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Re: Polymega/Retroblox: New 1080p "Clone" 2600 to PCE-CD to

by bmoc Mon Sep 27, 2021 10:38 pm

nightrnr wrote:Their reply to me about SATA SSD's is:
"Technically yes, but it depends on the drive since many / most SATA drives were released as B-Key, whereas Polymega is compatible with M-Key M.2 2280 drives."

https://mobile.twitter.com/polymegaHQ/s ... 2377551873

My SSD does fit both B and M keys.
I have to try it at the very least. It will be awesome if it works, but I won't be too upset if it doesn't.

I hope it does work for you. It will likely run cooler as you mentioned.

I got the Retrobit USB Saturn controller today. It works great and feels just like the real thing. When it is connected as controller 1, the button icons in the Polymega interface change appropriately which is a nice touch (and also probably why they are slow to support more controllers). I highly recommend getting the USB or 2.4ghz wireless one if you plan on playing a lot of Saturn games - especially if you are into fighters. If the Polymega supports the Bluetooth model in the future, I'm sure it will be good as well.
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