PS2 Mod 2016-19: USB & HDD Loading, PS1 via POPS, Emus

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Re: PS2 Mod 2016-19: USB & HDD Loading, PS1 via POPS, Emus

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Jagosaurus wrote: Sat Apr 20, 2024 7:27 pmHow's the OPL & POPS scene today? Hard to believe this thread this nearing 8 years old :shock:

... been thinking about jumping back in. Understand this makes that initial FMCB step easier: ... azing.html
I've been meaning to update my OPL and HDD. I can't remember if it's a beta update or a fork, but I remember seeing that a new release of OPL allows you to format the HDD using a standard file system. So then I can dump games to it just by copying them over from a PC. No more special software or slow network transfers. Also, I still have an old 80GB HDD in mine. This would give me an excuse to finally upgrade it to something larger.

Oh yeah, the MemCard Pro 2. So I guess that takes care of FMCB as well, huh?
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Re: PS2 Mod 2016-19: USB & HDD Loading, PS1 via POPS, Emus

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Oh, yeah that would be nice. WinHIIP was slow but never gave me too many problems (once I ran in Admin). Nice to get a faster, more standard method though if possible.

Per RetroRGB MCP2 & FMCB
On top of just being a smart, central repository for all your PS2 save data, it’s also a great companion for home brew too. What I mean is that you are able launch Free McBoot (via a dedicated Virtual Memory Card) every time you turn on the console, and then load games that are backed up on your Hard Drive (Or MX4SIO/MC2SIO device). But what makes this such a powerful and convenient accessory, is that once you load your game, it will use it’s internal GameID functionality to either create a new dedicated Virtual Memory Card (VMC), or load an existing one automatically! This makes playing games on the PS2 extremely easy and switching in between games an absolute breeze! For me this is the greatest feature of the MCP2.
The original trouble was always getting that initial Free McBoot file on your 1st mem card. Looks like that may be resolved easily here.

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