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Which OS do you use?

Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Linux Mint
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Linux Ubuntu
Other (Please explain)
Total votes : 28
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Re: What is your main OS and why? (Poll)

by RCBH928 Sun Jul 28, 2019 12:27 am


you use it more than you fix it. It just works :p
beautiful interface, stable, everything great. I can see lots of improvements, but if you make every OS out there free and all applications run on all of them I think MacOS wins easy.

People don't use MacOS for:-
1)missing software(games or other utilities)
2)expensive hardware
3)none upgradable hardware
4)Limited selection of hardware

Everytime I use Windows seems like I am looking stuff on the web on how to fix something or make something work. The Privacy and data collection is another issue for me lately. I have been interested in Linux lately and learned that all the distros are basically a customized version of like only 5 basic ones. I thought there was more to it. Linux problem is really lack of software, there are alternatives but I really do not expect to see software online and there will be a "Linux" version of it. I am willing to bet a lot of people working in different professions are missing a ton of software like architects, doctors, artists, video editors...etc. The GUI looks primitive, I know you can customize it to make it look beautiful but if you look at something like GIMP and compare it to Photoshop you will understand what I mean. Of course, you can't complain when the software is free but in comparison, there is a better.

I am not sure how it plays with syncing and backing up smartphones and tablets. It can fit some needs but its not fit for the average user.
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