Jurassic Park: Sega CD vs 3DO?

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Jurassic Park: Sega CD vs 3DO?

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Has anybody played Jurassic Park on both the Sega CD and 3DO? I'd love to hear thoughts on comparing them as a game and their attempts to recreate the feel of the movie (as flawed as they may be). Even if you've only spent time with one, I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts

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I thought I had played them both back around the time of their release (especially since I had a lot of Sega CD time), but perhaps I only played the 3DO... After watching some YT clips, the 3DO rings true, but it's been so long...
I think I mostly recall both the part where you're trying to outrun the T Rex and the part where you kinda going through the dark corridors hoping to avoid raptors. Granted, I was just an impressionable teenager at the time, but I remember being kinda nervous playing those two parts and the 3DO felt so "real" at the time. (I mostly played at the Meijer store demo for quite a while)

Anyway, I'd love to hear feedback for better or worse on either game!
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