Sega Genesis 4 MB Save Cartridge Pinout

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Sega Genesis 4 MB Save Cartridge Pinout

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Hello Everyone SO i just started to play with Sega Cartridges Turned out really easy .

So there are Different types of PCB's

512K , 1MB , 2MB and 3/4MB.

It is quite easy to convert any PCB to fit any other Rom Chip / M27c160/Mc27c322 etc.

e.g Can easily Use SONIC 1 PCB which is 512KB, Can Jump wire to A18/A19/A20 and it will work just fine.
Main problem comes in the PCB with Game Save , I have tons of 2MB rom PCB which i can just Swap the Maskrom with EEPROM M27c160 and it plays just fine with Saves.

Problem is in Converting it to 4MB with Save files. Turns out we need 74XX74 Logic Chip as i have seen couple after market Pcb's poeple are selling all have those , I forgot where i posted but someone recommend me it will need 74HC74 Flipflop chip in order to Use a 4MB Maskrom on a 2MB PCB with game save and battery.


Code: Select all

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So i found a Github with a Sega Genesis Cartridge PCB with game save support but with FERAM.

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I tried to connect all the pins as shown on 74HC74 with appropriate points on but getting a black screen.

I want to make couple Sega 32x Games as well as Sonic 3 Complete rom hack.
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