Best Playstation RPGs – Level Up On The PS1 (PSX)

 There is no doubt that if you are an RPG fan, you should either own a Playstation or have ePSXe running on your computer.

While there are many more RPGs worth playing, here are some of the most popular on the PSOne.

Final Fantasy VII (eBay)
Final Fantasy VIII (eBay)
Final Fantasy IX (eBay)
Final Fantasy Anthology (includes FF V & VI) (eBay)
Final Fantasy Chronicles (includes Chrono Trigger and FF IV) (eBay)
Final Fantasy Origins (FF I & II) (eBay)
Xenogears (eBay)
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (eBay)
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (eBay)
Suikoden (eBay)
Suikoden II (eBay)
Vagrant Story (eBay)
Grandia (eBay)
Chrono Cross (eBay)
Tales of Destiny (eBay)
Tales of Eternia (eBay)
Legend of Mana (eBay)
Dragon Warrior VII (eBay)
Breath of Fire III (eBay)
Breath of Fire IV (eBay)
Valkyrie Profile (eBay)
Front Mission 3 (eBay)
Wild Arms
Wild Arms 2

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Ender says:

I think this needs an article with little reviews for above games since they are all truly classics now of RPG history.

Just my two gil.

Dan says:

Was BoF really popular though? I really didn’t notice BoF have much, if any ground at all with FF kicking around. Well Nice list, I consider BoF and Xenogears quite underrated though.

Dan says:

It’s just so argueable with Xenogears though… Since the sales were hitting the roof and is very well known online. It’s just that every time I went to a friends house, they always had FF sitting there, even if they don’t play it. 95% of em wouldn’t have heard of the great Xenogears. I dunno, probably just culture.

breakwind says:

Hello,as great as many of the RPG’s listed above may be there’s one such title that deserves mentioning-Brave Fencher Musashi.This 1998 RPG classic in my opinion continually gets overlook by RPG enthusiasts as if it never existed!

SH1PWR3K says:

i agree completely about some rpg’s going virtually unnoticed by a chunk of the gaming community. But most of which are cult classics. BOFIII and SuikodenII are by far my favorites on the psx. Since i have a ps3 i still replay all of them from time to time.

Ahh, the memories. Final Fantasy VII is what got me into RPG’s to begin with, though Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite. There are many games on this list that I want to collect and play, but some of these games are quite valuable now.

If only I had started collecting games when the PS was still around…

Greg says:

I have 17 of those games listed, man I wish I had Valkyrie Profile and Suikoden II those are worth a shitload nowadays.

Ghaladen says:

Damn, have every one of those except the first Suikoden….

Phil says:

I also reckon that (The Adventures of)Alundra should also be on there. It got favourable reviews but got mainly got washed away by the bigger titles. It was a little gem of a game!

Phil says:

Scratch that. I skipped over the part where it said “more popular”. Haha…

james says:

Where the eff is Castlevania Symphony of the Night?? This list is trassssh!!!

Jon says:

Castlevania SOTN isn’t an RPG lol – this list is RPGs only.

Logan says:

No Star Ocean: Second Story?

Nick says:

Legend of Dragoon?

zuh says:

Symphony of the Night? It’s not a bloody RPG, it has RPG elements. Geez.

Agreed on the Star Ocean, though. THAT is an RPG, and a good one, too.

Madic says:

omg they didnt list star ocean?
im a FF fan and i have to say star ocean on psx is the best console rpg i EVER played.
Legend of Legaia (cool combos imo).
Im sure there’s a few missing in that list, i dont recall the names it’s been such a long time and some of them were from japan only hehe

Kratos says:

Well being a big RPG fan here is my personal top 5, although the first 3 can be called number 1…cant choose between these games lol

1- Chrono Cross
2- Final Fantasy 8
3- Legend of Dragoons
4- Final Fantasy 7
5- Final Fantasy 9

But speaking so much about conventional RPGs we tend to forget about tactics RPGs that litterally were astounding on ps1, here again is my top five Tactics RPGs

1- Vandal Hearts 2: Trust me you wanna play this game at least once before dying
2- Final Fantasy Tactics (big surprise)
3- Arc The Lad 3
4- Vandal Hearts 1
5- Hoshigami (Warning: insanely hard)

And again, never forget about the Action RPGs

1- Parasite Eve 1 (What else)
2- Castlevania SOTN
3- Alundra (Very good rival of Zelda)
4- Legend of Mana
5- Alundra 2

Being the maddest fan of Final Fantasys its really strange because on every console I never called a Final Fantasy game the number 1 RPG, on NES IMO Scheherazade is the best RPG, on SNES well there is no doubt about it: Chrono Trigger, Ps1: Chrono Cross (such a memorable soundtrack), and on ps2, Shadow Hearts 2 is clearly surpassing FFX (again its just my opinion…)

Jason says:

Ok ok this list is spectacular but my absolute favorite game and rpg of all time is Parasite Eve.

1. Parasite Eve
2. Final Fantasy 7
3. Legend of Legaia
4. Koudelka (no one ever lists)
5. Brave Fencer Musashi

My Opinion but its what I like and if anyone can direct my in the direction of where I can get Originals or Black Labels discs of some of these please email me.

PJ says:

My list is:
Final Fantasy VIII that i know.

I still need to and will know:
Xenogears (’cause its story is so much elogiated and story is the thing io more like in any art);
Chrono Cross( ’cause wath i saw about him impressed me);
Tales of…(in the PS, ’cause ToP is amazing);
Star Ocean Second Story (’cause of the SO of Snes that is WOW!).
And i though FFVII and Vagrant Story were not up to their fame. Parasite Eve is nice, but perfect would be Parsite Eve 1 with the graphics of PE2.

But ’till today i just have patience to play, in RPGs, FFVIII.

PJ says:

FFIX too looks SO! great! Maybe i’ll love him maybe more than FFVIII. But he disappeared amd i need to acquire another one.

micahburkhart says:

I personally thought Persona was also a great RPG, it was different.

Serge... says:

the only addition i could add is Legend Of Legaia, a little known game but one of the greatest i have ever played…close to Chrono Cross in my book

Sieg says:

Vagrant story?amazing!!it’s story is awsome graphics drive ppl crazy and let’s not forget that we are just talking abo9ut a psx game.What made me fall in love with this game is definitly it’s gameplay.FFVI?it’s graphics have dissapointed me alot as I had heard great things about it.Where is FF tactics?It was the first rpg I’ve ever played and it’s pretty good if you’d ask me.

Dan says:

Wrong BoF though. Having played them all (even the crappy DragonQuarter on Ps2. There’s a game to drive you insane…)
Breath of Fire 3 was the best by far. It rivaled FF VII and Lunar SSS complete.

Totally agree on Vandal Hearts II. It is a must play and total unique, challenging and hella fun rpg experience!

I had a burned disk of VH 2 that tuckered out after about 5 hours… So I played the same 5 hours at least 7-8 times.

Every bit as good as Final Fantasy tactics.

You can trust that. I beat all the VII weapons, the Omega weapon in VIII and got the little certificate to say so, and all the hidden dungeons in Tactics and got all the zodiacs (except the ones you cannot get).

I’m a staunch and devote fan, but these might just be better!

Roger says:

Suikoden 1&2, Persona 1&2, FF VII one of the best Gaming experience of my life, Brave Fencer musashi is Also Pretty Awesome,Good For some Quick Rpg Fun. Star Ocean is Just Ridiculous, the things you can do in that game are Amazing Also a Great Game

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