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Raging Justice
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The Third Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Arcade Game (2017)

by Raging Justice Sat Feb 04, 2023 8:44 am

Just recently learned of this thing's existence. It looks fun and everything I've seen online regarding the game seems to be positive. It makes me sad that there is no rom or console version of this. I think it's possible to buy the actual cabinet, but it doesn't come cheap.

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Re: The Third Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Arcade Game (2017)

by racketboy Sun Feb 05, 2023 12:55 pm

My family and I have enjoyed it quite a bit over the years. Only complaint is that is feels like it's most of a "quarter eater" than most. (but I'm not sure if there are difficulty settings).

At our local place, where they do plastic cards for both game credits and reward tickets, it's really cool that this TMNT game actually supports giving tickets based on gameplay performance -- and actually pretty decent amount of tickets if you're a good player. It's so refreshing when most classic "video games" don't get ticket-minded kids any reward for playing. My kids to enjoy typical video games, but its easy for them to get sucked into the ticket mentality so they can "buy" things :)

Anyway, the game itself has always made a good impression on me -- has good production value and lives up to the legacy surprisingly well.
I would love to see a port / ROM of it surface someday, but I'm guessing it may be a while -- maybe once the game is less prominent in modern arcade settings.
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