"The Wizard" Coming to DVD

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Yes I saw it

Post by Ivo »

I remember seeing it when it aired in Portuguese TV back when I was a kid. I think it had to be about in 1992 or after as I already had at least my Amiga 500 and was into games already.

It wasn't bad, I think the kid played Double Dragon at a certain point in the movie, and I had that so it was cool to see it.
I liked the fact that something that showed in TV actually had games on it (I don't know how it was in the U.S., but in Portugal the TV didn't EVER have ads or anythign else videogame related back in the day, so this was a bit fresh for me)

Heck, if we wanted games mags we either had to read spanish ones like "Micromania" (see how I still remember) or one of the several U.K. ones. Good thing games taught me how to read english :P

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Post by grittykitty »

i think i saw the movie around 1990 on video. from what i remember smb3 was already out by the time i saw i it (i think i bought the game during launch week) but i was really excited to see how to get the whistle in the world 1 castle! :D
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Post by bawitback »

I've seen it years ago. The best part of the movie imo is the end, when the surprise game was Mario 3 for SNES. Hah, love that part.
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Post by little witch boy »

what an odd line to come from a film with kids in it... then again that was typical the family 80s movie. I guess it was a kind of ok movie... it did have double dragon and Frank McRae in it. I still dont know how the hell that kid got 50,000 on double dragon in the 5 or 10 seconds of play time. I guess thats why he was the wizard. How the hell did a loser with a power glove get loser flunkies to carry his power glove in a suit case for him? His line embarrassed the hell out of me - "I love the power glove... its so bad"

yarggggg - that line was lamer then hell, i felt so ashamed and humiliated - like it was my fault in some weird way for the movie sucking so bad. Say that reminds me, did anyone else think it was dumb that the wizard and his pals already knew about the secret Warp Zone Flute in Super Mario Bros. 3? waz-ent it supposed to be a neeeeew game? even in the movie?

But if it came down to watching that movie again and a kick in the nuts.....
id happily go with a kick in the nuts. Then watch Goonies to make them feel better.
Hell yeah, Chunk could kick Fred Savages ass.
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Post by xwierd »

that movie was cool but it delt with issues that are way over kids heads ( the end was so sad and really put a damper on the hole video game wizard flow)
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Post by Saraph »

It has a lot of bad lines, some really bad acting, and some of the craziest scenerios where cops should've been involved. I still liked it though. After reading rackets post, I decided to watch it again. Having just done so, I'm really glad I did. When this movie first came out I couldnt wait to see it. I liked it then, love it now. I was so young and easily influenced that when I saw it, the way Jimmy said "CalifORNia" carried through to today. Everytime I hear that word, I automatically think of the way Jimmy said it. I don't know if it was the blend of so many things I liked back then, or the recognizable characters, but having a movie stay in my mind for so many years is something special. I easily recommend this movie to anyone who wants a little nostalgic taste every now and then.

The music wasnt bad either.
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Post by neohx_7 »

I have a VHS rip on DVD. I remember it being a big deal in school when this movie and later mario 3 came out. Isn't it nuts how they can play Mario 3 so well on the first time through? Also, Lucas is a pussy.
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