PDF: Playstation Magazine #1 – September 1997


I’m keeping up my once-a-week Magazine scan, but I decided to mix it up a bit this time. I know there are a lot of loyal Sega Saturn fans reading this, but I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the first issue of Playstation Magazine from September of 1997.

After posting the fanboy mags for Nintendo and Sega, why shouldn’t we look at the ultimate Sony fanboy literature as well.

In this issue, you will find a number of good introductory topics. First off all, “Top 25 Playstation Games of All Time” (pg 26) rounds up the best titles up until the date of the publication. I found it interesting to see how different the prime Playstation library was before Final Fantasy VII made it big.

“Know Your Playstation” (pg 58) served as a beginner’s guide to the hardware options availible to new Playstation owners. The writeup may still be handy if you are looking into buying a used machine.

There are also a number of other interesting pieces in the issue such as Very early talks about the PS2 (pg 12), a Strategy Guide for the first disc of Final Fantasy VII (pg 66), and a Preview of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (pg 37).

I’d love to hear of any other little tidbits from the issue that you found interesting.

Playstation Magazine #1 – September 1997 – PDF (53MB)

I originally got this puppy from Underground Gamer, but it was originally scanned by the great team over at RetroMags

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kevinski says:

Just out of curiosity, was there a Saturn-dedicated magazine at any point in time? Or was any Sega-made magazine even available during the Saturn’s lifespan here in the U.S.?

In either case, I’m still gonna give this a look. It’s definitely interesting to take a look at old magazines to see what things used to be like. I have a bunch of old issues of GamePro hidden away in my closet, and it’s always interested to look through those, just to see how things used to be in gaming at that point in time.

gnome says:

Another excellent download for us humble people that never owned a PSOne, but are eager to see what its fanboys used to read.

Thanks a lot!

How ’bout a Dreamcast or (even better) a Jaguar mag?

Cheers, keep it up!

jemsic says:

I have almost all the DC magazines in mint condition.
I have a scanner, but never used it yet. I’ll have to see about uploading some of them for you guys.

I really enjoyed the Sega magazine Racketboy!

kevinski says:

Oh, the Dreamcast one’s an even better idea!

justin138 says:

Killer! Thanks for posting this!

racketboy says:

There was a Saturn Mag in Europe. I have a copy of one issue and I’ll have to post it sometime.

Sega also had Sega Visions in the US, but the last issue promoted the launch of the Saturn. I have that one too 🙂

I also plan on publishing a number of Official Dreamcast Magazines once I get some more help 🙂

lunar says:

There were 2 UK Saturn magazines:

– Official Sega Saturn Magazine (continued from Sega Magazine)

– Saturn Power (continued from Sega Power)

I think there may have been a 3rd short lived english one. And at least one non-english one.

lunar says:

Ahh yes the 3rd UK one was called ‘Total Saturn’ , very short lived… maybe half a year.

kevinski says:

Nice. I hope some of those are eventually posted. 🙂

Tommy says:

I live in the UK, I sometimes see old Saturn mags. If I see another I’ll grab it for you.

walrus12 says:

I remember this mag gave you awesome stickers for your memory cards and big round ones for the top of the PS.
I liked the memcard stickers but too afraid to use the huge circle ones

The third short-lived UK saturn mag was Total Saturn, which even had the odd demo discs with it for all the few issues that were released in 1996.

n fact, all three of the Saturn mags had demos at some point, which was nice as we only got deos from the official mag for the Dreamcast.

keo says:

Thanks for posting this awesome magazine! PSM was my favorite! Would you happen to know where I can find any more issues of PSM?

Bd4drummer says:

So I have the real copy of this magazine anyone know if there is a chance it’s worth anything?

mick_aka says:

Woa, way to dredge up an old article, just to correct some of the posters here, there were 4 Sega Saturn magazines in the UK:

1. Official Sega Saturn Magazine
2. Saturn Power
3. Total Saturn
4. Saturn+


Neil says:

I would like to knowq abouty the beginning of final fantasy 12

ben says:

i have a bunch of old ps1 magazines starting from june 1997.. are they worth any money or not?

mike wadlow says:

hi i have the first issue of the official playstation magazine with ademo of wipeout on the front cover is it worth anything thanks for ur time

Paul Remz says:

The link is down. Does anyone know where i can get a PDF version of this?

Ravner says:

Here’s a link to download a .cbr (a zipped file) of the magazine:

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