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Re: Racketboy Top 10 All Time SHMUP List - 2016 Edition

by noiseredux Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:05 pm

well, interesting and pretty damn good list.

1. (5) DoDonPachi
1. (5) DDP DFK

Nice. Nothing shocking. Awesome games.

3. (4) Raiden Fighters II


3. (4) Ikaruga

Overrated, but understandable inclusion.

3. (4) Battle Garegga

The worst.

6. (3) Under Defeat
6. (3) R-Type

I don't love either, but respect both.

6. (3) Mushi Futari
6. (3) Mars Matrix
6. (3) Layer Section
6. (3) Gunbird 2
6. (3) Deathsmiles

All excellent inclusions.

Now let's hear about the tourney so I can start buying games :lol:
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Re: Racketboy Top 10 SHMUP List - 2016 Edition

by Erik_Twice Fri Oct 09, 2015 5:04 pm

noiseredux wrote:Parodius series > Gradius series

I used to say that before I tried to 1CC them, then I changed my mind radically. In practice they are very different games despite sharing most mechanics and I lean quite heavily towards Gradius now.

BoneSnapDeez wrote:I've noticed that a large number of "best shmup ever" lists (here and elsewhere) are heavily slanted to the 5th gen and up. Is this a genre that's just gotten better over time? Most best RPG or best platformer lists would include at least a few 20+ year old games.

I do think there are more great games made during the 2000s or late 90s than during the 80s.

Still, it's true there's a quite noticible bias against older games, a sizable portion of the shmup fanbase dimisses non-bullet hell shooters quite openly. Generally, most fans of the genre have been introduced to it either by Cave games or Touhou and have problems with games that are radically different to what they are used to.

It's like making someone who plays Counter-Strike play Quake.

and hasn't played any older games for a significant amount of time.
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