. It has better graphical performance in addition to more cars and tracks — these improvements are definitely worth the modest price jump.
Shop for Daytona USA Series on eBay
Shop for Daytona USA on Amazon
Shop for Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition on Amazon

Sega Rally Championship: $13 / $18

Sega Rally is the essential complement to Daytona USA if you are a racing fan. It isn’t quite as mainstream-friendly as Daytona, but this drifting-filled racer truly is an essential and dirt-cheap classic. Many of the initial blockbuster arcade ports on the Saturn, such as Daytona and Virtua Fighter had some rough edges, but Sega Rally is perhaps one of the finest ports and holds up quite well today (which is one of the reasons Daytona CCE utilized its engine — see above).

Much like Daytona, we’ve seen enhanced followups of Sega Rally on the Dreamcast and some modern systems, but this Saturn version is a classic that is affordable and still shines with classic charm.

Shop for Sega Rally on eBay
Shop for Sega Rally on Amazon

Virtua Fighter 2: $6 / $17

Just like Daytona USA, you can find the plain disk or sleeved (pack-in) version for next to nothing. But collectors will most likely be willing to pay for a modestly-priced full-case retail version.

Even thought VF 4 & 5 are great, modern fighters, Virtua Fighter 2 is still a strong favorite in the Sega crowd. Virtua Fighter 2 also serves as a great technical demo for the Saturn. The game maxed out the Saturn’s High Resolution 720×575 mode (highest for a console game at that time) while running at a smooth 60fps and was a strong upgrade from the original Virtua Fighter.

Shop for Virtua Fighter 2 on eBay
Shop for Virtua Fighter 2 on Amazon

Clockwork Knight: $17 / $32

As many of us know, the Sega Saturn wasn’t designed to be a pure 3D powerhouse. As a Saturn launch title, Clockwork Knight played it safe by making essentially a 2D platform with 3D elements and pre-rendered sprites.

Clockwork Knight isn’t an an especially innovative game (however, its more-expensive sequel is better) but its a decent platformer that remains exclusive to the Saturn.

Shop for Clockwork Knight on eBay
Shop for Clockwork Knight on Amazon

Street Fighter Alpha 2: $23 / $41

As one of my favorite fighting games of all time, I can’t help but put Street Fighter Alpha 2 on this list. While some may prefer the larger character lineup of the more expensive Street Fighter Zero 3 (Alpha 3), I feel that Alpha 2 has more balanced gameplay and tighter control.

Even though the Saturn version of the game is one of the best home ports, it isn’t the great bargain it used to be — especially now that there are modern Street Fighter Alpha compilations out there that are a better value.

Shop for Street Fighter Alpha 2 on eBay
Shop for Street Fighter Alpha 2 on Amazon

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge: $22 / $55

Even though the Darkstalkers series essentially uses the same engine as the Street Fighter Alpha series, it is still a blast to play due to is diverse cast of characters and its flashy style.

If you are a fighting fan or even just like monster movie characters, Night Warriors is a must-play — especially for the price. (Also check in the imports section below for the sequel)

Shop for Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge on eBay
Shop for Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge on Amazon

Fighters Megamix: $15 / $32

Before cross-over fighters were commonplace, Sega took the models from Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers (another good recommendation mentioned below) and threw in some of Virtua Fighter 3’s new moves (before the game’s port got moved to the Dreamcast) to create Fighters Megamix. Megamix looked good, but lacked Virtua Fighter 2’s high-resolution feature. You still won’t find as much depth and balance as some modern fighters, but it’s loads of fun you’re into 3D fighters and enjoy Sega’s franchises.

Shop for Fighters Megamix on eBay
Shop for Fighters Megamix on Amazon

Baku Baku: $15 / $27

Good puzzle games don’t often go unnoticed, but Baku Baku is one that is a hidden gem for sure (the name might have something to do with it). In Baku Baku blocks come in two types, food and animal. Their may be five of each type of block, but they are still only food and animal. A simple paring mechanism is in place here, ie Dog and Bone, Panda and Bamboo. So when a dog block and a bone block touch, the dog block becomes a big dog head and eats the bone block, and all attached bone blocks. This, of course, leads to combos and endless bizarre gameplay concoctions.

Shop for Baku Baku on eBay
Shop for Baku Baku on Amazon

Galactic Attack (Layer Section): $31 / $55

The Sega Saturn is one of the best consoles for fans of 2D shoot-em-ups. Unfortunately, most of the best shmups on the system were only available in Japan and usually sell for $60 or more (many time a LOT more). Fortunately, one of the most recommended shooters for the Saturn was actually released in the US and carries a rather reasonable price tag. Galactic Attack (also known as Layer Section, Rayforce, or Gunlock) is one of Taito’s best of the genre and had a number of gameplay innovations considering its release date. While it used to be quite inexpensive, shmups in general have increased in value quite a bit. But this is still quite a solid value considering its quality and platform. If you’re looking to build a library of Saturn shooters and want to know what prices to expect and what the best values are, I did a sortable Saturn shmup price guide (with quality ratings as well) a couple years back. The values may have changed a bit over the last couple years, but the guide should still point you in the right range.

Shop for Galactic Attack on eBay
Shop for Galactic Attack on Amazon

Darius Gaiden: $30 / $50

If you are a Shmup fan on a budget, another US release to check out is Darius Gaiden. While it is in the middle of the pack when compared to the extensive Saturn shmup library (most of which are Japanese imports) and not quite as impressive as Galactic Attack above, it’s a solid release and a good challenge.

Again, check our Shmup price+quality guide for a more complete picture.

Shop for Darius Gaiden on eBay
Shop for Darius Gaiden on Amazon

Tempest 2000: $25 / $59

The original Tempest started out in the early 80’s as a 3D version of Space Invaders that initially failed, but eventually became an icon of the vector age of gaming. Tempest 2000 was a remake by Jeff Minter that featured updates to the original game such as collectible powerups, more stages, and one amazing soundtrack. While the game saw a superior version on the Atari Jaguar, the Saturn version is still a relatively inexpensive and enjoyable addition to the library.

Shop for Tempest 2000 on eBay
Shop for Tempest 2000 on Amazon

X-Men Children of the Atom: $27 / $55

This 2D fighter from Capcom essentially was the comic book genesis before evolving into the Marvel vs Capcom universe.

While it doesn’t have character switching and some of the over-the-top effects that arrived in the amazing X-Men vs Street Fighter (that was a Japanese Saturn exclusive that required the 4MB RAM cart), it is still a solid fighter with that trademark personality of the Capcom and Marvel alliance.

Shop for X-Men Children of the Atom on eBay
Shop for X-Men Children of the Atom on Amazon

Alien Trilogy: $23 / $55

This first-person shooter got overlooked often by Saturn fans. It didn’t get the buzz of the Jaguar’s Aliens vs Predator and got lost in the shuffle of the Quake and some of the other impressive FPS games in the era. Alien Trilogy actually made good use of the Saturn hardware to create the great atmosphere you would expect from the franchise and was actually rather true to the films. It isn’t the best of the genre for the Saturn, but if you are a classic FPS fan or enjoy the Alien franchise, this is a decent value.

Shop for Alien Trilogy on eBay
Shop for Alien Trilogy on Amazon

Virtua Cop $6/$30 & Virtua Cop 2 $15/$30

For another great arcade conversion, the Virtua Cop series are fine selections for Light Gun fans. Quite popular at the time of their release, the discs are super common. It’s a shame the series didn’t progress or get ported more on other platforms like the Rail-shooter haven, Nintendo Wii.

Anyway, as a console exclusive of the Saturn, these are great budget pickups if you have a display that supports light guns. Of course, if you want to pick these games up as complete in the larger boxes that included the light guns, you’ll need to invest quite a bit more.
Shop for Virtua Cop Series on eBay
Shop for Virtua Cop Series on Amazon


Affordable Japanese Exclusives

Since complete Japanese games are more affordable (and common for that matter vs loose discs), I will just quote the average complete copy (this typically doesn’t include spine cards, etc).  If you don’t happen to have a Saturn modified to play imports, an Action Replay cartridge (eBay / Amazon)  makes it really easy.  They fit in the Saturn’s cartridge slot and also work as a RAM expansion and Memory card.

Assault Suit Leynos 2: $35

One of my first impressions of this game was “Mechs meets Metal Slug“. It’s an impressive, but very tough 2D Mech shooter with some spectacular graphics and gameplay. It’s a wonderful exclusive for the Saturn and is definitely worth looking into if you are a shooter fan.

Shop for Assault Suit Leynos 2 on eBay

Magical Drop III: $13

The Magical Drop series is an essential for puzzle fans. It’s a shame the series never really got much exposure outside of Japan.  It has a much different setup than typical falling-block type puzzlers, but feels like a natural fit for those that enjoy the genre. Magical Drop III also happens to be one of the best values in the puzzle genre for the Saturn.

Shop for Magical Drop III on eBay

King of Fighters ’95, ’96, or ’97: About $13 each

SNK was a strong supporter of the Saturn in Japan and blessed gamers with handful of King of Fighters titles for the 32-bit machine before continuing their support on the Dreamcast. Each game should come with a RAM cart for about $15 each. Not a bad price at all for such solid fighters. However, keep in mind, you could purchase The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga, which contains all three games for the same price

Shop for King of Fighters Series on eBay

Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness: $33

This is one of Capcom’s lesser-known fighting gems and is a spiritual prequel to the Dreamcast game, Tech Romancer. Cyberbots is good change of pace for fighting fans and duking it out with large robots gives off a unique feeling of satisfaction 🙂

Shop for Cyberbots on eBay

Samurai Spirits III or IV: $18 each

More SNK goodness. While many fans of the series prefer the original two installments of the series, part III and IV are still solid fighters and are quite affordable on the Saturn. However, you could purchase the Samurai Shodown Anthology on a newer platform for about the same price of one of these games.

Shop for Samurai Spirits III or IV on eBay

Vampire Savior: $25

Also known as Darkstalkers 3, this beautiful fighter really takes advantage of the Saturn’s 2D capabilities and requires a RAM cart as well. Just be aware of some of the incompatibilities with many of the Action Replay Plus cartridges.

Shop for Vampire Savior on eBay


Cheap Import Alternatives

I thought it would be interesting to list of few of the especially popular Saturn games that are quite expensive as US releases and see what the Japanese version sell for. If you have a way of playing imports, you might want to consider these if you want real copies of the games. If you don’t happen to have a Saturn modified to play imports, an Action Replay cartridge (eBay / Amazon)  makes it really easy.

Here’s the titles that are friendly to English Speakers

Saturn Bomberman: $28

Compared to $400 for US copy of Saturn Bomberman

Bomberman is Bomberman. And any Bomberman fan must play Saturn Bomberman. The legends of its multiplayer capabilities has been growing and now the US release is worth as much as Panzer Dragoon Saga was just a few years ago. So if you’re looking to score a real copy on the cheap, the Japan import is quite appealing.  It is worth noting that the Japanese version lacks the Netlink option, but that’s only for those that want to figure out a way to play online through the dial-up modem add-on.
Shop for Saturn Bomberman on eBay

Guardian Heroes: $33

Compared to $157 for US copy of Guardian Heroes

There is some text in Guardian Heroes since it has RPG elements, but its rather playable in Japanese. Plus, the savings is quite noticeable. Note: you can play the HD remake of Guardian Heroes on XBLA for less of a financial investment, but if you want a physical version for the original release hardware, this is a great deal.

Shop for Guardian Heroes on eBay

Burning Rangers: $39

Compare to $350 for US copy of Burning Rangers

Like Guardian Heroes, there is some text in the game, but it should be quite playable in Japanese. The vocal directions that you often get are in Japanese, so that will add to the challenge, however. The financial savings is far larger, however — mostly due to the fact that Burning Rangers is still a Saturn exclusive and the game was quite common in Japan.

Shop for Burning Rangers on eBay

The House of the Dead: $18

Compared to $240 for US copy of The House of the Dead

We’ve see re-releases of the House of the Dead 2 and 3 on a handful of platforms, but the original entry in the series remains exclusive to the Saturn (not including the arcade, Windows, and a mobile phone version). The US version remains a much sought-after release, but it is much more affordable as a Japanese release.  And even with all the text in the game (not that the gameplay is dependent on it), 99% of it is in English.

Shop for The House of the Dead on eBay

Mega Man X4 / Rockman X4: $29

Compared to $195 for US copy of Mega Man X4

Classic Mega Man games increasingly have been hot commodities on most platforms, but the Sega Saturn’s lower print run and delicate packaging have given it even more of a premium. This also happens to be a pretty great 2D game on a great 2D system. Just remember to shop for the Japanese name of the game to find them easily on eBay.

Shop for Rockman X4 on eBay

Sonic Jam: $24

Compared to $112 for US copy of Sonic Jam

This was one of the first solid Sonic the Hedgehog compilations and it remains a hot collectors item for Saturn enthusiasts. If you insist on playing the Sonic collection on the Saturn instead of the modern compilations, check out the Japanese release of Sonic Jam to save some serious money.

Shop for Sonic Jam on eBay

Die Hard Arcade / Dynamite Deka: $24

Compared to $93 for a US copy of Die Hard Arcade

This port of Sega’s arcade brawler is classic that is one of the best of the 32-bit era. Sega paid up for the rights to the Die Hard license outside of Japan, but had to treat the game as an original property (like it did for the game’s sequel Dynamite Cop, which received a Dreamcast port), so they changed up the name to Dynamite Deka — even though the cover art features more of a Bruce Willis likeness than the American version.

Shop for Dynamite Deka on eBay

Super Puzzle Fighter II: $25

Compared to $90 for the US copy of Super Puzzle Fighter II

This is one of my favorite puzzle games (although I’m partial to the Street Fighter artwork) and the Saturn version is wonderful.  You can find Puzzle Fighter cheaper on the Playstation and Game Boy Advance, but for Sega fans, this is a nice collectors piece.
Shop for Super Puzzle Fighter II on eBay

Panzer Dragoon: $16 / Panzer Dragoon Zwei: $20

Compared to $62 and $75 respectively for US copies

Even though I had the original Panzer Dragoon listed above as an “affordable” game, it does happen to be the most expensive game on the list and its sequel is significantly more expensive — especially if you want nice complete copies. If you’re diving into the Japanese games, the Panzer Dragoon series might be worthwhile for you as they are pretty cheap. The only Japanese is for the text of the cutscenes. The menus are even in English so you should have a pretty good experience on both games.

Shop for Panzer Dragoon Series on eBay

NiGHTS into Dreams: $13

Compared to $30 for the US copy of NiGHTS

Not a huge dollar savings here, but I thought I would include this one just because its one of the most important games for the system and a worthwhile mention and you’re thinking about simply building a Japanese collection and skipping NTSC releases.

Shop for NiGHTS into Dreams on eBay

Side note: if you want some recommendations of other Japanese Saturn games that are easily playable for English speakers, check out this Racketboy Forum thread.

Other Cheap North American Favorites

  • Fighting Vipers: $9 / $16 (eBay / Amazon)
  • Tomb Raider: $11 / $20 (eBay)
  • D: $14 / $45 (eBay)
  • Bug!: $12 / $27  (eBay / Amazon)
  • Christmas Nights into Dreams: $28 / $40 (eBay)
  • Myst: $7 / $14 (eBay)
  • Gun Griffon: $14 / $30 (eBay)
  • Road Rash: $16 / $35  (eBay / Amazon)
  • Rayman: $23 / $46  (eBay)
  • Virtua Fighter Remix: $7 / $12 (Note: Long Box Version is Rare / Valuable)  (eBay / Amazon)
  • Virtua Fighter Kids:$11 / $20   (eBay / Amazon)
  • Virtua Racing: $9 / $18 (eBay)
  • Wipeout: $12 / $24 (eBay / Amazon)
  • Sega Touring Car Championship: $10 / $23 (eBay)
  • Need for Speed: $10 / $15 (eBay)
  • Doom: $27/ $50  (eBay / Amazon)
  • Hexen: $14 / $32  (eBay / Amazon)
  • Bust-A-Move 2: $12 / $19 (eBay / Amazon)
  • Last Bronx: $17 / $28 (eBay)
  • Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels: $16 / $23  (eBay)
  • Solar Eclipse: $9 / $17 (eBay)
  • Manx TT Super Bike: $13 / $22 (eBay)
  • Steep Slope Sliders $17  / $50 (eBay / Amazon)
  • Mansion of Hidden Souls: $9 / $20 (eBay)
  • Dark Legend: $15 / $40 (eBay)
  • Sim City 2000: $7 / $17 (eBay)
  • Scud: The Disposable Assassin: $10 / $25 (eBay)
  • Grid Runner: $8 / $20 (eBay)
  • AMOK: $10 / $21 (eBay)
  • Decathlete: $15 / $25 (eBay / Amazon)
  • Pro Pinball: $5 / $17 (eBay / Amazon)
  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3: $25 / $37  (eBay / Amazon)
  • Cyber Speedway (Gran Chaser): $8 / $14 (eBay)
  • F1 Challenge: $7 / $15 (eBay)
  • FIFA Series: $5 / $9  (eBay)
  • NBA Jam TE: $15 / $21 (eBay)
  • Soviet Strike: $8 / $15  (eBay)

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the7k says:

Vampire Savior was the first game I got for my Saturn, and I actually only paid $10 for it. It still gets play to this day, as it is probably the best version to hit consoles. (Vampire Chronicle on Dreamcast, for some reason, just didn’t look as hot.) I highly recommend it to fighter fans, especially those who would like to see where games like Guilty Gear and the Marvel vs series got their roots from.

FazzCat says:

OMG! I LOVE DARIUS GAIDEN!!!!! MY FAV GAME OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AngrySquirrel34 says:

Thanks for the update. I’ve sworn off buying more Saturn games, but that affordable import section’s got me wondering…

racketboy says:

Sweet. I’ve been hearing more and more collector opt for the Japanese games. I’m starting to view the complete US releases as purely display/collector pieces as that’s what they mostly have become.

And even a decade ago before values got out of hand, I actually bought some Japanese version of my favorite just because some of them were only a $2 or $3 at the time and the cover artwork was pretty cool 🙂

AngrySquirrel34 says:

That was thinking ahead! With the Action Replay, might as well play on those, save your US discs from wear and tear.

With the advent of drive replacements, I’m getting the sense that all retro disc-based games are going the display/collector piece route. I should really become more of a seller, and would do so if I had the time/energy.

racketboy says:

Yeah, pretty much. Even with the jailbreaks on Analogue (or Everdrives), cartridges are becoming the same way. I’ll still play some carts here and there just to get that tactile feel, but being able to have the flexibility and convenience is nice.

I’ve made the analogy elsewhere of it being like buying vinyl records or CDs of my favorite albums, when in reality I listen to most of my music on streaming media. For the pieces you truly treasure, its nice to have that physical experience and enjoy the artwork. But everyone has to figure out where their limits are on number of items and the associated price.

jamie says:

I have been collecting japanese saturn gear since 2010 and must say even common games are starting to get higher and higher.I originally thought about getting all the expensive games first but did’nt and to be honest i just started really combing the jp websites and auctions.There ARE bargains/fairly priced games to be had you just need to bide your time which i know is hard and can be frustrating but it’s a hundred times better than ebay.

racketboy says:

Thank you! Yeah, it’s getting tricky, to be sure! I think everyone needs to start thinking a bit harder about what’s important to them and making wise decisions on purchasing (and perhaps selling off what they have that doesn’t fit their goals anymore).

Cafeman says:

It’s nice to see an article about the Saturn and its games. Although I own most of these already, there were a few suggestions that reminded me of games I never did pick up. Maybe I should unload a few if the are going for hundreds each! Nevah! [/Michael Caine] thanks for keeping the racketboy site going, how many years has it been?

racketboy says:

Thanks for the support! Believe it or not, it’s been over 15 years now? Started in early 2004 🙂
And for those that knew me from way back, I was a very active user/contributor to SegaXtreme and various other forums back in the day 😉

Chad Stephens says:

I can’t remember when I find the site but it was a long time ago. I wish I would have bought more Saturn (NES, SNES, Genesis, etc) games earlier too. I’ll probably be looking back in ten years wishing I bought more Wii u and Vita games.

racketboy says:

Yeah, same here, if it makes you feel better. At the same time, I do have more than I play now, so I feel like I’d just be hoarding anyway. But I do hope to pick up some pieces here and there to round out my curated collection.

AngrySquirrel34 says:

I just noticed some of the current prices of the US equivalents of the affordable import section…madness!! Die Hard Arcade is $100 now? I bought that just a few years ago, in an impulsive bundle purchase. I think it came with the game I wanted, DecAthlete. Wow.

racketboy says:

I know, right? I used to have Die Hard Arcade in nice shape back in like 2004, but sold it off among a lot of other Saturn and Sega CD stuff ( 🙁 ) when I moved. I’ve slowly rebuilt since then, but held off on a lot of them due to price.

Chad Stephens says:

Yeah, I missed out on Die Hard Arcade and that is too much for me now. I’m surprised at the games that have taken off in value. I was excited to plug Kyuutenkai Fantastic Pinball after reading this article but was surprised when I looked it up.

The completed auctions on eBay were over $40 plus shipping from Japan. The other thing that sucks is eBay collecting tax and since I live in St Louis it’s around 10%.

I did manage to pick the game up years ago for very cheap after reading about it here so thanks for that though!

FadaMorta says:

What about shin megami tensei soul hacker?

Zale says:

Bloody hell this was updated recently and the prices have already spiked since then. Did the quarantine make people go mark up crazy?

racketboy says:

That’s very possible. I’ve been seeing a bit of that in the whole hobby these last few months. Will be interesting to see if we see things stabilize in the next few months or at least early next year.

Zale says:

After my whole game collection and some consoles were stolen 10 years ago I started back up collecting again last year. I built up a decent little SNES, Genesis, PS2, Gamecube, NES and GBA collection. I noticed prices on titles for those systems spiked these last few months.

That I just picked up a cheap but mint condition model 1 Saturn and RGB modded PC Engine Duo R last week. Was ready to rebuild the game library for those two because even though I saw spikes in SNES games and so on I still found those affordable.

Boy was I in a rude awakening to see a majority of US Saturn and Turbografx games plus 100 usd if you want them with the original case like I do. Picked a bad time to start collecting again.

racketboy says:

Sorry to hear about that. I’ve been slowly adding after selling off a lot after a cross-country move a decade or so ago. But I also keep purchases minimal, so the more I drag things out, the more expensive they get.

And yeah, I enjoy completes for plastic-based packing (most cardboard isn’t worth my effort/expense) but the packaging is really driving most of the premiums these days.

Zale says:

Oh yeah when it comes to cardboard packages like SNES and N64 I don’t bother. I’ve found searching currently that it is harder to find Turbografx games with their cases when it’s the Hucard games.

racketboy says:

Yeah, I was noticing that too when I was recently re-researching prices for my “Cheap TG16” guide update. Now, I’m curious are you talking about the jewel case or just the outer cardboard?

Zale says:

Jewel cases. So many of the not sports games are 60 to 100+ though I did get lucky today and snagged the Turbografx games Splatterhouse, Legendary Axe and Legendary Axe II on ebay for 100 usd for all 3 combined and all 3 in their jewel cases.

racketboy says:

Well, that’s a shame. I know the Cards on their own are the most common these days, but too bad even jewels are a pain to get. Cardboard for TG16 is pure luxury at this point, I guess. 🙂

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