What Techniques Have You Found Helpful in Samurai Shodown?

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What Techniques Have You Found Helpful in Samurai Shodown?

Post by racketboy »

Any tips or techniques for Samurai Shodown you would like to share?
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Post by claudio »

let your enemy come to you and counter with quicker attack,

thats what i do with many fighting games.
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Post by SpaceBooger »

So far button mashing....
I figure a couple more times playing my strategy may change
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Post by Ack »

First and foremost, the special move style plays like Street Fighter. Everyone has some kind of projectile, though some are a little tricky to pull off. Strategy really changes depending on your character choice, too, as most of the characters playstyles are very different.
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Post by Funk, E »

Haohmaru's strong slash in the Genesis version will own just about everybody if you hit with the whole thing. Sometimes just that one attack is an instant dizzy which you can follow up with his strong Crescent Moon slash, and then the match is nearly over right there.
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Post by Ack »

Hanzo and Galford

First and foremost, you have to realize that you are one of the fastest characters in the game. You also have next to nothing for range with your basic attacks, and you are almost exactly the same as Galford. There are differences, however. Galford has several special moves that require his dog, that launch into multiple variations depending on the button pressed to launch the attack. Hanzo instead has a projectile which bounces along the ground. Also, there are differences involving stats. Hanzo is better at getting through a sword lock than Galford. In fact, Hanzo is actually one of the best at dealing with sword locks while Galford is merely average. Galford is better at catching swords than Hanzo if disarmed, though by only a minor amount. Galford gains a moderate increase in damage when his rage meter is full, while Hanzo gains very little. At the same time, Hanzo's rage meter stays full for longer than Galford's, attempting to even out the differences. Neither fill their meters very quickly, however.

Both are also excellent at moving and jumping. On the ground or in the air, Galford and Hanzo are quick on the draw, and both can perform the triangle jump, where the player jumps off the side of the stage to gain further height and distance. It's an excellent way to get over an opponent who is attempting to drive you into a corner, or to move closer when trying to assault the other player.

Both Galford and Hanzo are confusing characters as well. First off, both characters can teleport, either as a reprisal to being hit with an attack, or at will if a suitably longer special command is put in. This is a very nasty way of closing distance and getting around an opponents defenses. Both also have the ability to turn into four shadow images, with one of them being the actual player. The choice depends on the button pressed when executing the move. Both characters also have a shuriken projectile, though it is slow and easy to avoid.

Now comes the differences in style. Hanzo also has a crawling special attack, forcing the enemy to block low to stop it. Despite it's low speed, it gives the player enough time to launch a shuriken behind it. Then execute the teleport to come down on top of an unwitting opponent...you see where I'm going here? Lock up your enemy, force them to make decisions of what they'd rather take, incoming projectiles or the enemy's sword in the back. Even if they usually pick the player and you may be hit, the projectiles will throw them off long enough to get in some hits, or perhaps to launch more special moves. Or a heavy hit by pressing both kick attacks or slash attacks at the same time. Or go for a throw. Just remember you can't throw Earthquake.

Galford doesn't get said crawling attack. Galford doesn't need it, he has a dog. There are only a few special moves for the dog, though they look nearly identical in execution, and almost are. Depending on whether the player picks a kick or slash, the dog will either run forward into the enemy, or will viciously maul them. Depending on whether the player picks the light or medium kick, the dog will either maul or knock the opponent to the ground. The moves look similar, require the same button style, and are quick to execute. There's only one major difference. The move performed by using the slash attack, where the dog just rushes forward, can be blocked by RUNNING AT THE DOG. Run, don't walk! The others CAN'T! So you have three special moves effectively, one of which can be stopped by an opponent running at you. If you don't have flashing red lights over your head screaming FAKE OUT right now, stop playing fighters. They're not for you. From here, combine with teleports, mirror images, throws, and whatever else you can manage to take the other guy down. Also note, the player can hit your dog to knock it away for a few seconds. Don't let them, as this is technically crippling you momentarily so you are a slightly gimped Hanzo.

Look, both characters are fast, jump far and high, and have no range. Both use illusion and speed to get in close, because if they're not in close, they don't do damage, and they will lose. Hanzo and Galford can be played defensively by teleporting in to get a quick hit and then running like a little girl, but you must be aggressive when you get in there, or else you won't do enough to win. Since you move so quickly, use it to your advantage by constantly pressing forward, dodging opponents' special attacks, leaping over opponents, or otherwise screwing with them so badly that they don't know where the next attack will come from. Combine with your specials effectively, and the other player will be a whining ball when you get finished trouncing them. That, or they'll be pissed.

Only play Hanzo and Galford if you can run very fast.
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Post by baphomet_irl »

well i've only really played as Haohmaru and one thing which DEFINITELY doesnt work and is a staple of my (admittedly cheap and simplistic) Street Fighter game, is doing flying kicks down on to peoples heads, they seem to only work on the ascent or something, any way they definitely feel better in all the SFs and even KOFs I think
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Post by Hatta »

Die early, die often. That seems to be my strategy at least.
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Post by ott0bot »

The best stragegy I've found is to be as cheap as possible. Sit back throw projectiles if you have them, use medium and strong slashes to fend off your oponent when the jump at you, an repeat the same moves over and over. The computer will fall for the same lure tricks 3 or 4 times before catching on, and thats usually enough to kill them or time out the round. Also, wait until the do a slash and hit your strong slash just a split second later, you usually dodge their attack and do a hefty amout of damage. And I just can't get the hang of Earthquake, Galford or Hanzo and I want to like them, but they are just plain frustrating to play for me.

In general the controls really lag in this game, much like in a real fight you cant always seem to do exactly what you want to. The attacks can be slow or akward so you have to learn exactly what slash you get by pressing a direction an the attack button, otherwise it's pretty hard to repell attackers or reach in for the critical moment when the oponent is unguarded.

Also button mashing does work in this game. Quite well actually.
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Post by Oraichu »

When I start off with I game I haven't played much and don't know the moves, it's more or less always button mashing.
Tryig to figure out moves by doing different compinations with both movement and controlls.

So after I pick up movies, I start using this movies, but maybe a bit semi-button mashing still at other point.

And in the end when I've picked up all the movies I can figure out, and knowing all the attacks by heart, then it's all strategic movements.
Makes you being alot more able to move as you like.

My fav character from the game is Hattori Hanzo, so far.

He got alot of good moves. And a move the seem pretty good is when he's body is just an "image" that is revealed to be a brick of wood.
And then he comes falling down from the sky on the enemy to deal alot of damage.

This is just one of his tricks of course. And since I'm kinda in the semi-knowing the moves at the moment, then I cant pull it off all the time.
I know approx, but not exactly what to do. So it ends up being a bit semi-button mashing still.

I also use alot of jumping in my strategy. Works well om human opponents in fighting games, and seems to work well enough here as well to evade attacks. I expecially noticed this on some bigger enemies with smashing attacks. Jump over this, and I got a good chance to slice them in the back.
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