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FS CIB N64 PokemonSnap WWF2000, GC ZeldaMasterquest NEW PS2

Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2021 10:48 pm
by craigv888
Hey guys! Been a while since ive posted on here!

Prices including shipping within the USA.

PM Me for more photos.

Payment with Paypal would be great!

Pokemon Snap (Box is crushed, has tears , etc( $90 shipped
WWF Wrestlemania 2000 (box is crushed, has tears , etc) $50 Shipped

Zelda Ocarina of time Master Quest CIB $75 shipped

Sega Saturn CIB

Battle Monsters cib (barcode has been cut out on the back, hinges are good but case has some cracks) $35 shipped


Spiderman Vs Kingpin CIB (Disc has A LOT of scratches, may need to be resurfaced) $40 shipped

Farenheit 32X CD (Disc 1 has a lot of scratches , disc 2 is nice) $35 shipped

Slam City (Discs have light scratches, card board box spine is crushed and creased) $30 shipped

NEW Sealed PS2 games
Sly Cooper and the thevius raccoonus Greatest hits $20 shipped

Katamari Damaci $20 shipped (some tears in shrink wrap)

Dora saves the mermaids $20 shipped

King of Fighters XI $20 Shipped
Grand Theft Auto Trilogy $60 shipped

Guitar Hero 3 Disc Set $40 shipped

NEW Sealed Xbox Original

Brute Force Platinum hits $20 shipped

New Sealed PS4

Need For Speed $20 shipped

New Sealed WII U

PAC MAN and the Ghostly adventures $20 shipped

New Sealed XBOX 360
Batman Arkham Origins (shrink wrap does have tears in it) $25 shipped
Bully Scholarship Edition (in XBOX ONE style case) $20 shipped