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Re: Guide Requests

by pvt_awol Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:16 am

jfrost wrote:SSF guide?

All the way back from the first page! I second this. I have SSF up and running and have been using it for years. It took days and weeks of trial and error, scouring Google, and I eventually have stuff running the way I like it.

But I'm 100% sure that someone else has a better way. Even a way that makes the games look and play better than what I currently have.

I know that someday my PC will die, and then I'll never know what I did or how I got SSF to work. A guide would be awesome!

I would volunteer, but I don't think I have the time, nor would I be any good at it. Plus, I'm sure that my setup is very VERY flawed. LOL.
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Re: Guide Requests

by Ziggy587 Mon Jun 17, 2019 2:51 pm

Anyone interested in a PC building guide? I had an idea to write a guide that focused on how to pick out parts (with tips) rather than focusing on just the assembly of the parts. With some resources linked as well. I actually have it about 50% done already, but I was doubting how well received it might be. I just wanted to gauge interest before continuing to work on it further.

My burning guide was written 10 years ago. I had actually written an updated version a couple of years ago, but I'm not sure why nothing ever came of it. I recently decided that instead of updating the existing guide I would like to just make a new one: Ripping and Burning. It'll contain all the same info for burning, but I'l like to include more info for ripping. Or should burning and ripping be two separate guides?

My Sale Thread - PRICES REDUCED! I am selling around three quarters of my video game collection as well as some other odds and ends!

I want to buy Universal Game Cases, if you have any spares please PM me! I'm looking to only deal with members that have good BST feedback on this forum.
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Re: Guide Requests

by Jagosaurus Thu Jun 20, 2019 10:31 pm

As a laptop user, but someone who worked in a PC shop 10 years ago, I'd enjoy the build guide. I know there's compatibility sites out there, but having in a single guide to reference & give an overarching view would be nice.

I like rip & burn update idea. Two options to add in:
- turn PS1 .bin/.cue to .vcd for POPS via CUE2POPS
- company multiple .bins + .cue to a single .bin/.cue image

I run into the later often & most emulators (and POPS) seem to require the single .bin/.cue. I've used a couple of methods to combine & my success rates seem 50/50. Might be bad rips to begin with. Seems to be MUCH more prevalent with disc images vs ROMs. Guess that's further evidence we need a ripping guide for the interwebs 8)

As a aside... what about combining dual disc games into a single image. IIRC you've done this for cases it's needed in emu, POPS, or PSIO?
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