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Re: Streets of Rage 4 ANNOUNCED

by Xeogred Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:37 pm

Jeff Gerstmann got to play some at PAX and had a few impressions on this weeks Bombcast. The main highlight to pinpoint is that he said it all felt frame perfect to SoR2. Apparently had tons of sound effects as well from the classics.

He's been raving about Yuzo Koshiro like some of us here and from the vibe he got from the DotEmu team at PAX, they "might" have another big surprise... or something eventually. They felt simply just announcing the game itself was a big deal for starters. So... who knows. I don't think Jeff really knows the but the vibe he got and conveyed on the podcast was hopeful about Yuzo being involved or that they know the fans want him.
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Re: Streets of Rage 4 ANNOUNCED

by GSZX1337 Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:20 pm

Holy shit, how did this slip past my radar? The teaser trailer looks good, but I never base my excitement on anything other than actual gameplay footage. Like others have said, the artwork does look nice, and I do have an affinity for hand-drawn sprites. I haven't decided on whether the game will suck or not, but I am glad that Streets of Rage is getting some attention after all these years. At worst, it'll at least get some modern gamers to look back at the originals and see how awesome they were.
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