GBA/DS Shooter Revial Takes Shape

After seeing some new screens and reviews, it looks as if Nintendo’s portables are going to be hot property for shooting fans. And when I say shooting, I don’t mean stricktly traditional space shooters. After all, variety is the spice of life.

The Gameboy Advance is seeing a diverse collection of shooting games coming it’s way…

The cartooney indie platform shooter, Alien Hominid started as an online Flash game that takes cues from Metal Slug, came to the big three consoles, and now is being polished up for a GBA port (new screens here). I’m hoping that it will be significantly different in terms of levels and such — but either way, it should make for some great mobile entertainment.

A week or so ago I mentioned a PS2 port of Gunstar Heroes, but let’s not forget the GBA version that is on it’s way. Gunstar Super Heroes is a highly anticipated sequal that will bring Treasure‘s frantic gameplay to the GBA. For those of you that are unaware, the original Gunstar Heroes was a cult classic on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive and is one of my personal 16-bit favorites. So I am very eager to see how this port turns out.

Not to be confused with Metal Slug Advance, a port of the original arcade Metal Slug is due out this Christmas season for the GBA. Should this version keep up with the success of Metal Slug Advance, we might see additional sequals on the way for Nintendo’s devices.

One game that looks like an excellent choice for a shooter fan that needs something a but different is Sigma Star Saga. This RPG/shooter hybrid will have both action and shooting elements, you can collect over 50 kinds of Gun Data, combine them and build more powerful weapons. The game just recently was released and the early reviews seem to be positive.

The GBA isn’t the only one getting shooter love — who can forget that Nanostray just came out for the Nintendo DS. (Reviews here) It definately seems to be what shooter fans have come to expect out of the DS. While some of the “professional” reviews seem to be a little mixed, my friend from SegaXtreme, stack99 seems to adore the game.

Now, if they would just release the long-rumored Radiant Silvergun port for the GBA, we’d be all set. Come on Treasure! We love you! We need you!

Update: Wired just gave a great review of Nanostray

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