New PS2 Gunstar Heroes: Treasure Box Details

 As I reported earlier, the PS2 will be getting an awesome game collection from Sega and Treasure. Vol. 25 of the Sega Ages 2500 series (aka The Treasure Box) for the PS2 will include Gunstar Heroes, Dynamite Headdy, and Alien Soldier. (Read more about these games on my original post).

I’ve just learned of some new and exciting things that will be included:

  • Foreign versions of each game (The US version of Dynamite Headdy, which changed some of the graphics and the European version of Alien Soldier.)
  • Super plays of both Alien Soldier and Gunstar Heroes
  • Option to record your own play.
  • Full original manual scans
  • Concept illustrations, original artwork
  • Display options to neutralize the original sprite flickering
  • Input lag optimization in order to make the emulations as responsive as the original Genesis games.
  • The games will run at high resolution, although they’ll support progressive scan and a fake, customizable scanlines.

It sounds like Sega and Treasure are actually thinking of the fans and taking their time to develop a collection that caters to our desires.

The package is due out on February 23rd in Japan — no word of a US release yet.

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