Together Retro 2024 - Upcoming Months

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Together Retro 2024 - Upcoming Months

Post by Ziggy »

Unless I missed something, I don't believe anyone has planned or even expressed interest in organizing TR this year. So I'm throwing this together very hastily.

Since console of the month was more wide open and thus easier for some people to get into, I would like to stick with that spirit. But it may be fun to move away from consoles (at least, for a little while) and try something else. So I thought a genre of the month would be fun. And to jazz it up, why not make TR 2024 the year of alliteration!

JAN: Plentiful Platformers
FEB: Simply Simulated
MAR: Brutal Beat 'em Ups
APR: Pleasant Puzzles
MAY: Really Rad Racers
JUN: Frenzy Fighters
JUL: Shredding Shmups
AUG: Spiffy Sports
SEP: Radical Role Playing Games
OCT: Horrific Horror
NOV: Effin' FPS
DEC: Happy Holidays

Suggestions welcomed!
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