Sega Master System/Game Gear Games Coming To Virtual Console

8-Bit Sega fans may have another way to enjoy their classics. Master System and Game Gear games will be availible on the Nintendo Wii’s Japanese Virtual Console service in February and should also be coming to the rest of the planet soon after. Personally, I find it interesting that the Game Gear actually beat the Gameboy to the Virtual Console as the first portable system on the service, but I suppose that is due to the fact that the Game Gear hardware is essentially the same as the Master System.

Pricing for the games will be 500 points ($5 USD) or 600 points for licensed games. This pricing puts it on the same level as the NES, but it will be interesting to see how sales compare as the SMS/GG library is significantly smaller and not nearly as popular.

Personally, I can only think of a small handful of titles that I would pay $5 for a digital copy of , primarily Phantasy Star, Golden Axe Warrior, and Defenders of Oasis. (I’d pay more for the original, physical copies, and many Master System games are already cheap) But perhaps those that grew up with the Master System or Game Gear would have more nostolgic favortites that they would pick up.

The three import Shining Force Gaiden games would be interesting if translated to English, but I can’t help but wonder if the upgraded and localized versions would later show up in the form of Sega CD downloads via Shining Force CD (which would probably also be cheaper than three separate Game Gear downloads).

I guess I shouldn’t complain too much as an easy and legal way to play classic games on modern hardware should be commended. Keep it up Sega — I look forward to seeing 32X and Sega CD on the Virtual Console soon! 🙂


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Phil H says:

As long as I can down load physcho fox then it’ll be worth it.

SBboard says:

As long as they have they classics (which they probably will), I’ll download some games.

nick944 says:

definately if they if they include space harrier.

Juanito says:

32x games like Knuckles Chaotix would be cool. i really doubt we’ll see Sega CD games though, i mean, the games’ file sizes were huuuge

alonzobots says:

I cant think of any Sega Master system games I would pay $5 bucks for. Every good sega game was remade for Genesis or another system or put in a compilation of some sort (such as the sega genesis collection, and Phantasy star was improved upon and released on the GBA with better graphics and with phantasy star II and III to boot). I dont think the Shining force gaiden games ever came out for the system, they came out for the game gear. Mabey psycho fox or zillion (which i never personally liked), golden axe warrior was decent though. But the Sega master system version of golden axe when you can get the Genesis version? Why do that to yourself? Its like playing the Playstation (or worse, Saturn ) version of the original Resident Evil when you own a gamecube and can get the remake.

racketboy says:

Yeah, I realize the Gaiden games were GG. But GG will be on the VC as well.

As for Golden Axe, Golden Axe Warrior on the SMS is much different than the regular GA games — it’s more like a Zelda type game.

gord says:

Juanito: Segacd games are often like 10mb of actual game data with the rest being audio tracks, which could be compressed by nintendo

tankexmortis says:

Tails’ Adventure is probably the only MS or GG game I’d get for 5 bucks, but I already have a real copy and a copy of Sonic Gems Collection, which has it as well.

Still, I don’t want to say I won’t be buying anything, as I really don’t know much at all about the game library of these systems.

gnome says:

Don’t think I’ll be spending too much on Master System games, as both my SMS and its games are in top-notch condition. Might go for the odd rare release though.

Juanito says:

gord: yeah, i guess your right. maybe im only thinking about games like Night Trap or Corpse Killer, but they’ll never sell those anyway lol

The Apprentice says:

I would buy Hang On.

kevinski says:

Nice. I’ll be getting Golden Axe Warrior and Phantasy Star, assuming that either comes to VC. Honestly, I’m surprised that Sega hadn’t offered GG/MS games from the very beginning. They should also offer the GG Shinobi games, which were nothing short of awesome.

And I’ve always wanted to play Defenders of Oasis. Is it really as good as I’m hoping?

kevinski says:

By the way, in response to a previous post, yeah…Golden Axe Warrior was an awesome Zelda clone. It’s seriously a much better game than The Legend of Zelda, as sacrilegeous as that sounds. More color, more items…same enemies, albeit looking entirely different (same attack patterns, from what I can remember). I love that game and would actually love to own it, but I’m not willing to pay the ridiculously high price that it commands on eBay.

Theres no reason to not by Master System games as long as they are good quality. So yes, of course.

GSZX1337 says:

With the new Rambo movie out, maybe we’ll see it on the VC. XD

Gmintyfresh says:

Been a long time Master System collector and there’s a wealth of great games out there. But it is one of the cheapest formats to collect for, go on get out there and get the originals it’s a much more rewarding than a digital download. Nothing can beat the challenge of hunting down that elusive cart for the right price and having all that wonderful box artwork on display in your games room.

Games of note:

Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
Wonderboy 2+3
Psycho Fox
New Zealand Story
Power Strike
Golden Axe
Cloud Master
Bubble Bobble
Operation Wolf
Zillion 1 + 2
Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Ghouls and Ghosts

Rick says:

come on! go for it! I want Sega CD, 32X, Saturn, and Dreamcast (if possible) on there too! I can’t get enough old school games and it’s much better to have it all in one box than having to switch around the hook ups to over 20 different systems.

And Nintendo shouldn’t neglect Virtual Boy and Game Boy. I find a lot of non-working Game Boy Color Cartridges, and Virtual Boy is a hassle to hook up. It would be nice to see the Virtual Boy version of Wario Land on a TV screen rather than peering into the tiny visor. Mario Clash and Mario’s Tennis for VB were fun too and Star Fox fans might like too play Red Alarm.

rick says:


glad to see that ppl are diskussing master system games ..

personally my favourite consol is the megadrive / genesis but lately i started to collect original master system games as well .

3D glasses & the 5 games to it I would call rare , people are listing phantasy star as well , dont think its rare , but its very known that good rpg:s often are collectables for any consol at all really.

Other good rpg:s to master system that I hope to be re- released is (some examples)

y´s the vanished omens
spellcaster ? not shure if its an rpg

pls add more ..

Patrick BBE says:

Need for 32X titles

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