Old Video Game Disco/Non Soundtrack songs

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Old Video Game Disco/Non Soundtrack songs

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I was listening to DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist's The Hard Sell and they had a few songs in the mix that were video game songs that weren't in a/the soundtrack for a game.
At the very start a vectrex song is played.
At about 53 minutes a song I can't find is played. It's about a girl who gets high scores in the arcade. After that a few songs play, and I was able to find some

A song about Atari is also played, which I havent found yet.

These kind of records seem like the perfect addition to my collection as I'm getting into vinyl DJing so I was hoping some one here might know the name of some of these songs in the mix, or even some similar tracks that would be worth picking up.

If it helps locate anything, all of these songs are on 45s in the DJ Shadow set.
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