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Store Paying Insane Prices For Sealed NES Games

Written in 2008 Not too long ago, I was spending some time in a Barnes & Noble browsing the magazine racks. I picked up a toy collecting magazine since I used to be into that stuff a decade ago and I was curious what has happened lately. While flipping through the pages, I spotted an […]

Finding The Best 8-Bit Nintendo Art From Japan

Japan always gets the best videogame artwork. I’m not bitter, but it definitely makes decorating a grown-up-friendly game room more challenging. Since we can’t just wander into your average gaming shop and expect to find a wide array of frame-worthy artwork, we have to be a bit more creative in finding suitable pieces. This time […]

Nintendo Games & Franchises Forgotten Too Quickly

A guest post by Daniel Primed…. I’m a Nintendo fan and have been so since the late NES days. What I’ve discovered over the years is how for every new Zelda, Metroid or Mario installment that Nintendo produce there is at least two or three other great, under-appreciated games released by the same company. Sometimes […]

Retro Masterpiece: M.U.L.E.

Every now and then, a game arrives on the scene that has gameplay that is so refined, it is is difficult to improve up (other than graphical upgrades). M.U.L.E. was a pioneer in both the realm of simulations and multiplayer games. While the original releases on the Atari 400/800 and the Commodore 64 don’t look […]

Tetris Battle Gaiden: The Forgotten Puzzle Spin-Off

Note from racketboy: fastbilly1 shares one of his favorite hidden puzzlers from the Super Famicom (SNES). I admit that I had never heard of this game, so I want to thank him for pointing this gem out. It is always nice when you have a craving to play a classic games like Tetris, but end […]

The Best Pac-Man Clones and Spin-Offs

Pac-Man is one of the most popular video games of all time and it was no surprise that many companies tried cloning the game in order to make a quick buck. However, many of those clones didn’t really add much or even capture much of the original charm. Even many of Namco’s own Pac-Man spinoffs […]

Why Classic Video Games Are Great For Kids

I know from spending time in the forums that a lot of people in the retro gaming community, including myself, are 20 years old or older and either have kids or may plan on having some soon. Once I have kids of my own, I want them to be well-adjusted and smart, but still […]

Drones: Tron-Inspired Dreamcast Game That Disappeared

The Sega Dreamcast had many promising games canceled near the end of it’s lifespan such as Propeller Arena and Half-Life. However, there were also some lesser-known games at the beginning of the Dreamcast’s launch that never saw retail shelves. There is one particular game by the name of “Drones”, that I had never even heard […]

Did Gaming Charm Disappear With The Cartridge?

Do you remember that feeling you get when you first turned on the game on your NES? Maybe it was the immediate * ding, ding * of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out that got your worked up for a marathon of dodging punches. Or perhaps, you just enjoyed the charming title screens and the ability to just […]

The Lost Levels: Ultimate Test of 2D Super Mario Bros Skill

My wife grew up with the original Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES and still enjoys playing the classics to this day. I also recently bought her New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS to give her some fresh 2D Mario action. However, she routinely plays through these platforming […]

The Past, Present, and Future of Sega’s Best Franchises

It’s no secret that I’m a Sega fan or more specifically, an old-school Sega fan. Sega has been blessed with a great history and a legacy of phenomenally innovative games that helped fuel many a console war. However, now that Sega is now software-only and many of its most prolific developers have moved onto other […]

The Nintendo DS Wishlist

No one can deny that the Nintendo DS is hot right now. And when a game system is hot (especially when its from Nintendo), it can get away with having ports of older games and have them sell well. So, just like I did with my XBox Live Wishlist, I’ve combined my personal gaming daydreams […]

How Sega Can Bring Sonic the Hedgehog Back To Its Glory

After my rant on How Sega All But Ruined Sonic the Hedgehog, I thought it would be most appropriate to expand on how Sega can actually transition Sonic into the next-gen consoles without making their down-slide worse. I figured the best way to go through this is to take the core elements that did work […]

How Sega All But Ruined Sonic the Hedgehog

Sega’s Blue Blur was a whirlwind of excitement in the early 1990’s. Nintendo had a magical formula in the Super Mario Bros series and every other developer had their run and jump Mario clones. Sega on the other hand, took the platforming genre to the next level by taking advantage of their new Genesis console […]

Who Needs 3D? Heck, Who Needs Color??

I know this topic has been discussed numerous times before on this site and others like it, but I just had to share a couple of recent examples of incredible concept games that show that not only show that you can make a incredibly engageing experience without 3D graphics, but you can also have that […]

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