Bubble Memories for Sega Saturn: It Doesn’t Exist

 Over in the forums, alonzobots brought up the topic of an installment in the Bubble Bobble series that I was unaware of.

Bubble Memories: The Story of Bubble Bobble III is a rare arcade game from Taito that plays like the original Bubble Bobble but this time huge bubbles can be blown into which multiple enemies can be captured at once.

The interesting aspect about this game for me is that the game was that it was supposedly released on the Sega Saturn, but neither alonzobots nor I have actually seen it in Saturn form — on eBay or anywhere else. In fact, as I am writing this, alonzobots found confirmation that it never was released on a console.

 It’s a shame that some of the later installments of Bubble Bobble (like Bubble Memories, Bubble Symphony, or Rainbow Islands) were never included in some of the portable or console compilations (Taito Legends & Memories) that have been released in the last year or so. I would rather have that than the not-so-great new versions of Bubble Bobble that are added in Bubble Bobble Evolution and Revolution.

More Game Info:
Bubble Bobble HQ.

Bubble Memories Arcade Emulation:
Raine Emulator

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Anonymous says:

Bubble Symphony is now available in the PC and Xbox versions of Taito Legends in Europe. It’s not part of the PS2 version though; that features 4 different exclusive titles. The PC and Xbox versions also include Pop ‘n’ Pop.

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