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We all play around with at least a little bit of game emulation. It’s a great way to play games from out past and try out games that we missed over the year. However, one of the main downsides of emulation is that it doesn’t feel the same without the real controller.

So, I’m starting to compile a list of options that one has for getting the right “feel” for their favorite games.

Prices are as I found them at time of posting and are subject to change.

Nintendo NES
Regular NES USB Controller from Retrozone ($26)
FourScore 4-Player NES USB Adapter from Retrozone ($60)
NES Advantage USB Joystick from Retrozone ($35)
Powerglove USB Controller from Retrozone ($70)
Powerpade USB Controller from Retrozone ($60)
USB Conversion Kit from Retrozone ($16)
Custom order from Retrozone ($?)

Super Nintendo (SNES)
Mail-in your controller for USB conversion from Retrozone ($23)
DIY Kit from Retrozone ($17)
Super SmartJoy USB Adapter from Lik-Sang ($19)
Custom order from Retrozone ($?)

Nintendo 64
USB Adapter from ($13) Lik-Sang

Sega Genesis/MegaDrive, Sega CD, 32X
Genesis USB Adapter from Retrozone ($25)
Genesis DIY USB Conversion Kit from Retrozone($17)
Genesis Custom Order from Retrozone

Sega Saturn
Convert Saturn controller to USB yourself (almost free)
Official Saturn USB Controller (Black) from ($38)
Official Saturn USB Controller (Black) from Lik-Sang ($35)
Official Saturn USB Controller (Blue) from Lik-Sang ($40)
Official Saturn USB Controller (Grey) from Lik-Sang ($35)
Official Saturn USB Controller (White) from Lik-Sang ($35)
Official Saturn USB Controller (Gold) from Lik-Sang ($40)

Neo Geo
Neo Geo Stick 2 for PS2 ($80) with SmartJoy PLUS from Lik Sang ($13)
Neo-Geo CD controller for PS2 with SmartJoy PLUS from Lik Sang ($13)

Playstation/Playstation 2
SmartJoy PLUS from Lik Sang ($13)


Colecovision from Retrozone
TurboGrafix16 from Retrozone
Atari and Commodore from Retrozone
Intellivision from Retrozone

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Belgand says:

My suggestion (at least for SNES) though is to make your own. It only costs a couple of bucks and is very rewarding.

Quinn says:

I bought a couple dance dance revolution pads (metal afterburners from and although these broke after a couple months I find that I was at least able to get an xbox controller to usb dongle, now with the capability to plug my xbox into the pc, I was wondering if there was anywhere I could find software for such things?

Brandon says:

I am still pissed about Lik Sang going under b/c of Sony. I was going to buy those SNK Controllers. Guess I won’t now. <_<

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