Sega Dreamcast Exclusives: The Dream Lives On

 The Dreamcast is one of the most popular consoles here at, and I’ve had numerous requests to compile a list of the games that still have not been ported elsewhere.  While a good deal of the most popular games have transitioned over to newer consoles, there are still a surprising amount of quality titles that are still Dreamcast exclusives.

There are a few games like Soul Calibur that have had sequels that are pretty much the same game (or better) on the list, but I couldn’t snub the original as it is an all-time favorite.  There also may be a couple titles that had PC ports, but unless they have a console port, I have them listed here.

While this list may not be exhaustive, it includes just about every worthwhile game Dreamcast including imports. The list is alphabetical and I have highlighted my personal favorites with the Dreamcast icon.

Recommended = Recommended

 Highly Recommended = Highly Recommended

If you have any corrections or additions, please let me know in the comments section below.

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Marurun says:

Wacky Races wasn’t a Dreamcast exclusive. The PS and PS2 had ports/versions.

Alyx says:

Cool list.

Vampire Chronicle (no s) hit PSP too.

Gamerforlife says:

I don’t see Sword of the Berserker(or Berserk in Japan). It was a quality hack ‘n’ slash game based on the popular anime

What I find interesting is that it was released just slightly before Shenmue and had those Dragon’s Lair style interactive cutscenes. Yet whenever people discuss those interactive elements in games like Resident Evil 4 and God of War, they reference Shenmue as if it was the game that started the whole thing. Games like Dragon’s Lair and Sword of the Berserker are never mentioned.

It’s no wonder modern gamers don’t know their history

kevinski says:

I just realized that you never put my Illbleed review to use. It’s just waiting there on your forum, waiting for its time in the limelight…

SovietSniper says:

kevinski, i liked your posts about the gamepad versus mouse/keyboard in FPS in……… its good to know you are a frequent visitor to this site.

kevinski says:

Hahahaha…wasn’t that a pretty long time ago? God, I’ll hafta see if I can even remember what I said about the keyboard/mouse debate.

kevinski says:

Wow, just found the posts that you were referring to on Joystiq. They were from February. Hahahaha…how’d you even remember me?

Caleb says:

VirtualOn: Oratorio Tangram.

I like the game alot but it’s friggen tough.

Maybe I just need to stick it out until I get better, or pay an outragous amount of money for the twin sticks.

SaurianOverlord says:

Nice list; your recommendation icons made my day! You kick ass, Racket.

Omerta says:

I distinctly remember playing Chu Chu Rocket on my GBA.

racketboy says:

Yeah its one the GBA, but like I’ve mentioned before, I tend not to mention portable versions unless it’s just as good as the console versions.

There was also a GBA port of jet Set/Grind Radio… Never played it though, so I don’t know if its any good…

Marmule says:

Segagaga is not highly recommended?
You should maybe add:

– Marvel versus capcom (far better than the arcade version, and maybe better than MVC2)
– SF3 W (some of us prefer the 2nd over the 3rd edition)
– CVS pro (some of us prefer this one over CVS2)
– Jojo’s bizarre adventure
– Berserk (the PS2 version is not the same game)
– Giant Gram 2000
– Grandia 2 (not very sure about this one, but it seems that only the 3rd opus is on PS2)
– Despiria
– Sakura taisen columns 2
– Musapey’s choco marker
– Propeller Arena.
In fact there’s just too many of them.

Some games here are inferior to their follow up. They should not be there (Vampire chronicles, Plus plum, Wetrix). Some others which were ported are far better on the dreamcast, or/and far better than their follow up (By the way, every serious fighting game player knows that Soul Calibur is better than the average SC2, and far better than SC3), and they should be there. For example:
– DOA 2+ (Better than the follow up, even on Xbox 360, and FAR better than the PS2 port, because DC is the only port where you can set the command in “arcade mode”, the default “console mode” litteraly killing the whole interest of the game).
– Power Stone 1-2
– F355 Challenge
– Psyvariar 2
– Shikigami no Shiro 2
– CVS2
– MVC2
– Super puzzle Fighter 2 X for matching service


weasels says:

im pretty sure that samba de amigo was recently ported to the wii. i relize that this is an old post but just throwing it out there.

racketboy says:

Actually, it’s not a straight port — just a sequel that has not quite as enjoyable controls.

weasels says:

really? wow! it doesnt matter cause i dont plan on getting a wii anytime soon.

citizin says:

I’m pretty sure Giga Wing was an arcade port? Or was something new added?

racketboy says:

Many of these had arcade ports — but I’m just sticking to console exclusives:
“unless they have a console port, I have them listed here.”

RyaNtheSlayA says:

You need to take off Crazy Taxi 2 as it was included in the PSP game, Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars and is exactly the same as the Dreamcast version.

FlyingFinn says:

I would recommend to remove due to other versions existing:
– Karous (Wii milestone shooting collection)
– Samba de Amigo (Wii)
– Soul calibur (XBLA title)
– TriggerHeart Exelica (XBLA title)
– Test Drive: V-Rally (V-rally 2 psx)
– Test Drive: Le Mans (ps2)

racketboy says:

Thanks for the reminder — I’ll have to make those changes

racketboy says:

Oh, but I wouldn’t consider Samba on the Wii the same as the DC version. So I’ll leave that one

Hedges says:

Don’t forget Virtual On’s XBLA port…

Which is amazing, BTW. The game plays great on the system, and online play makes up for years of neglect. I’m SO happy one of my favorite DC titles will live on forever.

pepharytheworm says:

I thought these games were exclusives:

TNN Motorsports
WWF royal Rumble
Soul Fighter
Suzuki Alstare
Sword of the Berzerk
Stupid Invaders
The Ring
Heavey Metal Geomatrix
Spirit of Speed
Seventh Cross
Gunbird 2
Draconus: Cult of the Wrym

Please feel free to correct me if i am wrong

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