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Psychopad KO (snes, ps1, saturn multi-platform stick

by arcadifvid Sat May 16, 2015 7:58 am

does anybody own one of these? its a multi platform joystick, that has programmable buttons, made by act labs . etc etc. now i didnt expect this to be top quality but at least its decent when it works.

now lets get to the issue im having with
1. im using this on a super famicom and not a single game would work with it. anyone have the same problems? would it only work for super nes? i have'nt tried with a snes. just sfc and have tried multiple games. i know the stick works because it responds to my ps1. maybe i just have bad cable?

2. on ps1, yes when it works its cool. but on some games, mostly capcom fighting games (seriously of all the things this would go wonky with), somehow its messed ie, it keeps pausing, even with slow mo off or it just downright won't respond! most other games its okay though. im using this on a US psone. maybe i should use it on a non slim model? or bad cable again?

havent tried saturn though. i soon will. such a waste. this could have been really useful. i dont need a pro level stick for earlier game consoles anyway, and i dont want to have so many sticks since it eats alot of space here.

any feedback experience, id love to hear them.
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Re: Psychopad KO (snes, ps1, saturn multi-platform stick

by CRTGAMER Sat May 16, 2015 2:24 pm

Is the power off on the console before plugging in? Does the Psychopad KO have switches (set these before power on) to select a console?

Get a PS1/PS2 Arcade stick, there are so many controllers to choose from as well as the best range of controller adapters for other consoles. You then only have to buy adapters you need for the other consoles.
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Re: Psychopad KO (snes, ps1, saturn multi-platform stick

by arcadifvid Sun May 17, 2015 10:51 pm

yeah ive tried it every which way but it just wouldnt work on my super famicom. there's no switch selector on the thing, cables have to be switched out. thats why im narrowing it down to either bad cable or its strictly for a US snes only. as i saw some ebay ads, advertising the same thing but mentioned "for japanese version".
it also works normal when i use usb adapter to PC.

i have a qanba 3in1 stick. is there a USB to SNES/PS1 adapter ? :D its usually the other way around
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Re: Psychopad KO (snes, ps1, saturn multi-platform stick

by livingonwheels Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:40 am

I know it's been nearly a year since you posted your topic on your Psychopad KO not working with your Super Famicom, but have you ever resolved the issue? I just purchased one brand new and am having the same issue as you, but with an american Super Nintendo.
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