NEStation Pictures

Here are some larger pictures of kotami’s NEStation, the Nintendo Entertainment System modded to imitate the design of the Playstation 2.

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Jared says:

nice… lmme buy thay man,

Anonymous says:

WOW that is crazy!

Anonymous says:

WOW! What a waste of time!

Anonymous says:

I think it’s a fine representation of quality work. It’s not about the NES (previous anonymous poster), it’s about the craftsmanship! Great job…

Ben Jarosz says:

How does that thing even work, and where can you find one? I’m just too confuesed to see such a thing that I never seen in my entire life!

Anonymous says:

fake look closer guys …. unless there is 2 of em

racketboy says:

what the heck are you talking about?

josh says:

pretty creative….

Nice job!

Anonymous says:

Seems like some people don’t know what the hell a mod is. Nice job.

Anonymous says:

pretty uncreative….

Anonymous says:

lets see you do better…

Anonymous says:

“pretty uncreative….”

You’re right, I’m almost certain I’ve seen that design somewhere else before…

Anonymous says:

Wow, that looks freaking sweet.

How did you do that?

Anyway, it looks cool.

alabama man says:

Dumb, considering its a nintendo system that looks like a sony system.

Kupkake says:

I must say, not a hard mod to portray but very original thinking. Good work on this, at first glance it looks much like a sony product. I enjoy how you took an old system such as a NES which are modified quite often and brought the looks “up-to-date” while other NES modifiers as well as myself stayed oblivious to this mod. Again I say, good work!

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