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Meet Punk Wars

by StrategyForge Wed Jul 14, 2021 6:04 am

It's time for the new dev blog and this time we would like to take you on a short journey into the dark world of Punk Wars...


The Dark of the Past


It's a long way up by the winding stairs, but once you're at the top of the Security Tower, the view sends shivers down your spine. The immensity and hollowness of the wasteland is beautiful, yet overwhelming and sad at the same time. In the middle of the round office sits the vice-superintendent. He's surprised to see you. Rarely ever anyone comes all the way up here. When you asked him about the ancient times, the world before the nuclear holocaust, he answers sneeringly:
History? Why? Are you going to write a book?

You remind him who you are, and make sure he understands the gravity of your question. He changes his tone and tries to recall to the best of his abilities:

I don’t think anybody really knows what happened… They say a long time ago, back when the world was still green and fertile, people were preparing for the dawn of the ‘Age of Aquarius’. It was meant to bring peace and spiritual wisdom to the entire planet. End all conflicts once and for all… I guess, in a sense, that’s exactly what happened.


It’s a good thing you’re taking such an interest in the past. After all, if you don’t know where you have come from, how could you know where you are going? But the vice-superintendent can tell you nothing more. He suggests you try to contact the Chief Archivist. Indeed, our database can shed some more light on the dark of the past. You take one last look in the distance and begin your way down again. On the next day you meet with the Archivist and listen to what he has to say:

Steampunk’s version
You see, some believe that the world in ancient times was all splendid and lavish. Nonsense! Humanity was at its last legs, the resources were almost depleted and the environment was devastated. The Hierarch of our organization, who we now remember as the great Father-Director, knew that and he worked hard to replace the world's machinery with new and elegant, steam-powered models.
Regrettably, others were too stubborn to listen. They wanted to suck the world dry till its very last drop. Finally, the world could take no more. Thankfully, we survived thanks to our superior technology, but this can never happen again. That's why we must eradicate everyone who is against us if we want to save the world and bring humanity back to its former glory.

Dieselpunk’s version
Ah, yes, the infamous Great Betrayal, we’ve got the data about in our archives. Our then Leader ran a highly successful global organization that was bringing prosperity and order to the entire world. Our annual rates of return from that time are astonishing! Alas, a group of anarchists formed, determined to destroy us. They wanted to create some sort of democratic government that would later ban and dismantle us.


Of course. We weren’t going to have it, so we did what anyone would do in our place – we took the matter to the court. The judge ruled in our favor, and ‘coincidently’, the attacks began shortly after that. From that day on, our branch has lost contact with the HQ. But I can personally assure you that during that time not a single day has passed when we had violated the procedures in any way.

Steelpunk’s version
What happened? I’ll tell you what happened. After years of bloody and glorious fighting, the world went soft, that’s what happened! Some damned hippies took over and prayed to the skies for ‘peace’ and ‘love’. Then they wanted to create one government to end wars for good. What a sorry bunch of sissies!

After that, some wimp released the nukes. Tell me, what kind of coward hides behind the rockets to do his fighting for him? Anyway, everyone panicked and started blasting. They were shooting at everything and we ended up where we ended up. The good thing is that under our leadership, the world will never go soft again!

Atompunk’s version


Oh, what would I have given to see it with my own eyes! The power of the Atom at its greatest. The legend says the sky gleamed for months after it had happened! Admittedly though, the price was too big. We’ve lost so much knowledge… Such a waste.

Now some blame us for this ‘incident’, but that’s rubbish. We were never interested in politics, not now, not then. Now maybe, just maybe, one of our overseers needed funds for his studies and sold a few missiles here and there, but realistically – can you be blamed for what someone else does with a knife you sold him? Besides, what matters most is the future, not the past. We must do what we can to restore the planet and bring it back its shine!

That’s something to build on, but your knowledge is still limited. You decide there must be more information you can learn. You shall conduct an expedition and scour the wastelands for clues. The truth must be out there!

To be continued...

About a game

Our civilization has fallen. From the ashes, four new powers emerge. Immerse yourself in a combat-heavy twist on a classic turn-based 4X strategy where steam, steel, atom and diesel-punk corporations clash to spread their technology and the way of life.

Check the demo
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Punk Wars World #2 + Contest

by StrategyForge Thu Jul 29, 2021 10:02 am


## Hello everyone!


We are happy to share with you our new dev blog, but also we would like to invite you to join our little contest (with pretty cool prizes) in which you can add a bit of your own creativity to the world of PUNK WARS! So let's get started, shall we?

This dev blog is pretty long, so pour yourself a cup of your favorite drink and dive into the PUNK WARS universe!


## Journal from the expedition

**Day 1 of the expedition**

You have gathered the most skillful scouts and soldiers. There’s an old town, several days of march to the East. This should be a good place to start your mission.

**Day 8**

You reached the ruins of an old town. It’s inhabited by a group of peaceful locals. When you ask them about the time before, they point you to an elderly woman, who lives in an old mill:

- From what I recall from my grandfather’s stories, everybody was getting ready for a big celebration. On the same day, they were supposed to enter some sort of new, astrological age, and start, uh, what-you-call-it… The World’s Government? You know, like a single tribe for everybody, so they won’t have to fight anymore. Everyone came out to the streets to rejoice. Shortly after they saw the sky burning…

The World's Government? That sounds ludicrous. You should find out more.

**Day 21**

While searching for cover from a sandstorm, your group enters a former railway tunnel. There you encountered a group of vagrants sitting around a campfire. You spend several hours together, enjoying bottles of the finest wasteland hooch. When the conversation turns towards the ancient times, one vagrant, a man with a bushy, silver beard, takes the lead:

- What happened? The usual son, greed happened! Some big cheeses were afraid they’re gonna lose their power, so in a desperate attempt to save it, they were threatening the world with nukes.

I guess, in the end, one of them couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. He must have lost it and launched the attack. That’s what I’ve heard, anyway.

When the sandstorm ends, you order your crew to pack and return on your path.

**Day 33**

In the mountains, you found a weird religious cult. They seem to live in harmony with nature, away from the troubles of modern civilizations. They turned out to be unusually friendly. After a grand dinner organized in your honor, you ask the head priest for her version of the events. She looks at you astonished:

- Oh, how can you not know this story? Every child has heard about it! The world was finally to be set free! Set free by the mighty Aquarius, The God of Love. But he was betrayed by the wicked corporations that bow to the evils of technology. They stabbed him in the back! But don’t you worry, he will return! More powerful than ever! He will smite his enemies and laugh at their demise! Those so-called ‘corporations’ will regret the day they crossed his path!

By the way, where are you from, again?

You carefully avoid answering and quickly change the topic. You enjoy the hospitality of your hosts for a few more days until you return on the trail.

**Day 47**

While scavenging for supplies, you come across an abandoned business center. You hope to find some data in their archives, but when two of your men fall to their deaths while trying to reach the higher levels, you decide the building is too much damaged to risk it any further. Thankfully, the noise you make brings nearby a group of locals who used to live in the center back when it was in better condition. You asked them if anyone ever read anything from the offices at the higher levels. One man stands up and shares with you what he can remember:

- Yes, I remember reading the old papers… There once was a big war that many modern-day corporations profited from. When it finally ended, people were so tired of fighting that nobody wanted to see another conflict ever again.

There was a sociological change all around the world. People wanted to unify and live in peace. But that would dramatically cut the incomes of these corporations, and that was unacceptable to them… So they provoked a new war, and then it all went to hell… What a shame.

He’s visibly moved and goes quiet for a few moments. You ask if there's a larger community anywhere nearby, the man replies that the only one he can think of lies many days far to the North.

**Day 72**

After a long march and several encounters with bandits, you find a settlement, located in the ruins of a big city. Ladelphia says the old sign, although part of it is missing. Locals are highly vigilant and unfriendly, nobody wants to talk to you. You notice a poor, starving kid and share some food with him. He points toward the local square, where lives a guy named Rocky, who apparently likes to ‘live in the past’. You find him after a short while. He has a camouflaged face and wears old military clothes.

- Oh, I was there. Ten thousand years ago… Standing in the middle of a street. Waiting for my parade. Bastards, they lied to us! We returned home after the bloody war. We were supposed to be greeted like heroes… But there was no parade! It wasn’t over! Nothing was over! There were only fires coming from the skies, and the next thing I see is my best friend Johnny splattered all over me!

You express doubts about his alleged age, he replies:

- What do you mean I don’t look ten thousand years old? It’s the radiation, man! Or… uh... I don’t remember… Now, where have I put my bottle?

**Day 97**

While traveling aimlessly, you catch a distress signal coming from an old mine. A small family is being attacked by a group of mutants. You order your people to hurry and you reach them just in time. After a bloody battle with the beasts, you explain who we are. A young woman tells you about someone named Rick who lives in a radio tower several days from here. He may know something about the events that lead to war.

**Day 101**

You follow the trail and locate the tower. In there you find Rick, an older man, no longer capable of getting down the tower by his own strengths. He refuses to talk with you at first but changes his mood once he learns about the family your group saved. When you ask him about the war, he looks at you puzzled and shortly after begins explaining:

- Now, just between you and me, everybody thinks somebody fired nukes, and then there was a war or whatever… But let me tell you something. My great-great-grandfather worked in some sort of astronomical lab back in the day. Now, it was much higher than this puny little tower. He could literally look into the skies!

One day they noticed a big change coming. But I’m not talking about any of that esoteric stuff, no sir! I’m talking about the actual position of the planet. You see, when that happened, suddenly a cluster of meteors showed up heading towards the Earth. They tried to warn everybody, but it was too late. Then all the defense systems went crazy! They thought they’re under attack so they tried to retaliate, and… Well, you know the rest.

As you're going down the tower, you think to yourself that it’s probably all you can learn for now. You are all deadly tired, and you want to go back home. You will have plenty of time to put all the bits and pieces you’ve gathered together on the way back. No doubt everybody will be curious to know the real story, so there’s just one question remaining,

What do you think has REALLY happened?

## Steelpunk units

Traditionally let's share some more info on in-game units. First comes the Buggy:


The buggy is a quick support unit with medium defense and poor attack.

"There's nothing like jumping off the postapocalyptic dunes. Feel the buggy heat!"

The buggy has many nice features. It offers a large pack of movement points, so it can quickly change its position on the map. But it also has some special perks, for instance you can deploy a Smoke Screen effect on enemies (it limits their view range) or a Barrage effect which limits the attack power of the targeted opponents. Of course it offers much more, but this is something you will find yourself in the game :).

And as a small bonus we would also like to share with you the flying Steelpunk unit we are currently working on, the Gyrocopter:


To find out how it will look like in the game, make sure to check out our future dev blogs!

## Punk Wars Contest

Last but not least, we would like to invite you to take part in our fun and creative little contest in which you can win special prizes from our publisher - including board games, t-shirts, game keys and more.


All you need to do is come up with the idea for an in-game event of your own. Events pop up during your gameplay (screenshot below) and you have a few options (answers) to choose from - each answer can give you a different result. You can check out how the events work in our playable **[url='https://store.steampowered.com/app/1541790/Punk_Wars/']PUNK WARS dem[/url]o.


Just write down your idea in the comments section, of course the event needs to be coherent with the post-apo atmosphere of game. If this helps, you might also like to check out our previous blogs, where we share a bit more on the world of PUNK WARS. We will choose the best ideas and the winning ones might be implemented in the final game (with your name in the credits), so why not trying your luck, especially with the cool prizes we have prepared for you?

And that's all folks for today! Don't forget to add the game to your wishlist (if you still didn't) and stay tuned for more PUNK WARS updates! Also make sure to join our [url='https://discord.com/invite/cYSjF6myeM']Discord[/url] community!

[url='https://store.steampowered.com/app/1541790/Punk_Wars/']Check out Demo![/url]
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Punk Wars - Dev Blog

by StrategyForge Tue Aug 17, 2021 7:22 am

Hello everyone!

The new dev blog is here and this time it's a bit more traditional as once again we would like to present you some of the units you will find in the universe of PUNK WARS! It also features the Gyrocopter which we have previewed in our previous blog, but now you can see its final incarnation :). And so here's what we have prepared for you for today:

Atomic Elite (Atompunk)


A powerful, heavily armored soldier equipped with a miniature version of rayguns. Much like their bigger cousins, they can shoot destructive and beneficial laser beams. Additionally, AE's armor is equipped with a special barrier that can prevent them from taking damage.

Special skills:

Disintegrate: Shoot the long-range laser cannon. It deals massive damage to everything on its path, but the unit will skip the next turn to rebuild its energy levels.
Integration: Shoot the healing ray of the long-range laser cannon. It heals everything on its path, but the unit will skip the next turn to rebuild its energy levels.
Barrier: Deploy a powerful barrier that will protect the unit for one turn, but it will also prevent them from being able to attack.

"The Atomic Elite dies but does not surrender!"

Gyrocopter (Steelpunk)


The Gyrocopter is a fast and agile flying unit. Perfect for scouting since it has limited combat capabilities.

Special skills:

Flak Cannon: Deals damage to all units in the hex.
AP-1 Rocket: Fires rockets that temporarily reduce the armor of the target.

"You can be my wingman anytime!"

Heavy Armored Truck (Steelpunk)


An armored monster with ramming capabilities. Slow but very powerful. Has no sight, so should be accompanied by a support unit.

Special skills:

Shred: The truck deals heavy immediate damage to a nearby unit and applies a damage over time effect.
AutoRepair: The unit enter the AutoRepair mode. HP during the current turn.

"I don't need to see where I'm going. Whatever is out there, it's got nothing on these 18 tons of steel!"

And that's all folks for today! Don't forget to add the game to your wishlist (if you still didn't) and stay tuned for more PUNK WARS updates! Check the Punk Wars Steam page for the previous Dev Blogs! Also make sure to join our Discord community!
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PUNK WARS - Dev Blog #6

by StrategyForge Tue Aug 24, 2021 3:34 am

Hello everyone!

Once again the time has come to share some fresh information about the state of the game with all of you. Recently we have been testing different map sizes to find the sweet spot between exciting exploration and engaging interactions with wastelanders and other factions. We have noticed that bigger maps make the gameplay a little bit too focused on the base-building aspect of the game and it took to long to meet opponents for the first time. We really want to give you the opportunity to have fun on bigger maps and to make you feel you are building a giant corporate empire. For this reason we made the decision to take some time and develop new features that will make the early stage of the game really engaging! These new additions will also make the exploration of the map much more interesting. So here we go!

Citadels are enormous fortified left-overs from the past world that are inhabited by the Wastelanders. Every now and then Citadels will send some units, with the aim of making the lives of the corporate punks even more rough. It will only stop if you are able to gather enough units and bring the Citadel down.

It is very time-consuming to constantly develop your base. Even more so when you lack resources and in order to gather them you have to build many costly structures. This is why we have decided to add the ability to build your towers on the Outposts, even when they are far away from your borders. The Outposts are ruins that can be easily turned by builders into bases and will allow you to gain new territories where you can develop.

Abondoned resources:


It looks like there are some areas where resources have been left by their previous owners, maybe you could take them? Just watch out, might be a trap, someone might be using them as a bait. But the risk can be worth it as you might find food, raw resources, but also research points or upgrades.

More inhabitants in the ruins!
From now on, ruined towns, slums, and ruins are more vibrant. There are various events happening if you decide to pay them a visit. As usually in Punk Wars, decisions matter. You can decide about the lives of Wastelanders during those events.

New units (that are just pissed with everyone)!
Not everyone in the wastelands likes technology - no matter what it would be. Some are just fine with the atmosphere of intimidation, chaos and death. Those people have been very devoted to gain the power they possess in this post-apocalyptic world. They only see technology as a threat for their own business, and for that reason they are ready to pay any price to get rid of the corporations.

Meet the Thieves!
A close-range military unit with mediocre stats. Thieves roam the wasteland to make the life of others miserable. They try to sneak up on our borders, steal your resources, and run away from danger. The best way to deal with them is to secure the border with some long-rage units or to chase them down.

“Do you really think you are better than me? I am just trying to survive here, in this hellhole you've created! None of this would happen, if not for your fanatical fascination with your own superiority!”

Kidnappers who will try to abduct your citizens!
Watch out for them! They do not fight very well, but can easily “convince” your naive workforce to join them. Heavy Minivan, slow but durable. The kidnappers will never shoot nor attack you. What you have to take into consideration is the fact that they ARE going to kidnap your people, and they won't let them go until you fulfill their demands. No technology will help if your empire lacks a workforce.

Keep your eyes up, Gangers are here!
Gangers are quick, mid-range units of the Resistance. These motorcycle-driving rebels see themselves as 'free', and their main goal is to attack and destroy targets controlled by the Corporations. They're surprisingly strong, perhaps because they fight for a cause, and not because they're told to.

“With a rebel yell she cried - "More! More! More!”

Fearless Sand Amazons!
On the deserted wasteland you can also meet daring Sand Amazons! Quick, close-range units. Through their strength and discipline, these wild women were able to adapt to the hard conditions of the wastelands. Because they focus mainly on combat and ignore the needs of everyday life, they often capture civilian units and force them to work for them as slaves

“Being an amazon is amazing. The only downside is the sand – it gets everywhere…”

And that's all folks for today! Don't forget to add the game to your wishlist (if you still didn't) and stay tuned for more PUNK WARS updates! Also make sure to join our Discord community!
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PUNK WARS - Dev Blog #7

by StrategyForge Wed Sep 15, 2021 4:33 am


As we are slowly reaching an end of Punk Wars development, we decided that it is the right moment to share something more about the whole Punk Wars development process. We would also like to show you some materials from the Punk Wars archives, so fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the longest devblog yet!

Development process of the buildings

We designed buildings based on fundamental art concepts that were supposed to make every faction feel original and distinct from the others. These art concepts have originated from the technology used by specific factions. While designing buildings we were paying attention to various elements such as:

Height of buildings above and below the ground.
Asymmetry levels.
Dominant art themes.
Specific number - that stated how many elements should be grouped together in a given faction.
Con shape.
Main themes.

Buildings were created based on concept art. You can see some concept art examples below.

Height on level 2, both above and below the ground.
Building asymmetry 3/5.
Layer asymmetry 1/5.
Dominant themes are circle and arc.
Multiple small chimneys.
Main particle is white smoke (steam, fog).
Group number of 3 elements.
Tops of towers and the ends of chimneys.
Gratings as an often appearing theme.
Lattice windows, usually divided by gratings.
There are material elements.


Lowest height above the ground, 3 below the ground.
Building asymmetry 5/5.
Layer asymmetry 4/5.
Wild and asymmetrical faction.
Very individualistic, most diverse buildings.
Multi-pitched, flat, single-pitched roofs.
Multiple red accents, mostly there where the leaders reside.
Residential buildings of the poor have only singular red accents.
Steel gratings, vertically divided to make it look more prison-like.
SPIKES! MANY SPIKES! Jagged and made of bent sheet metal.

Top height level (both above and below the ground).
Building asymmetry 1/5.
Layer asymmetry 5/5.
Most asymmetric hexes joined with the most symmetric shapes of buildings.
Composition dominated by triangles.
Brightest faction of all - characterized by the glow and sparkles.


Second highest buildings that are also lowest underground.
Building asymmetry 2/5.
Layer asymmetry 2/5.
Very asymmetric hexes and symmetric buildings.
Composition is dominated by quadratures and orthogonal systems.
Gigantic chimneys in small amounts.
Thick black smoke.
Altitude dominant situated relatively in the center of the composition.
Elements are in groups of 2 or 4.
Gable or flat roofs.
Pipes are joined with the biggest possible screws and rivets.
Right angles.

Development process of the units

First step of the unit development process is defining the role of a unit. Designers have to take all the characteristics and needs of a faction in order to do so. That is how this process looked like in the case of the Exterminator:

High speed wheeled unit, armored vehicle and a universal melee combat unit.
Example special abilities:
Pedal to the Metal - at the expense of oil, the unit gains more movement speed for X turns.
Vroom Vroom! - Vehicle uses the extreme noise of its motors in order to debilitate adjacent units. This lowers both the defence and movement speed of adjacent units.

The draft of unit’s description is created on a basis of unit’s purpose. In the case of Exterminator it is:

"A mix of a small and old tank with a typical vintage car. Front of the vehicle just like in a classic Ford, with an addition of heavy armor and a gun-turret. Without continuous tracks, but on three or four pairs of wheels."

A concept art is created on the basis of this description...


...and then the first version of the 3D model is created on the basis of the concept art:


After the changes based on the proposals from the whole team are made, the final model of the Exterminator is ready:


And it can make its way straight to the game! Of course with added animations, visual effects and stats:

Development of the in-game arts

Every art that can be seen in the game was hand drawn by the team of our artists. Below you can see how one of our in-game arts looked like at specific stages of the process:

Development of the UI and other graphical elements

UI design is an extremely complex and time-consuming task. The UI Designer has to find the sweet spot, where the UI is clear, looks good and is functional. We decided that in Punk Wars every faction will have its own exclusive UI, for that very reason we had to spend much more time and resources to design the user interface properly for each faction. But at the same time we believe it was totally worth it as each faction will give you a different gameplay experience. Here you can see the first version of Steampunk's UI and event pop-up window:

It was also very important to find the correct way to light specific hexes in order to give you important information - such as which hex is currently selected. That is how our first idea of marking action targets looked like:


It is also vital for every game to have a good logo. That is why we had many concepts ready for Punk Wars - and here are a few of them:


The prototype stage is essential for every production in creative development. It is the moment when all in-game content can be represented (even if not in final version) and we can check whether there is a method to this madness. It allows to check if the ideas, art style and modelling techniques are viable and applicable in the future production process. We would like to present you some screenshots from the prototype stage of Punk Wars, so you can compare it with the final state of the game:

The first iterations of buildings were prepared in order to represent them in the prototype. Just look how the early concepts differ from their final versions. It only took a few months of adjustments!;)




As you can see the difference is pretty obvious and it looks even better in the game where we apply proper lighting and visual effects.

We are slowly reaching the end of the development process and we would like you to see the progress we have made since we have launched the playable demo. We have a few cool ideas how to give you a strong sneak peek at the final version of the game, so stay tuned for more info on this!
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Punk Wars: Prologue Release + Release date of the game!

by StrategyForge Wed Oct 13, 2021 5:34 am

Hello dear IndieDB users!
It has been a while since we have last posted an article with dev blog here. However, now we are here with some hot news in a form of dev blog!
We are delighted to inform that the free Prologue is now available on Steam! And we are also happy to announce that the full version of the game will be out on November 11, 2021! So once again we would like to invite you to visit our Steam page and add the game to your Steam Wishlist (If you didn't do it yet)!

Here is the link to the steam page where you can download and play Punk Wars: Prologue for FREE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1761860/Punk_Wars_Prologue/

Punk Wars: Prologue will give you a taste of the full version of the game. Become the powerful leader of the Steampunk faction and defeat the Dieselpunk corporation before you run out of turns! Explore the ruins of a bygone civilization, where resources are scarce and the dangers way too common. Develop your infrastructure and technology that will secure your triumph. Create a winning strategy and a playstyle for your faction, utilising its own distinctive skills and units.


Also make sure to share your feedback and thoughts on the game in the Community section of the Steam page. We are really interested in your thoughts about the game! Thank you very much, and see you on the Wastelands! :shock: :shock:
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Re: Punk Wars World #2 + Contest

by StrategyForge Wed Oct 13, 2021 5:38 am

Punk Wars: Prologue is up and running! You can learn more about it here!
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PUNK WARS - Release!

by StrategyForge Fri Nov 12, 2021 5:52 am

Hello Punks!

Finally the day has come! PUNK WARS is now available on Steam and GOG, featuring four factions: Steampunk, Atompunk, Dieselpunk and Steelpunk! The game is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS for the price of $19,99/€16,99 (with an extra 10% launch discount!).
It was a long way for us here at Jujubee and Strategy Forge and the whole development team did their best to deliver you a nice turn-based strategy game with a post-apo vibe. Hope you will enjoy what we have come up with and will have a decent time with our game:).
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