1 Year Ago at RetroGaming – June 2005

 I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my posts from a year ago to dig up some old thoughts and follow up on old news.

Here are a handful of posts from June 2005…

Living Room Arcade
This was an interesting find. I link to a site that creatively compresses a gaming station into living room-ready furnature that will keep the wife happy. The concepts could be applied in different ways as well.

Sega Looking to Bring Back Older Franchises
Looks like Sega followed up with the franchises they mentioned at the time, but it would be great to see some other forgotten franchises brought back to life

New Dreamcast Shooter – Drill
This homebrew 2D shooter for the Dreamcast showed commericial quality. As far as I know, this is still being worked on and I haven’t heard a date on an official release.

SNK Neo Geo Stick 2 for PS2 Review
I linked to and discussed this beautiful Neo-Geo-style controller for the PS2. With all the SNK-to-PS2 ports, this could be very handy.

Console Controllers for PC and Mac
I compiled a fairly comprehensive list of sources for console controllers that have been retrofitted for USB and kits for the DYI-er. If you have any additions, let me know!

Some Nintendo Classics Will Be Free On Revolution
Wow — I can’t believe its already been a year since this announcement. Nintendo announced that there would be some free game downloads on their Virtual Console on the upcoming Revolution (now known as Wii). This announcement was initially blown out of proportion as many people thought it meant ALL the old games would be free. Nintendo isn’t quite that generous.

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