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Final Fantasy 1 (NES) - Which improvement mod is best ?

by Ziggy587 Thu Dec 31, 2020 2:10 pm

I'm thinking about trying out a bug fix / improvement mod for the first Final Fantasy on the NES, but there's a ton to choose from. I can sort through the read me for each patch and make an educated guess which one I'd like best, but I was wondering if anyone here has experience with any and can recommend one.

It seems like most of the improvement hacks also include various bug fixes (apparently the game had a LOT of bugs). Whatever bug fixes that hack includes is great, but I'm mostly looking for improvements. Now this is an area that everyone has a different opinion about. There's a few things about the NES version that annoy me, and those are the things that I wished were improved. I'm not looking for a hack that changes too much of the game, just something that makes it more playable.

As for my annoyances with the game, it's mostly how slow and tedious it is. Battles take FOREVER, and so does purchasing items and upgrades in towns. And I suppose the walking speed also doesn't help. I hate not being able to run in the earlier FF games. So I suppose the biggest improvements I'm looking for is anything that helps speed along the game play. The first time I played this game was the PS1 remake, which I played through and beat more than once. But the NES version, I've never been able to make it very far in because of how slow the gameplay is. I wish the NES version played more like the PS1 version, in regards to speed.

So, does anyone have any experience with FF1 mods?

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