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15 pin Gameport PC to Atari 5200 Adapters $11 and $12

by CRTGAMER Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:55 pm

15 pin Gameport PC to Atari 5200 Adapters $11 and $12
The 5200 controller buttons fail due to carbon contacts, and the bad design decision of the free floating analog stick. I'm one of the few that do prefer free floating sticks, common in the Apple II days. There are gold contact kits available for the 5200 controller, but the PC adapter a much better inexpensive option.

I just bought two of the PC adapters, there are so many Gameport PC sticks to try out on my beloved Atari 5200.

I'll post a review in my Gameport Guide once I get these.

5200 Wico Sticks Pricey - PC Old Gameport Sticks Cheap
My vintage CH sticks will be perfect for the 5200, huge variety and many solid built; some even better then my 5200 Wicos! There are PC gamepads (Gravis) as well that are ideal for the platform (Frogger, Mario Bros, Miner 2049er) and Pacman maze games, aha! :mrgreen:


bohoki wrote:

got a little batch of my old ones <there are capacitors they are soldered to the plug end>

$11 shipped anywhere in the usa

$12 for one with 2 plug shields

<i cannot put a shield on the 5200 side because it needs to be bare to fit in the 5200 console covered in hot glue though>

these work with most analog controllers and many gamepads i like using them with the original gravis gamepad

they have a start button but you must plug in a 5200 controller for keypad use

they have been tested on my system and work but realize they are shoddily constructed and experimental devices so use at your own risk

phattyboombatty wrote:I am glad you started this thread Bohoki. I received one of your gadgets in pickup here in the SD area last year. The guy is a fellow AA'er who was liquidating his collection. He explained to me all about this little doo-dad at the time, but his Gravis D-Pad was filthy, so I put both items away for a while until such time that I could give them a good scrubbing. This item is IDEAL! Such a simple little device, and I had NO idea that 15-pin PC gamepads would WORK with the Atari 5200! The Gravis D-pad RULES and has transformed my Atari 5200 experience 100%. Using this Y-adapter makes for perfect harmony with the stock CX-52 controller.

Thanks for making these. I highly recommend! And yes, go for that cheap Gravis D-pad. If they had made these in the 80s...
Tanooki speaking about the Rockfish PC USB adapter wrote:I see almost every single time I hit goodwill an old style joystick or game pad. They not so surprisingly do have a little resale value, some a lot. I'd think maybe at the worst getting the adapter just to test the things out with be cool, but in the case of finding just the right one for nostalgia reasons perhaps (like the old gravis game pad), or the old black flight stick joystick with the red trigger and top buttons I used with Wing Commander around 1991 would be wicked.
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