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SPACE COWS - An Udderly Cheesy-Fiction Game

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:38 am
by darkadderius
Hello - greetings from Happy Corruption, a crazy dev studio located in even more crazy Warsaw, Poland.

We'd like to present to you our Udderly Cheesy Fiction game Space Cows. It's a fast-paced twin-stick shooter about saving cows and fighting mootants with a laser-scoped plunger, set on an infested milk station in zero gravity.


You're playing as Best Regards, a friendly chubby farmer, that was happily living at a farm with his beloved cow Betsy. One day he refused to sell his bestie so spook took her to a space milk station. Armed with a toilet plunger he decided to fight hordes of mootants and save his friend.

We're planning to release the game on Q1 2019 on PC and Nintendo Switch, and besides the crazy setting we think the game will be liked mostly due to its extreme difficulty level. (any Souls or Cuphead fans out here?). We're planning to give players some soft learning curve at the beginning, but after the intro will be finished, you'll be able to feel the real Space Cows toughness on your controller - the level designer is really sick, let's say it like that.

Game is currently available on Steam and we can't wait to give you a virtual high five for adding the game to your wishlist:


For your viewing pleasure we've added some really neat screenshots and gifs to our Steam page, and added an early version of the game trailer, that we hope showcases what the game is about. But the most fun truly lies in the gameplay experience done by yourself, so we hope we'll be able to publish the game demo or some beta build for our fans somewhere close in the future.

So what do you think about the game? Give us some feedback, and we'll happily read it while drinking some warm milk and eating freshly baked cookies - cause that's the way we like it!