Put Multiple Dreamcast Games On A Single CD-R

 I’ve been cleaning up the files on my PC, including a number of useful text files. Among these files is a tutorial that I picked up a while back that let people put multiple Dreamcast games on a single CD-R. This can be pretty helpful if you want to put a few of your favorite games on one disc to reduce disc swapping. Of course, to be fully legal, you should own the original copies of the games in question, but this makes a handy backup solution.

This tutorial also requires a bit of advanced Dreamcast knowledge, but here are a few links to give you your background info:
Can You Copy Dreamcast Games On Your PC?
Which Models of Dreamcasts Can Play CD-R Backups?

Anyway, I can’t find the original source for this, so I will just post this on here for anybody to use. If you have more information on this guide or have a better alternative, let me know.

Due to the length of the guide, I’m putting the guide on a separate page:
Check out the full Multi-Game Self-boot Guide

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gnome says:

Brilliant post racketboy! Guess I’d go blog you, but first a drink, then a bar, then some sleep…

Still, I’ll do it asap! keep it up.

Mozgus says:

Of course the game(s) stored closer to the middle ring of the disc are subject to longer load times and performance issues. Not worth it, in my book.

I’ve had a go at this myself, and while it is pretty darn complex, I managed to get 3 out of 4 games on one disc to work. Making your own HTML page design to go with it is fun, too.

racketboy says:

Mozgus, if you have small enough games, and not a lot of them, you don’t have to worry about it much. The ones I’ve dealt with haven’t had any issues.

Mozgus says:

Yeah, if you are dealing with a few 100MB or less games, it’s fine. But once you start inserting games into that first 100-150MB of the disc, where a dummy file should normally be, you are asking for long load times and/or stutters. There’s a reason we have dummy files.

Brian Deuel says:

Not to mention, you can really tear up your DC laser, ruining it in the process. In developing my game over the past four months, I’ve already burned one laser out by using a multisession disc and DCHakker, and had to buy a new unit.

It’s probably much safer to burn a single game to a single disc with a dummy file, but I suppose as with anything, your millage will vary.

Xiaopang says:

so much misinformation, so much bs…

of course the transfer rate is slower on the inner circle, but this doesn’t mean that this kills the drive, just if you stack the disc. multi-game discs are usually poor compilations made by people without much knowledge about how to effectively build them to reduce loading times and lessen wear and tear. in the end, multi-game discs are a great idea…if you know how to do them correctly


RnR says:

Hi Racketboy, the link to the tutorial is down! Could you please re-link it?

DOC81 says:

multi game selfboot guide is down please re-link

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