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Re: oXbox Capacitor Leakage Clean Up - Help

by s8n Wed Apr 12, 2017 2:13 am

you can put that morning erection to good use and grind a Lemon on it to get the most juice out of it.

......seriously i use a artists paint brush and dab a blob on the corroded areas , if it's something you can desolder i dump it in a Vinegar/Lemon bath. I fixed a WIImote this way , the connector was corroded so i desoldered it let is soak and got it working again.
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Re: oXbox Capacitor Leakage Clean Up - Help

by Jagosaurus Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:23 pm

You use vinegar (an acid) on Alkaline batteries (a base). The reaction between the two polarities causes the cleaning action. This works perfect for situations such as the Wii remote mentioned. I recently fixed a clock & my Wii Fit with this method as well (AA Alkaline Batts ate them up).

Using those basic chemistry principles, you need to use a basic solution (such as baking soda) on caps to really clean up as they're usually sulfuric acid inside, correct? Unless I'm missing something about the composition of caps.

Also, nightrnr is correct in a previous post, do not remove if your console is a 1.6.

After removing this cap, I have this thread detailing how to connect to a time sever so your console will display the correct date & time :). Link:

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