PS1 emulation on New 3ds

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PS1 emulation on New 3ds

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Has anybody else given this a go? I've been trying some old Playstation games via the latest retroarch build, with some setting tweaks I saw from a reddit thread from two years ago and man am I impressed. It seems like a LOT of games can run on the New 3ds now with good, playable speed (quite a few of them consistently hitting 60 fps).

I wouldn't say it's as good an option as just getting a PSP or Vita, but damn if it isn't more impressive to actually see Playstation games running on a Nintendo handheld. So far I've tried Tenchu Stealth Assassins, Wild 9, Spyro, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Mega Man X4, Dino Crisis 2, Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters, Deception II, MediEvil, Battle Arena Toshinden 2, and The Adventures of Lomax. I think a lot of people wrote off PS 1 emulation as nothing more than a novelty, but they've made some great strides forward and a lot of stuff is actually playable now. 2d games especially run smooth as butter.

The only nitpick I have is that some of these games really feel like they are meant for a big TV rather than a tiny 3DS screen and that's coming from someone who is using an XL model for maximum screen real estate. I'd say a few games look a little bit dark too and I'm using an IPS screen which is supposedly the best. There's no denying these games would look prettier on a PSP or Vita oled screen, but that's no fault of the 3ds. It was designed more for dual screen functionality and 3d effects and not big, wide, pretty oled screens.

I love what the new 3DS is capable of, GBA games and DS running natively, SNES games running perfectly via virtual console injection or the newest SNES9x emulator, CPS/CPS 2 games from Capcom, and some cool ports like Sonic Mania. This thing can do a lot, and injection is fun to play around with even though you arguably don't need to as simply using an emulator with roms has the same effect in most cases. I love injection for the aesthetic though
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Re: PS1 emulation on New 3ds

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Bump -- this one has been getting some good search traffic and I'm also curious about this!
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