My 16-year-old 360 won't start up

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My 16-year-old 360 won't start up

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It will freeze on the boot screen and sometimes will spit out an E79 error and/or a half red-ring indicative of overheating.

I noticed it started doing this after I hooked it up back when I first moved in to my new place in 2018. At first it'd just freeze from time to time and then it began doing this more frequently. Now I can't get past the boot screen. And last few times I could get to the home screen it'd freeze up after less than a minute.

I actually considered buying a used Xbox One, but then I read somewhere about how there's no means at the moment to softmod the system to run backups (I'd basically use it for original Xbox and Xbox 360 games, as well as using it as a RetroArch console). While installing RetroArch via dev mode is apparently doable, actually running pre-Xbox One titles isn't.
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