Games Beaten 2018

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Re: Games Beaten 2018

Post by nullPointer »

The List So Far:

23. Call of Duty: Finest Hour [PS2]
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Ah … the ubiquitous 6th gen WWII FPS, the genre equivalent of white bread to a console generation that birthed a glut of them. I won't lie; I've put off put off reviewing Call of Duty: Finest Hour after having beaten it because I couldn't imagine what I might say about it that couldn't be applied to half a dozen other games from this time period. But much like Sisyphus and his boulder, it's time to storm that beach one more time.

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Call of Duty: Finest Hour does in fact have the distinction of being the first CoD game to appear on a home console. The series had already had a successful PC release one year prior to Finest Hour, but in many ways it was this title that really brought CoD to the masses, as it were. So how well did the franchise handle its first foray into 'consolization'? Well … not half bad, though there are certainly concessions present. In order to compensate for some slightly sluggish moment and aiming, it seems that health (and in some cases ammo) drops are more plentiful in Finest Hour than in the previous PC title. Likewise it seems that you can take a bit more damage in Finest Hour. This allows for a bit more of a 'run and gun' play style than the first PC title which often required a more tactical and strategic style of play. Interestingly enough though, checkpoints here seem to be considerably more sparse than in the PC title which not only had more frequent checkpoints but allowed for quick saves as well.

Other than a couple of eccentricities, I didn't have any major issues with the gameplay in Finest Hour. If you've played any other halfway competent WWII FPS on a console, Finest Hour will feel likely feel very familiar. The selection of weapons is both familiar and adequate, and you'll likely settle on some favorites pretty quickly. For this WWII FPS vet, it's almost always some combination of M1 Garand and MP40. Unfortunately the operation of hand grenades in Finest Hour is a bit … basic. You cannot control the trajectory of your throw, nor can you 'cook' your grenades. So it's simply one press, one throw. I suspect that these gameplay features simply hadn't been adopted into console FPS at the time of this release, but that's purely guesswork on my part. These elements are certainly noticeable in their absence though, particularly in hindsight.

Image Image

One of the distinguishing features of early Call of Duty titles is in the inclusion of vehicle based levels, and Finest Hour is no exception. You'll take command of a T-34 tank during the Russian campaign and an M4 Sherman tank during the American campaign. The British campaign in North Africa features a solitary on-rails shooting segment which has you manning a 50. Cal turret in the back of a moving Jeep. Interestingly I had a bit of an aiming issue in the tank segments. The game allows you to switch between a 'first-person in-the-tank' perspective and a 'third-person outside-the-tank' viewpoint. This may come down to personal preference, but I tend to heavily favor the 3rd person perspective for these levels as it makes it much easier to determine the orientation of both the tank and the turret since they move independently. Unfortunately I found the aiming reticule in 3rd person to be highly inaccurate. It took me a few tries before I realized that the 1st person aiming was dead on, even at ridiculous distances. So this necessitated (for me) a system that had me constantly switching viewpoints for movement and firing. It eventually became much easier, but it never felt exactly comfortable either.

After all this talk of gameplay, let's talk about the campaign for a moment. I believe(?) Call of Duty was the first WWII FPS to feature campaign elements for each of the principle allied forces (U.S., Great Britain, and Russia) in the same game with the player assuming the role of many various soldiers. Whereas previous CoD games had culminated with (fairly difficult) final levels occurring during the Russian Campaign, Finest Hour actually begins with the battle for Stalingrad. From there you will assume the role of various Russian soldiers culminating in a protracted armor assault (with those T-34s) on a German airfield as part of Operation Little Saturn. The British campaign takes you to arid Matamata in North Africa where you engage in light infantry commando raids and a daring rescue mission. Finally the U.S. campaign takes you back to the familiar settings of Operation Market Garden where you participate in the capture of the beautiful city of Aachen. Next up you'll lead an armor assault on the town of Tillet, and the final missions have you capturing the Ludendorff Bridge. Of all these campaigns, the North Africa section is a welcome change of pace. In a sea of WWII FPS, North Africa is still one of the lesser seen/played theaters. The other campaigns are nicely executed, albeit standard fare in this sort of game. Noticeably absent is an Invasion of Normandy segment, so in that regard Finest Hour slightly deviates from the standard WWII FPS playbook (though the Normandy landing is certainly present in other CoD games).

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At the end of the day your enjoyment of Call of Duty: Finest Hour will come down to a rudimentary question. Do you (still) enjoy console based WWII FPS? If the answer is yes, you'll likely find something to enjoy in Finest Hour. If the answer is no, there's certainly nothing in Finest Hour that will change your mind. This is by-the-books, (pleasantly) flavorless meat and potatoes gaming, nothing more, nothing less.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

Post by Gustie3 »

As many have said already, i've beaten Red Dead Redemption. Thanks to the title i was able to get back into the genre. It's been a while since the open world fps could grab my attention so much.

Well, a bunch of old indie games beaten this year can't tell the count now, as i was accumulating ideas on my own game design. There were a few AAA games like:
God of War, Uncharted, Dark Souls 3 (on and off pc and consoles) and soon to be done with the dead cells any %.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

Post by Stark »


Hollow Knight - Switch

This game is fantastic. HK is a metroidvania, which I use only because it immediately tells you whats going on. So platformer, unlock abilities, which opens more of the map, etc. Exploration, precision platforming, excellent controls, gorgeous! They definitely are inspired by Dark Souls, there is the Souls-esque thing where you collect a currency (Geo in this case) and it drops on your body when you die and then you have to do a "corpse run" and get your loot back, but if you die again it's wiped. This is definitely a challenge at first, but eventually you have more money then you know what to do with. Lore and tone are definitely Dark Souls inspired too, probably a little more BloodBourne then DS, it has the general feeling of corruption and infection taking place over time a la Yarnham. Any way loved it, controls are just perfect and I had a lot of fun getting the timing and what not down. Recommend.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

Post by prfsnl_gmr »

That game looks awesome. I am envious of you having played through it.


First 50
1. Bastion (iOS)
2. LaserCat (360)
3. Zombie Incident (3DS)
4. Bye-Bye BoxBoy! (3DS)
5. Monument Valley 2 (iOS)
6. Zenge (iOS)
7. Master of Darkness (Game Gear/3DS)
8. Wonder Boy (SMS)
9. Full Throttle Remastered (iOS)
10. Adventure Island (NES)
11. Adventure Island II (NES)
12. Adventure Island (GB)
13. Super Adventure Island (SNES)
14. New Adventure Island (TG16)
15. Adventure Island III (NES)
16. The Legend of the Ghost Lion (NES)
17. Part Time UFO (iOS)
18. Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise (GB)
19. Adventure Island IV (NES)
20. Super Adventure Island II (SNES)
21. Adventure Island: The Beginning (WII)
22. Quell Memento (3DS)
23. Wonder Boy in Monster Land (ARCADE)
24. Saiyuuki World (FAMICOM)
25. Whomp ‘Em (NES)
26. Bikkuriman World (TG16)
27. Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair (TG16)
28. Go Series: Picdun (DS)
29. The Keep (3DS)
30. Dooors (3DS)
31. Ninja Gaiden (ARCADE)
32. Advance Guardian Heroes (GBA)
33. TMNT (GBA)
34. Double Dragon Advance (GBA)
35. Mighty Final Fight (NES)
36. Double Dragon II (ARCADE)
37. Kung Fu Master (GB)
38. Cube Escape: The Lake (iOS)
39. Cube Escape: Seasons (iOS)
40. Cube Escape: Arles (iOS)
41 . Cube Escape: Harvey’s Box (iOS)
42. Cube Escape: Case 23 (iOS)
43. Cube Escape: The Mill (iOS)
44. Rusty Lake Hotel (iOS)
45. Cube Escape: Birthday (iOS)
46. Cube Escape: The Theatre (iOS)
47. Rusty Lake Roots (iOS)
48. Cube Escape: The Cave (iOS)
49. Rusty Lake Paradise (iOS)
50. Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone (ARCADE)

51. Knightmare Tower (iOS)
52. 80s Overdrive (3DS)
53. Hitman Go (iOS)
54. Deus Ex Go (iOS)
55. Ecco the Dolphin (Genesis)
54. Double Dragon IV (iOS)

Double Dragon IV Is about as good as most Double Dragon games...which means it’s just mediocre. This installment in the long running series harkens back stylistically to the NES port of Double Dragon II, but with graphical flourishes not possible on that system. There have been a few gameplay refinements, and both the enemies and the Lee brothers’ move sets are more varied. Nonetheless, the game feels more repetitive than its distinguished predecessor, and the fighting doesn’t require the skill or strategy required to succeed in modern beat ‘em ups. In other words, it is way to easy, and you will probably beat it in a few sittings. There are some extras after you complete the story mode, but since the gameplay isn’t that compelling, I didn’t bother with them. The game is definitely a step way down from the fabulous Double Dragon Neon, and while I didn’t mind paying $3 for it, I would have been very disappointed if I’d spent much more.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

Post by Xeogred »

72. Resident Evil 3* (PSX)

Hard Mode (it's really normal)
Time: 6:11
Number of Saves: 23
Grade: E

Finally got in another replay of RE3. Definitely not my favorite because of all the RNG and weird alternate paths or choices. That's a weird thing to complain about and I'm sure it would have been a huge fun time sink if I played this one back in the day like the others. The replay value is certainly high and has a lot of extras like Mercenaries, etc. But I just find the other installments to be more fun. RE3 has a different atmosphere and the least interesting plot/story/characters by far. Aesthetically, it's amazing to see the beat down urban environments of an infested Raccoon City, the pre-rendered backdrops are incredible for a late 1999 PSX title and the game still looks gorgeous. Lots of unique looking zombie enemies and some other returning monsters. But the majority of the maps are a lot of long straight roads or pathways. It just kind of lacks the isolated and claustrophobic vibes of RE1 or RE2, both which have a bit of a Metroidvania flavor going for them but not so much here. The Nemesis concept is cool but a bad save somewhere can really screw you over, not to mention those bad Tremors-like worm parts too. In the back half the game tries to get back to smaller singular environment with a clocktower, some park/underground labs, but it's still not as good as previous entries and seems a little half baked.

Still a classic in ways but not one I frequent as much. Kind of middle of the pack RE for me alongside Zero and I place both of those above Code Veronica, my least favorite. RE3 is one that I think could probably actually be improved upon with a remake, which sounds like could happen someday.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

Post by dunpeal2064 »

I played through Undertale for the first time this last weekend. Somehow, despite the game's widespread discussion, I'd managed to not know a thing about it until I jumped in.

Knowing nothing, I think, actually added to my experience, so I'd rather not write all about the game, just in case anyone else plans to visit it.

I will say, though, that I absolutely adored the game. Its gameplay is spectacular, its story made me both laugh and feel things, its visuals (and especially its sprites) are well done, and its music is insanely good.

Apparently there is controversy as to whether this game deserves its praise. I know its a bit of a meme at this point, but I'd give this game three thumbs up any day of the week. It completely took me away, and even after finishing it I just kept thinking about it.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

Post by AnneBinette »

The list is quite long for the games I still playing in 2018, because they are not yet completed. I have a bad habit of playing games simultaneously, so some games are left uncompleted. I would like to share some completed games name here:
Warhammer: Vermintide II
Persona 5
Kingdom Hearts 2
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

Post by PartridgeSenpai »

Partridge Senpai's 2018 Beaten Games:
Previously: 2016 2017
* indicates a repeat


21. Deadbolt (Steam)
22. Legend of Grimrock 2 (Steam)
23. The Witness (PS4)
24. Uurnog (PC)
25. Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch)
26. Hyrule Warriors (Wii U)
27. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)
28. Magicka 2 (PS4)*
29. Tales of Phantasia (PSP)
31. Blossom Tales (Switch)
32. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (Steam)
33. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn (PS4)
34. Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius: Forever With Me (PSP)
35. Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)
36. Runbow Pocket (3DS)
37. Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows (3DS)
38. Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment (3DS)

39. Mega Man ZX (DS)

I really liked playing through the Mega Man Zero Collection on DS a few years back, so I picked up Mega Man ZX and its sequel. Now I FINALLY picked up the first one, because I was still in a very action game-y mood, and I needed a shorter game to play while I waited for Breath of the Wild to arrive in the mail :lol: . I played through on Normal mode and it took me just about 11 hours.

This game's level design hearkens back more to Mega Man Zero 1, where the entire map is basically a kind of open-world, almost Metroidvania design to it. It was bad then, and it's bad now, and it really does not do the game any favors other than making it confusing and annoying to get around anywhere to the actual missions :P . The mission designs themselves are fine. It's just actually finding them that's a big pain in the ass :P .

When you beat bosses, instead of getting just one new weapon, you get a new armor set. Each one allows you to do things like break blocks, boost in the air/glide, swim, and hang from the ceiling (and they all look like bosses from the Zero games :D ). Their charged weapons require energy, like in a normal Mega Man game, but those aforementioned movement abilities can be done infinitely. Each one even has a special secondary function on the bottom screen of the DS, like analyzing an enemy health bar/weak point, or showing you a map of your immediate surroundings. While the design of the game's Metroidvania world isn't that great, the armors you get to navigate it in are very fun to use :D .

The bosses you fight to get them are all the normal good designs. The game certainly isn't as hard as any of the Mega Man Zero games, as far as difficulty goes, but it's hardly easy. Bosses now all have a certain point on their body you can strike for a critical hit (like a front-plate or an armor bit) in addition to their elemental weaknesses that can be exploited through your armors' elemental attacks. It's not the hardest game in the X-line or its spin-offs, but it's hardly easy, and the bosses and levels provide a fun challenge ^w^

Verdict: Recommended. The overworld map design can really make navigating it infuriating at times, but it's still a fine Mega Man Zero game at its heart. As long as you don't mind just remembering where to go or using a map online, you'll have a lot of fun with this if you're a Mega Man fan :D
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

Post by Xeogred »

@PartridgeSenpai: I didn't like ZX much when I played and beat it at release, but I just finally played Advent earlier this summer and loved it. The Metroidvania elements are still kind of half baked and not great and I don't love the story/characters in the ZX games, but everything else still rocks. Also probably some of the hardest boss battles in the franchise to me. I highly recommend Advent and maybe my memory of ZX is fuzzy, but I walked away very happy from Advent unlike the original. I'd say it's a big improvement.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

Post by laurenhiya21 »

Yay I just have two more reviews after these! :D

8/2: Dog’s Life (PS2)
Dog’s Life was the first game I decided to play for the August Together Retro. It was also the first game I beat for Together Retro this year! I was a little bit unsure if I would like the game or not, as it seemed pretty fun and cheesy, but I wasn’t certain if the game would keep me interested until completion. However, Dog’s Life thankfully was a blast to play through and I had a good time for a majority of the game.

You play as a dog named Max, and his goal is to rescue his love interest, Daisy, from dognappers. However, Max is not strong enough to stand up against the other mean dogs and has to find many bones throughout the world to increase his strength. To find bones, he has to find various scents, help humans out with various tasks, and beat dogs in a few different mini-games. It’s not really the most complex of games, but the game shines most with its humour (both intentional and probably less intentional). The various tasks that Max has to do are often a bit silly and Max himself has a lot of little quips to say. There’s also quite a bit of potty humour, such as Max’s ability to poop or fart at will (while it may not be funny for some, I find it a little funny). On the more unintentional side, the voice acting here is really bad. It is very much in the “so-bad-it’s-good” kind of voice acting, which is fine by me. It’s not at all a serious game so it fits pretty well anyway.

As far as negatives go, I have a few but nothing that breaks the game. For one, the game does not look that great. It rarely poses much of an issue with gameplay though (other than a few times where it was hard to see something), so that’s not a huge negative. The other, and a bit more annoying, negative is that the controls are a little wonky. Max moves around really strangely and is a bit tricky to move around. It’s sort of tank controls I think, but there were quite a few times where he didn’t seem to want to go where I wanted him to. I think he sometimes auto jumps off of ledges, which did lead to several times where he would repeatedly jump off a particular ledge that I didn’t want him to. The camera sometimes doesn’t help with this either, as it sometimes liked to stay in a very awkward position. It usually didn’t matter too much, as I found that I could get most of the bones and scents without too much trouble, but when there was some required platforming for a bone it sometimes got a little frustrating. There weren’t too many bones like this though, so usually it was pretty quick to move onto a bone that was less frustrating to get.

Overall, despite some annoying sections of the game, I really enjoyed A Dog’s Life. I would not recommend this to everyone, as the overall B-movie type feeling of the game might put some people off, but if you don’t mind that sort of thing then I would suggest giving it a look. However, even if you aren’t interested in playing the game, I would still suggest checking out the AGDQ run of the game which I thought was really well done.

8/8: 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue (PS1)
For the third game I played for August Together Retro (the second was The Dog Island which I sadly won’t be beating, despite how cute the game is), I decided to give 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue a look. It might seem like a bit of a random pick, but I wanted to give this a try since I enjoyed it as a kid and I wanted to see if the game held up or not. Surprisingly, it definitely held up enough for me to beat it!

The game follows two puppies, Domino and Oddball, and their quest to find their dognapped siblings and stop Cruella De Vil from turning their siblings into toys. Why does Cruella want to make toys? Reasons. I honestly have no clue. She’s annoyed at the beginning of the game that her Cruella merchandise isn’t selling well, but there doesn’t seem to be any other reason than that.

As far as gameplay goes, Domino and/or Oddball (you can choose either at any time) have to run and jump their way through several different open areas, ranging from a park and a forest to a toy factory and a castle. All you really need to do in each level is reach the exit (which is very easy), but in each level you can also try and find all of the 6ish doggy siblings and all of the 100 bones (which don’t do anything I think). In most of the levels, you can also lure one of Cruella’s henchmen into a trap. This doesn’t do to much and it isn’t required, but if you do then you get a funny cutscene. This isn’t too difficult to do, as all it requires is getting their attention and running to a certain spot, but I remember being really scared of them as a kid, so it’s funny that they are so easy for me now. Really the only thing that you need to somewhat watch out for, are Cruella’s various toys. They’re pretty easy to deal with, but it is possible to lose lives and have to restart a level if you are very bad at games.

Even though the game is really easy, I still had quite a bit of fun with this. Maybe it’s mostly due to nostalgia, but I just had a lot of fun running though the levels. There’s quite a bit of variety in them, and it was just an overall pleasant game to play. If you’re looking for a challenge, this would not be the game for you, but it might be worth a look if you want something a bit more relaxing.
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