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Tough Coded: LIVE Death Shmup executed by a Videogame Jockey

by littlenando Mon Feb 03, 2014 12:13 pm

Hey guys... I wanted to share a shmup I've been developing for about a year. It's called Tough Coded: Live, and it's a 2 player death shmup executed -live- by a Videogame Jockey, who is sort of a mix of DJ, VJ and Game Master...

The final boss is the Videogame Jockey, who spawns enemies and power ups and designs the levels live as you play, you can check the trailers and videos here: http://toughcoded.littlenando.com


I'm currently touring the game/show, first stop was IndieCade 2013 at Los Angeles... Am trying to bring the game down to GDC SF this year 2014...

Hope you like it! I have a tumblr and tigsource on the game as well:


Hope you like it! Any feedback would be awesome!!!
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