Atomiswave Lineup Impressions – Part 1

I’ve been interested in the Atomiswave arcade system for a while, but haven’t done much investigation into some of the games that are offered on the system. So I dug around on Sammy’s site and gathered some information on the games that caught my eye. The big arcade buffs will probably laugh at my lack knowledge of the latest arcade scene, but oh well.

The Rumble Fish
As I mentioned before, the original Rumble Fish is already availible for the system. The Rumble Fish appeared as an original 2D fighting game for Sammy’s arcade Atomiswave platform early last year. It features a unique graphics engine that animates characters by their body joints dubbed the S.M.A Smooth Model Animation Syste. It enables varied graphic changes depending on the situation such as tearing clothes and falling hats. The system also allows backgrounds and graphics to vary to suit battle conditions. Because of this System, this 2D fighting game boasts graphics that allow smooth movement equivalent to that of 3D fighting games. Basically, the best of both worlds, IMO.

The art style, IMO, looks a lot like The King of Fighters meets Guily Gear. Sammy seems to be one of the only organizations that understand how fun 2D graphics can be. Capcom, SNK, and others should take notice on how to do 2D right. Maybe even some of this Sammy influence can rub off onto it’s new partner, Sega.

This 2D fighting game consists (currently) of 7 playable characters that all have their own individual special arts, skills and super moves. Rumble Fish is a one on one fighting game which involves one person using their mind to manipulate their opponents mind in such a manner that allows them to gain the advantage over his/her opponent/opponent’s character. This form of game system is both fun and challenging and keeps you hooked. Each character has their very own artistic and original designs, along with personalities and stories behind them. So not only is Sammy one of the only publishers that is actually pushing 2D graphical quality, but they are also making new, exciting 2D fighting franchises. Are you hearing this Capcom?

If you’d like to get a hands-on testimony of the gameplay, check out GameSpot’s write-up.

Neowave The King of Fighters
After a decade of arcade and home console hits, with years of popularity behind it, one of the best fighting games to ever grace the 2D gaming world is back on a new arcade playform. This new version will feature some of the old missed characters from previous KOF’s and will also feature new fighting modes such as Guard Break mode, Max X 2 mode and Super Cancel mode. This version has returned to the original one-on-one fighting system with no tagging or striking.

KOF has had many features in the past but not like the ones NEOWAVE have all put together. The characters have all been given completely new colors. Also there is a whole new 5th Button, never before experienced in any KOF. For the first time in a while, SNK is actually mixing things up a bit on their treasured franchise.

While the graphics aren’t quite as beautful as The Rumble Fish or the Guilty Gear X series, its is a good improvement over SNK’s fighters from their aging platform.

Guilty Gear Isuka

The brilliant 2D wonder is back in all its glory! Guilty Gear has rocked the 2D world ever since its very first release. It has captured the attention of 2D lovers worldwide. The original, vast and complex system of this classic sets it apart from other one on one beat ’em ups, also along with it’s great and definitive character design. Guilty Gear has many great features to its system.

In Isuka you can now play up to 4 players simultaneously. You can either go against 3 other opponents alone to test your individual skills, or pair up with a partner and go head to head against an opposing team. The choice is yours. Now the level of excitement can be taken up yet again with Isuka.

I’ve mentioned this game before a few times — including in my editorial, 2D Fighters Going Downhill. It didn’t quite live up to their hype, but it may possibly see some improvements in the future.

Demolish Fist
Demolish Fist is a side scrolling beat ’em up where the player controls one of four characters, Enzo, Leoneer, Vanessa or Undead as you battle your way through various stages. There are many items, which are available to use as a weapons against your enemies. Each player has their own assortment of moves and specials that they can unleash at will. Also all four of these characters have the ability to use the ‘Vertigo’ technique. Demolish Fist is a polished fighting game that offers some interesting features to the almost extinct beatemup genre.

Demolish Fist is looking to carry on the tradition of Final Fight and others while taking the measures necessary to keep the game modern — definately the type of thing I approve of.

I could only find one solid review and then one good discussion of the game. It sounds like its an acceptable game, but didn’t quite seem to have the lasting impression that games of the past did.

Dolphin Blue
Nobody really looks at the video game market and says, “Hey, you know what we need? Another Metal Slug…only with more dolphins.” Well, apparently the folks at Sammy did. They were also apparently right. This game came out in late 2003, but I must have totally missed it. Dolphin Blue is an action side-scrolling shoot-em up with great graphics (see screens), impressive sound and gripping gameplay . This platform shooter came out in 2003 with gameplay similar to Metal Slug, but it also features great high resolution 2D and 3D graphics.

While Metal Slug hasn’t innovated much lately, but it instead taking a stab at the 3D world, Dolphin Blue looks to take over its place in the 2D world. Unfortunately, I’m not thinking many people know much about the game. There have been some people that have shared their actual gameplay impressions and reviews online– it seems to be a solid game with some addictablilty, but still has some room for improvement.

Part 2 of the Atomiswave feature is now availible

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