Get A Mini Sega Genesis/MegaDrive for $10


Those of you who have been around the site for a while may remember me mentioning this little device a couple of times. Much like many of the other plug-in-and-play TV Games available, this little Sega Genesis comes with a few built-in games (including my favorite, Sonic 2). However, those of you who like to do a little hardware hacking may find this to be an affordable way to make some interesting Genesis projects.

A while back I featured a mod job that turned one of these little things into a pint-sized, fully functional Sega Genesis.
Let your imagination wander a bit and you might be able to come up with some more interesting projects like a portable Genny, ala Ben Heck or piece of an all-in-one game console.

Anyway, the reason I bring this device up is that it looks like (via is clearing out their inventory of these devices by pricing them at $10 (originally $30). So if you want one, you should grab them quickly.

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kevinski says:

Hmm…too bad the instructions for turning this into a fully-functional Sega Genesis aren’t available. That would definitely be a neat project. By the way, is it possible to modify a Sega Genesis to output s-video?

I saw on auction once for a Genesis modded to have s-video output so I it is possible. No clue how though.

Timerever says:

Try again when it has full SCART RGB output and a decent (6 buttons) gamepad.

Caleb says:

Haha! I just featured this on my blog!

A nice little system to mess around with!

Still you might be able to get the actual Genesis 2 for less at a garage sale. I got mine for $5. I got a Genesis 3 for $3 but that was a once in a lifetime deal.

Do you know if any Target stores are carrying these in stock?

The Apprentice says:

If you look around at enough you will find instructions. Try their forums too, and yes this one of the best ways to get a cheap Genesis.

Genesis’ are already cheap on ebay. I own 6 of ’em because they’re so damn cheap. On one auction I got 3 model 2 Genesis’ with a whole ton of cables and controllers for around $25. This isn’t worth it.

You can easily get one complete for around $20 with a game or two.

kevinski says:

You know, I remember seeing these at the Target that I used to work at a while back. Just do realize that Target stores don’t necessarily have the same prices as other Target stores, and the pricing online can be different, as well. And no, Target doesn’t price match, not even when it’s their own stores that have the lower prices.

Peyn says:

I tried to get s-video out of my genny 1, but was unsuccessful. Supposedly the circuit diagram on works, so I must have done something wrong. It looks like that page has been updated with some new info since I last checked anyway.

gnome says:

Brilliant stuff, and a nifty mini console to boot. By the way, someone managed to mod the Atari Flashback in a similar way…

Check this out:

flooby says:

I did the s-video output mod on my gen1 Jap Mega Drive. Works like a charm, especially with a SegaCD. However, the procedure is a bit complicated..

The s-video output on a gen2 Genesis looks better and just requires you to tap into it at the vid-out.

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