New Way To Get Your Dreamcast Online

I finally got a my first broadband connection of my own a couple months ago. So imagine my delight when I came across this guide that helps you connect your Dreamcast online via a broadband connection — without having to buy and expensive Broadband adapter.

While it is not as fast as a pure broadband connection, it’s a great cheap substitute and better than a traditional dial-up connection.

The process involves routing the Dreamcast though your PC via the modem.

Team this up with some of the Dreamcast gaming servers that are still online, and you have a retro-style online experience!

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Anonymous says:

I have successfully used this method a couple months ago and I can verify it does work. I am currently working on my own private game server to work with bomberman online. So far I have little accomplished, i am still trying to figure out some of the code to make it connect correctly. hopefully i can do something soon. if you guys are interested.

Anonymous says:

omg, I will love you if you do that. No joke. I know at least one person who I can get to make a server for it.

Brandon says:

Can you please fix the links?

I says:

It wouldn’t matter, the whole web page is down unfortunately.
Racket boy, could you at least provide an off-line version for us to reference to? (Or email me a text version) I just recently got an old win9x computer to do this with and can’t access the article. I’ve tried looking, nobody else on the Internet has it.

I says:

Man that’s crazy weird! I JUST NOW found one at a different web page.
I’m definitely saving this one on my computer.

jojo says:

Hiya! I’ve been scouring the web looking for that guide too, as the site has been dead for a while (the w2k\XP guide). The Wayback Machine on has the main page but not the guides!! Anyone?

racketboy says:

Bummer — which I could find a new source…

Joe says:

yeah, I need the guide for xp

RC says:

Has anyone found a new source for the guide?

deezy says:

yet?? help meeee

BelovedDoll says:

I`m interested in the guide as well. Anyone got one? I have XP and Verizon Fios.

poodaddy says:

theres also some guides and info-full forums at

VectorMan says:

Hey, here is an updated link for the guide :)…

Actual Guide says:

Guys i found this guide
but im not smart enought to get it up and running if u think u could get and up and wouldent mind helping that that would be sweet email me at

skyrunner14 says:

Does anyone know if there’s a guide for this using more modern OSes, like Windows 7 or 8?

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