A Fan Art Tribute to the Sega Dreamcast

Dreamcast Fan Art Tribute
With the 10th anniversary of the Dreamcast’s North American launch quickly approaching, I thought it would be a wonderful time to share some fan-created pieces of art that capture the colorful and imaginative worlds that the console shared with us. Vote for your two favorite pieces below and also check out the previous Jet Set Radio, Space Channel 5, and Sonic collections.

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"Dreamcast" by Tom Waterhouse

"Phoenix & Dragon" by Alex Owens

"Arcadia" by fayrenpickpocket


"Sonic Stretching" by kitten-caboodle

"Gum" by Falcoon

"It's All In The Stone" by Chamba

"PSO Series 2" by Martin Houlden

"Ulala" by sexyblue

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Chaos Jr says:

Ah, I miss those SA2 Soap shoes.

David says:

“Arcadia” and “Gum” for me. Vote is broken.

Alejandro Moreno says:

Couldn’t vote on FF3.5.2.

I’d go with Dreamcast and Arcadia.

racketboy says:

Voting now works πŸ™‚

Hatta says:

Gum is labeled “JSRF”, not for the Dreamcast. But, I can see how you’d overlook that. =)

racketboy says:

Awe — you’re right — but it’s such a great piece and it’s not overly “futury” πŸ™‚

racketboy says:

If you want a good JSR Gum piece as a substitute, this one is nice:

But doesn’t quite have the same appeal πŸ˜‰

For some reason, most of the best Jet Set Radio fan pieces are JSRF-themed

samuraifez says:

Those are some great pieces of work, good post.

Mars says:

There are some really nice drawings here! It’s actually hard to pick.

Best1989 says:

Great drawings, is difficult to pick only two…

GagaMan says:

Hey, thanks for featuring an old pic of mine! Alternatively you could always use this if you like (as it’s more a general Dreamcast image), though it’s not in colour so maybe not: http://gagaman.deviantart.com/art/Dreamcast-Masquerade-29487839

Blib says:

What is it about the letter S or S.A. ?
Every title above has a word that starts with S in it…?

Sonic Adventure
Samba Amigo
Skies of Arcadia

Space Channel 9

Phantasy Star
Power Stone
Jet Set Radio

Incognito D says:

If I had my own house I’d think seriously about getting some of those printed and framed – especially the top one.

Eddie says:

All are very well done. Tough to vote for a top two.

Cerv says:

I choose Dreamcast and Ulala. But all the drawings are very well done, it’s hard to pick only two.

Dan says:

I’m loveing Arcadia by fayrenpickpocket

Keep on rocking babha

StickHead says:

I spotted the ‘JSRF’ in the Gum piccy, but voted for it anyways, because it is kano. I also voted for ‘Dreamcast.’ It has a few anatomy/perspective issues, but it has great composition, and would make a top poster in any Dreamcast fanboy’s games room.

Alex says:

Arcadia and PSO are the most creative and well executed. But they’re all nice.

A.C. Smith says:

Damn it, I hate that Arcadia picture. It’s too awesome, but it also creates this melancholy feeling, because Vyse and Aika never really hooked up in the game. And I always, always wanted them to.

Happy birthday Dreamcast! Today is 9/9/2009. πŸ™‚

Josh says:

I gotta say “Sonic Stretching” by kitten-caboodle and “Arcadia” by fayrenpickpocket are my favorites.

But “Gum” by Falcoon is freaking *hot*.

Terry Leslie says:

The Dreamcast was,and still is the best gaming console;but we all already know that. Sony lied about how good PS2 would be,too many bought into that B.S. and this hurt sales of the Dreamcast. Further EA,a company whose growth was built on Sega’s sucsess in the gaming business decided to stab the company in the back; and not support the new console. The biggest disappointment actually comes from S.O.A., North Americans supported Dreamcast more than any other region; yet Europe and Japan had more company support, more game releases. In the case of Japan, their catalog of games was HUGE compared to our small amount of releases, yet in Japan the Dreamcast wasn’t sucsessful, what gives ? And the final insult! S.O.A. kills the Dreamcast in 2002,yet in Japan they continue to release games and consoles until 2007. This I do not understand, and I never will.

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