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Recommend some RACING games for me on PS4

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2020 9:39 am
by Ziggy587
The PS5 is out now, so maybe I can finally start using my PS4. :lol:

I'm interest in getting a racing game (or two, or three) for the PS4. It looks like there's a few to choose from. Normally I would just watch some gameplay videos, but that doesn't really do a racing game justice. The physics are very important to a racing game, how the vehicle feels to control. You can't really determine that from a video.

I want to get something that's more like an arcade experience and not a simulation. So no Gran Turismo type games. I'm looking for something that's more like Cruisin' USA / World or Ridge Racer. I was actually surprised to see that there's no Ridge Racer entries on the PS4. Although I would prefer a Cruisin' type game, I also like rally racing games.

I haven't played much of the Need for Speed series, just briefly some of the early titles. I see there's a few of them on the PS4. Is Hot Pursuit Remastered any good? Are any of the other ones worth checking out? I'm just not a fan of when they started imitating Fast and Furious.