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Prices Updated in November 2022

In our retro game collecting guides, we often focus primarily on the games themselves, but I wanted to start monitoring the values of common variations of console and handheld hardware as well. This guide is designed to complement Retro Console Hardware Price Guide. (which I also plan on updating within the next month or so)

My goal with these price guides is to give everyone an easily-accessible price listing of mainstream retro hardware so that it is easy to survey the console landscape, see what you might expect to pay for hardware you have been considering or see what you might be able to get for a console you’re looking to offload.

The price guide is broken down into three major condition groupings:

  • Loose: handheld system hardware only with no packaging. The lower price range may only include the console itself and minimal accessories like a power adapter. Even at the low price, the machine should be in working condition. Units that are for “parts only” should be valued lower. The high range of loose handhelds should include charging cables and be in excellent cosmetic condition. For some older hardware, this higher price range may even include some restoration of the hardware.
  • Complete in Box (CIB): This is for a console in good working order that also comes with its original packaging. The lower price range may have a few items missing from the original shipment (like manuals or inner packaging) and/or the cardboard box may be in rougher shape (older boxes typically show a lot of wear). The higher price ranger should include most every item that came in the original retail box and should be in excellent cosmetic condition.
  • New (Unopened): This grouping is for units that have never been opened from their retail packaging or used. Since this is less common, we simply give a single price range estimate, but there are still some variances in the value due to the condition of the packaging and such.

I have included some interesting or rare handheld variants in this price guide, but it is not meant to be exhaustive at this point. I also included some handhelds with aftermarket screen mods, but again, this is by no means exhaustive.  Many of Nintendo’s handhelds have different color variations, some of which have premiums for certain colors.  I try to present more of the average values for those systems.  You might score better prices for less-desirable colors, but pay a bit more for the most popular — even if they aren’t more rare.

I may eventually add more unit variations to the guide over time as I also update values. If you feel I have made some glaring omissions, please let me know in the comments section below, but I cannot add every recommendation immediately.

Biggest Recent Changes

I couldn’t help but be curious about which handhelds saw the largest value appreciation since my last guide revision in June 2018.  I compared the average pricing between the different quality levels (loose and complete-in-box — excluding “New/Unopened”)  in the table below. If you’d like to see a full comparative breakdown, a full Excel Spreadsheet and PDF of the data is shared with my Patreon members.  Being a Patreon subscriber of at least $1 will get you access to this and other future exclusives and it helps keep this website running.

The Handheld Price Guide

Console Name Loose
New$ Shop
Game Boy DMG-01 (Original) 50 120 160 520 3500 eBay
Game Boy – Play It Loud 40 150 170 320 610 eBay
Game Boy DMG-01 Blacklit Mod 120 150 eBay
Game Boy Play It Loud Backlit Mod 130 170 eBay
Game Boy Pocket 42 125 100 500 1200 eBay
Game Boy Light 110 260 200 600 eBay
Game Boy Color 40 110 65 380 1000 eBay
Game Boy Color Pikachu 68 300 350 1120 1200 eBay
Atari Lynx I 130 170 200 380 450 eBay
Atari Lynx II 150 300 320 450 eBay
Atari Lynx w/ LCD Mod 300 400 eBay
TurboExpress (Portable TG16) 350 750 500 1000 eBay
Sega Game Gear 60 175 150 600 800 eBay
Sega Game Gear Backlit Mod 200 350 eBay
Sega Nomad (Portable Genesis) 240 450 350 700 eBay
Sega Nomad w/ LCD Mod 515 800 eBay
Watara Supervision 60 175 110 250 eBay 60 160 100 200 250 eBay
Neo Geo Pocket Color 80 220 140 750 2300 eBay
Neo Geo Pocket Color Frontlit Mod 120 360 eBay
Bandai Wonderswan 50 110 100 140 eBay
Bandai Wonderswan Color 50 120 100 230 eBay
Bandai Wonderswan Crystal 68 155 150 360 480 eBay
Bandai Wonderswan Color Backlight Mod 170 360 eBay
Game Boy Advance 50 130 80 200 600 eBay
Game Boy Advance w/ Backlit Screen Mod 100 250 eBay
Game Boy Advance SP Classic Famicom 85 225 250 300 350 eBay
Game Boy Advance SP Classic NES 75 210 175 310 350 eBay
Game Boy Advance SP Pikachu 150 360 450 1250 2000 eBay
Game Boy Advance SP Samus Satin 160 400 500 1500 eBay
Game Boy Advance SP Minish Cap 80 250 350 800 eBay
Game Boy Advance SP Frontlight On/Off toggle (AGS-001) 70 180 95 360 500 eBay
Game Boy Advance SP Backlight Bright/Normal toggle (AGS-101) 65 180 110 350 630 eBay
Game Boy Micro 115 220 180 450 1050 eBay
Game Boy Micro Famicom 125 260 270 900 1500 eBay
Game Boy Micro Final Fantasy 175 300 355 650 eBay
Game Boy Micro Mother 3 500 1000 600 880 1450 eBay
Nokia N-Gage 60 200 100 300 eBay
GP2X F-100 75 80 90 120 eBay
GP2X F-200 90 145 110 130 eBay
GP2X GPH Caanoo 140 160 150 270 eBay
GP2X Wiz 80 110 100 250 eBay
Nintendo DS 35 87 55 270 eBay
Nintendo DS Lite 55 120 55 600 eBay
Nintendo DSi 35 175 45 225 350 eBay
Nintendo DSi XL 50 110 75 330 500 eBay
PlayStation Portable PSP-1000 50 100 120 800 eBay
PlayStation Portable PSP-2000 60 170 70 300 570 eBay
PlayStation Portable PSP-3000 65 200 165 330 eBay
PSP Go 100 220 170 400 500 eBay
PSP E-1000 80 150 180 200 eBay
Analogue Pocket 250 600 560 675 750 eBay

A survey of the Game Boy family, going clockwise: Game Boy Micro Famicom, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Light in Gold, Game Boy Color in Pink, Game Boy Advance (original model) in Platinum, Game Boy Advance SP in Samus Satin Two-Tone, and Game Boy Play-It-Loud in Clear

Game Boy DMG-01

Atari Lynx II photo courtesy of @stg.bloke on Instagram

Watara Supervision photo courtesy of @elultimocartucho on Instagram

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