Games Not Beaten 2023

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Games Not Beaten 2023

Post by marurun »

Folks, here if the thread for the games you didn't beat this year. For whatever reason you couldn't finish the game. Maybe it had a fatal technical flaw, or you got yourself stuck in an unwinnable, or at least unreasonably challenging, situation. Or maybe the game just lost its shine. Whatever the reason, here's the place to lament.

This year I finally had to abandon Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS. I really like this game. The localization is sound, the graphics are good, the animations are quite fantastic, and the plot feels pretty on-the-move. It's not perfect. The music can feel very PC MIDI in places and the casual Horii sexism is rampant as always. But on the whole I was having a good time playing the game and had put several months and 60 hours into the game. That was when disaster struck.

People, with the eShop closing this month (March), make sure any downloaded content on your 3DS is on a reliable SD card, and back that data up somewhere safe. My SD card died mid-save and I had to force reboot the 3DS with an error. And then everything was gone.

I really enjoy DQ8, but not enough to put in another 60 hours to get to where I was in the game. That's a bridge too far. Now I have to figure out what I'm playing next, and figure out if all my data is secure. I am adrift in a sea of gaming.

As for keeping your 3DS data safe, I've read you can just copy the data folder over to a PC, and I intend to do that. But I've also paid a little extra to get a very reliable, 5-year warrantied SD card intended for use in security systems, so it has very high write tolerance.
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Re: Games Not Beaten 2023

Post by prfsnl_gmr »

Ugh…that stinks, @marurun. A good reminder that I need to back up my 3DS SD card…
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Re: Games Not Beaten 2023

Post by BoneSnapDeez »

Sad times...

Take a year off and then start over on the PS2. It'll be like playing a "different" game!

I gotta look into backupmaxxing. Maybe a portable hard drive or something? I just got a new PC and redownloaded some digital stuff I had on my last PC... It was tedious.
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Re: Games Not Beaten 2023

Post by RobertAugustdeMeijer »

Just Cause 3 is really doing its best to be not beaten. Great physics and abilities carry the game for about 10 hours. But after liberating 20 towns that look the same, and 20 bases that look the same, I'm only half way through the game. The crazy big geography has its charm, but it sure lacks places that are special.
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Re: Games Not Beaten 2023

Post by Ziggy »

BoneSnapDeez wrote:Take a year off and then start over on the PS2. It'll be like playing a "different" game!

I did this with Final Fantasy IV. When I was playing it on the SNES for the first time, I lost my save about halfway through the game. Long story short, some years later I started over with the PS1 version and finally beat it.
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Re: Games Not Beaten 2023

Post by yaktaur »

I'm trying not to give up on Sonic Frontiers. I actually really like the gameplay but the bosses are so terrible. The first one was annoying enough, but I'm trying the second one and I am only doing the REQUIRED parry and if you miss you have to wait like another 30 seconds to even attempt another parry... ugghh. I finally got almost done and then there was some quick time event and I missed it and now I have to start the whole boss over!! ARRG!!
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Re: Games Not Beaten 2023

Post by Gucci »

Halo Infinite.

I prior to Halo, I ran through the Far Cry games: 3, Blood Dragon, 4, Primal, 5, and New Dawn. While all the games have different stories, characters, and guns, the gameplay loop is largely the same. Stealth, radio towers, outposts, etc., etc..

After all that, I started a run through of Halo: everything on the Master Chief Collection (six games) and Halo 5.

But when I got to Halo Infinite, after about five hours, it hit me: it’s another Far Cry game. Except no stealth elements, respawning bases (FC 2 anyone?), smaller pool of weapons, and icons littered around the map.

It was a poor imitation of Far Cry and not really a Halo game.
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Re: Games Not Beaten 2023

Post by Syndicate »

...I've got a backlog of half-finished stuff; it seems to be part of the deal now days. Hollow Knight is probably my favorite and unfortunately the most regrettable one. I'm at the end of the game, but I've gotten stuck on the Colosseum of the Fool trial and want to finish it before wrapping the game up. Bloodborne also finds itself in my pile of shame, I really want to get back to it, but Sony consoles just don't get a ton of my attention. On the classic side of the house, I've been humbled by Thunder Force IV time and time again , I'm wondering if I would have been any better at the game if I had played it as a kid. I've also tried to start the original Phantasy Star on the Switch, but RPGs, especially classic ones are just hard to find time for now days. I've got a bunch other unbeaten games that I'm into like Pressure Washer Simulator, Lost in Random, Blazing Chrome, and yes even the original Strider :lol:
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Re: Games Not Beaten 2023

Post by Ack »

Well, on the bright side, Pressure Washer Simulator is more time consuming than challenging. Don't feel you have to force your way through, just approach it leisurely. It's definitely for relaxation and the thrill of seeing dirty things become clean.
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Re: Games Not Beaten 2023

Post by Markies »


I removed Buck Bumble on the Nintendo 64 this evening!

I played the first stage and thought it wasn't bad. Then Stage 2 was pretty bad and I never beat Stage 3. I was just scratching the surface and the game was becoming pretty unplayable. It's like they took Rogue Squadron and made it terrible. The controls are horrific. It takes forever to go up and you can't just float there. You never know who is shooting at you or even what you should be aiming at. And I'm not even talking about the terrible graphics and immense fog in the game. I can forgive those parts, but when the game is incredibly hard to control, I just gave up.

Good Theme Song though. :D
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