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Why I Am A Retro Gamer

Originally written in 2007 / Updated in 2012 When the average gamer sees someone who claims to be a retro gamer, they tend to think of them as someone who is a classic gaming elitist that shuns anything new and flashy. They may also think that classic gamers are stuck wearing “rose-colored glasses”, remembering games […]

Panel Discussion: Preserving the Digital Game Canon

A little over a week ago, I attended PAX East in Boston for the second time and was able to attend a few very interesting panels that were related to retro gaming.    My favorite panel of the bunch was entitled “Ten Games You Need to Play: The Digital Game Canon” put on by the IGDA […]

Playpower: Bringing 8-Bit Learning to the World

Presented by Zen Albatross Tiny bagels and pots of hot coffee wait patiently on a fold-out table in a a small classroom on the southeast end of New York University campus. It’s an early Saturday morning in late June and most of NYU’s students are on Summer break. But for the group of artists, programmers, […]

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